Undekha Pyaar (Character Sketch)


Undekha Pyaar- character sketch

hello dudezz! dudets! and amazing personalities and our dearies!
how are y’all?
hope all are well and good!
so yeah! we the #SillyFive
are writing a fan fiction together!
(talliyan) ?????????????????????????????????????????? we will not reveal our names yet. We will do it in the end. So let that also be a mystery:p

so yeah! it’ll be called as “UNDEKHA PYAAR” by reading the name many of you guys would’ve got thoughts…so listen we are here to entertain you guys and trust me! it’ll be something you guys have never thought about! it’ll be CRAZY for sure!
its a swaragini fan fiction where we EQUAL IMPORTANCE to BOTH RAGLAK and SWASAN!! And because we love Uttara like anything and we also love the name Rahul, we decided to do a RaUtt thing too. But we don’t know whether they’ll hate each other forever or love so don’t expect anything.
so its a
TREAT FOR ALL SWARAGINI FANS!!!!!! and sorry for so much of blabber! you see am a blabbermouth None of us can shut our mouths. sorry for that! so guys you’ll be reading the character sketch! And promo later…..
so happy reading! and please comment however our idea is…you’re welcomed to throw slippers and shower flowers! your call! but please do comment!!!

****Character Sketch*****

Laksh Maheshwari:- Casanova of college! handsome hunk! flirt! elder brother of swara! Very rude! egoistic! too much of Head weight! son of dp and ap! treats girls like tissues but overprotective about swara and uttara (His cousin).

Swara Maheshwari:- sweet, innocent girl with a beautiful heart, Rahul and Dada ji is her best friend, loves children , family and friends oriented! doesn’t talk much in reality. cares for family. plays a lot of pranks! mature+kiddish, spends lots of time on Internet.

Annapurna Maheshwari:- sweet and kind person. loves her family and kids equally! (including uttara) wife of Durga Prasad Maheshwari. very reserved towards swara but also a cool mom towards Laksh! (partiality)

Durga Prasad Maheshwari :- father of SwaLak. strict man and owns Maheshwari group of companies! successful business man. loves his family. reserved towards swara as he feels she’s still a kid not like ap. tries to make Laksh sensible and mature.

Mr.Ram Prasad Maheshwari (DADA JI) :- wise man. loves swara a lot! supports her in all her decisions! knows about her fully. sweet and strict. listens to swara and hates Laksh due to his attitude. Kind and humble man who is strict at times to all

uttara Maheshwari :- daughter of purab Maheshwari and Anu Maheshwari. both died in an accident when she was kid so ap dp adopted and took care of her. loves her family but doesn’t care about relationships. She gets into endless relationships. attitude ki dukhan. Loves Partying and all.

Ragini Gadodia:- daughter of shekar Gadodia. only daughter of shekar. silent girl. Hides emotions. Best friend of Swara. reserved girl. down to earth. wears veil (purdha) to college.

Shekar Gadodia:- father of ragini. drunkard, unsuccessful business man. owner of Gadodia group of companies. He only cares about his status. Evil dude.

Sanskar Gupta:- lost his parents in his earlyhood so stays with his “Dida” and bro Rahul. excellent student. studious! stylish and handsome hunk like Laksh! SanLak have a light friendship. has no enmity with anyone. loyal, humble, caring, kind, honest, artistic, natural. Shy types. Loves children but struggles to make a proper friend. Like a bff.

Shobha Gupta :- Dida of Sanskar and Rahul. loves them unconditionally. hope they gets someone in his life. humble and caring. stays in baadi with SanRa. proud of SanRa.

Rosey Ma’am:- neighbor of ragini. treats ragini like her own daughter. kind hearted, humble lady. Ragini’s professor.

Rahul Gupta:- Bro of Sanskar. Loves his bro and Dida. One of Swara’s closest friends. Tries to make friends with Ragini. Doesn’t like Laksh or Uttara’s look towards life. He’s a perfect example of an awesome friend but sometimes he is too naughty and has a slight anger problem.


Rhea:- 8th Grade bestie of Swara.

Diya:- 9th Grade bestie of Swara.

Priya:- 7th grade bestie of Swara.


RheDiPri (rhea+diya+Priya) are also his friends

Bheem:- real name Ajay. 6th grade bestie of Sanskar.

Kevin:- 10th Grade Internet bestie of Sanskar.

Ishaan:- 11th grade internet bestie of Sanskar.

So guys done with the main important and needed characters of this ff! whenever someone enters we will describe them at that spot okay?! and if you guys have any confusion feel free to ask! please comment kardo!

Credit to: Silly five

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