An Undefined Story Episode 1

This z Vyshu guys ..crazy vyshu
story..its not a fan friction ..just my imaginary story…hope u all will love it..I m a writer..I have written a book..just putting up the same story here..hope u all will love it ..
The name of this story is
Relations are made by god..the day we are born..none can change them…
That’s called destiny ”

My self read the updates…n keep giving feedbacks so that it encourages me to write more n more episodes..
Stay tuned ..
-crazy vyshu

SITA as usual was walking through the streets of ram nagar in Calcutta at 9 n ni8..
The old tall lady with a fair completion green light eyes curly hair with a bold expression on her face with a experience of 38yrs as a lecturer in Oxford university Mumbai…
She was an retired teacher wo would normally loved to walk at ni8

It was 9,26th December sita heard a little girls crying voice calling out her mom …
Maaa I m sorry..
Maaa IBM sorry…
Sita neglected it for few times but when d voice related again n again..
She turned back to see..
It was coming from a bungalow..

Banglow no 5,behind a nulgiri trees..
The breez was very strong as if it would conquer the whole at a time with a single grip ..
Clouds had set in d sky such that a way that it eat d stars f sky n moon had hidden somewhere fearing for the gangreous danger clouds….

Sita enters d banglow
N was shocked to see the beautiful scenic beauty
Varuty f flowers
Roses dafodills tulips orchids
She felt ad if gods from heaven had poured their beauty is lwasure
R nothing wrong if v say

Seeing this sita had forgot for what had she come there actually .
She stood still
Her mind was playing with her..
As if she lost something

Credit to: Crazy


  1. Prasad

    I imagined each n every second..n I felt as if I was watching a 3d movie …
    Super duper hot wali ff it is…
    I m n love in it…
    Waiting for d next update…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.