An Undefined Story Episode 2


Story continues..from where it stopped..
After 5 min .sita regained consciousness when she again heard d same voice
Maa I m.sorry
Maa I m sorry

Sita with grt courage went inside d banglow
As she entered d hall she saw that all d things n hall were very acwrd …..

All things very too old let it b a
A frame
Vase …….

D most akwrd she felt was d carpet which had d old palattic sign n it…as if it symbolises something..

There were two guys hang n wall n X fashion

Sita then slowly went upstairs following d voice
She chked 8 rooms ..
But din find d girl
N at last found her n d 9th room
She was schoked to find small girl lying on d floor
Sita due to her bad luck had left her cell n home..
So with great difficulty brought d girl to her house…
While leaving d banglow…
The door automatically opened n dn closed too..with grt frictious sound…. Similarly d gate did…

Sita had hired d taxi n took d girl to her home…


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  1. Nice bt very short update

  2. What it is…. so much confusion

  3. Areee Vyshu …
    Kitni ff will u write..
    N make me fall in love with u( for all those who ll read d cmnt I m girl )
    Vyshu as usual super FF …

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