The Uncrowned Prince And The Warrior Princess (Swasan ff) Part 2

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Recap: swasan first meet n embarrassed

Palace of Andera
Swara is walking in the corridors carrying a plate of rose petals for decorations. Sanskar is coming from the opposite direction. Both are 2 busy with themselves. N …… collide. Swara is about 2 fall but Sanskar just hold her in tym. The plate goes in the air n petals fall on them.
Swara is in Sanskar ‘s arms. Swasan r lost in each other’s eyes. Their eyelock break with d sound of d plate falling on ground. Both part ways.
Swasan: sorry
Both remember yesterday’s incident n r embarrassed n decide better 2 stay silent. Sanskar signs swara 2 remove d petal from her hair. Swara didn’t understand. Sanskar forwards his hand 2 do it but swara is alert n takes a step back with a confused look on her face. Sanskar gives her a assuring smile. Swara stays still n Sanskar removes d petal. They hear some voices.
Ragini: Swara …… Ye awaz kasi thi?
Laksh: Sanskar ……. kahan chala gaya tha tu?
now it’s raglak ‘s their turn 2 stare at each other. Nothing new for swasan so they continue their own business.
Sanskar: Oye chipkali ……
Swara: Tu ….. Dracula ……

B4 any 1 of them take a step forward raglak in b/w them with arms.
Laksh: milte hi ladna shuru
Ragini: thodi der aur chup nahi rah sakte tum dono …. accha bhala mein
Swara: accha bhala mein …. kya di ….. agae bola na
Sanskar: thodi der me esa kya ho jata …… lagta aap bhul gaye the ki hum yahi h shayad ….
Swasan chuckles n r about 2 hi- five but stop in mid air, make faces n turn opposite side.
Ragini: Tum dono na ….. kabhi nahi badaloge
Laksh: sahi kaha ….. par ek baat tum DONO kanh khul kar sunlo aaj humari sagai h isliye aaj
Swasan nods their heads like childs n went oppsite ways.
Laksh: dracula + chipkali kya jodi h na …..
Ragini: yaad h hum bhi tik esi hi hamesha ladte the aur aaj humari sagai hone ja rahi h ….. kya pta inki kismat me kya likha h

Night time
Ragini comes 2 d hall n is accompanied by her alisha, anaya n swara. Laksh is waiting for her. Eric, mark n Sanskar has given him company.
Sanskar: Bhaiya who r d 2 girls with bhabhi n dat chipkali? Laksh: They r Alisha n Anaya. They r best friends of swaragini. Their mother Isla is like a sister 2 Queen Stella n also her chief advisor so They grew up in d palace after their father’s death.
Sanskar: Oh it’s sad. Bhaiya I don’t know y but I feel a strange connection with them as if I have met them b4.
Laksh: (shock) Even I feet like dat when I c them. Strange …
Sanskar: U know them personally ?
Laksh: No ragini told me. They r little reserved by nature like their mother.
Sanskar: Come 2 think of it, I have never seen their mom just heard her name. I thought she must b an important lady here.
Laksh: U have come after a long tym 2 dis place but I come here often but still I hadn’t seen her much.

Ragini n laksh come 2 d center stage after taking blessings from all d elders. Meanwhile swasan are busy in making faces at each other without any1 ‘s notice. But soon turn their attention 2 raglak
Raglak exchange their rings. There is a loud applause. But d chandelier hanging right above them starts 2 shake. Swasan notice dis.
Swara pushes both laksh n ragini. D chandelier falls down.
Luckily Sanskar pulls her just in tym. He stumbles n falls down. Swara is on his top. They have a sweet eyelock.

Precap: Terrace scene. Pakka next tym.


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