An Undefined Story Episode 3


It was 10
Sita cane back home..
She called out RAMA RAMa
Her servent
N asked him to clean d guest room immediately
She then made d lil girl ly n bed..
She wavd hand n d girls head..
N cared her hair…
She noticed that she had high fever
She then called up her family doctor Aryan

Aryan -Dr

S- ohh welcome Dr Aryan
Dr- where’s my patient ..when did he return ?
S- hold on Aryan
Its new patient for u
Dr- wt do u mean?
S- cm with me
Here v r !!!!
Dr- who’s she?
S- she SATs him d whole stoey
Dr- ohh I think I ll b visiting her often now..
Dr- s u should
S- asks abt d girl ? Dr SATs she’s fine

Next day

A cheerful morning gracing sun it was already 8
Dr- Hai sita
S- hello Aryan
Dr- u din cm to walk today?
Z it coz f girl u found?
Then if that’s reason u should chill

Precap —
Sita n Dr Aryan cm to banglow 5
N r shell schoked to c …….

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