The Uncrowned Prince And The Warrior Princess (Swasan ff) Part 1

Hi every1. I m new here. I used 2 write a ff on swasan on fb b4 my exams started i.e. around 2 months b4 n 1 of my frnd asked me 2 post it here. I did tried 2 but unfortunately I can’t post it as it was posted on some other site by another name. Well I didn’t expected dis but I can’t do anything about it so leave it.
Well I m only continuing d same ff but it’s ok as d earlier parts were mainly about their childhood Only d promo is important for d future parts so I wrote it in d end. If any1 want 2 read them u can find them on fb by d same name. There might b a slight difference.
Hope u like dis. Sorry about my bak bak.
This is a royal saga full of twists, secrets, conspiracies, fighting, drama n luv. Swasan n raglak belong to 2 diff royal families from neighbouring kingdoms -Andera n Fiore

Swara: I can’t believe dis! Di u have sneaked out of d palace without dad ‘s permission.
Ragini: Hey dats my line. (Swara smile) Stop ur drama ms drama queen n hurry up otherwise we will b late. But I have 2 admit dis is really fun. Now I understand y u always did dis instead of asking dad even though u know he won’t stop u.
Swara: Yeah di. But make sure he return 2 d palace tonight otherwise mom dad would b really worried.
Ragini: N red in anger like chilli (both laughs)
Swara: Vaise jiske kiye itni dur aaye h vo kahan h? Mere handsome jiju (Ragini blushes) aur duniya ke sab se bare bewakoof jo ek chudail se shadi karna chahte h.
Ragini: Kya kaha tune …..
Ragini runs after swara. After a while They come near d a river.

Somewhere nearby
Sanskar: Bhaiya aap bhi na. Kal toh vaise hi hum mehal pahoch jayege toh fir aaj yahan bhabhi se milne aane ki kya jarurat thi. Papa ko pta chalega na toh aap toh bach jaoge par mera kya hoga??
Laksh: Chup kar dramebaaz. Dad tere sath mujhe bhi nahi chodege ye toh bhi janta h. Aur haa agar aaj m teri bhabhi se nahi mila na toh fir m kisi aur ko bhi milne ke layak nahi bachoga samjha. Isliye ab chal jaldi.
Sanskar: Mujhe nahi pta tha ki aap bhabhi se itna darte hoge. (Chuckles)
Laksh: Teri itni himmat. Ruk abhi tujhe btata hu.
Laksh runs after Sanskar. After sometime both reach d same river.

Ragini: Swara yahan sab aurate apne pati keliye pooja kar rahi h. Aur kuwari ladkiyan yahan apne sabno ke rajkumar se milne keliye ye pooja karti h. Kahte h agar pooja karte waqt jo ladka ladki iss pooja ke waqt ek dusre ko dekhte h vo ek dusre keliye bane hote aur unka janam janam tak ka sath hota h.
Laksh told d same 2 sanskar. Raglak went 2 do d pooja n swasan stayed there.
Swasan c a children running near d bank. 1 girl was about 2 fall down d stairs n another boy in d water. Swasan run from their respective place. Swara saved d boy near water n Sanskar saved d girl just a few steps above Swara.
Swara: Don’t play near d river u may fall in.
Sanskar: N don’t play on d stairs u may fall n hurt yourself
Swara c a diya in d water whose is gonna blow off. She protects d flame with her hands. She looks in water n c sanskar (he is standing just a few steps above her) Sanskar also saw her also. Time stop for them. They are just looking at each other. Swara is lost in his deep blue eyes n sanskar is lost in her beautiful hazel eyes. Both came back 2 their senses by d children ‘s voice.
Children: Thank u bhaiya n bhabhi.
Swasan: what!!! U can’t call us dat!!!
Children: ok Thank u di n jiju
Swasan: noooo!!! U can’t call us dat either.
Children: (cutely) but y?
Swasan speak together.
Swara: He is not my husband
Sanskar: She is not my wife.
Children: Then y r u saying d same thing at d same tym. (Swasan embarrassed)
Sanskar: It doesn’t make us husband n wife.
Swara: It’s just a coincidence.
Children: Dats not d reason. When u (swara) looked in d water with d diya in ur hand u saw his face n he saw urs so u r gonna marry 1 day. ( arey ye bacche toh kuch jyada hi tez nikale.??? Children rock swasan shock ???)
Swasan remember raglak ‘s words n become red like tomatoes
Swara: It’s not like dat.
Sanskar: U r misunderstanding.
Soon d children ‘s parents come n thank swasan. 2 avoid anymore embarrassment both leave hurriedly in opposite direction but turn n look at each other. Both smile.
Soon swaragini n sanlak left for their respective place. Luckily none of them get caught.

Swara pov
Who was dat boy? He saved dat girl in d nick of tym. I thought won’t b able 2 save her but Kyu mujhe uska chehra yaad aa raha h? I admit he was more handsome n charming dan any1. His blue eyes were deep as sea. Mujhe laga ki uss ek pal keliye jaise waqt hi ruk gaya ho. Y did I felt so happy when I saw his smile.

Sanskar pov
Who in d world was dat girl? She saved me from d tension of d boy of falling in d river. But y I can’t just forget her face? Who is she 2 me? She is surely d most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her hazel eyes have a spark. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Uske muskorane se mujhe accha kyu laga?

Jo ye ff pehli baapadh rahe h unkeliye kuch info
Royal family of Fiore:
King Leonardo (Leo) – King of Fiore.
Queen Eva – Leo’s 1st n chief wife.
Queen Sara – Leo’s 2nd n fav wife.
Laksh – Crown Prince of Fiore. Sara ‘son
Sanskar – Prince of Fiore.
Daniel – Younger stepbrother of Leo. Dead.
Isabella – Wife of Daniel. Dead.
Mark n Eric – Daniel’s sons

Royal family of Andera :
King Harrison (Harry) – King of Andera.
Queen Flora – Harry’s 1st wife. Dead.
Ragini– Crown Princess of Andera. Daughter of Flora. Swara’s stepsister.
Queen Stella – Harry’s 2nd wife.
Swara – Princess of Andera. Daughter of Stella. Ragini‘s stepsister.
Anaya n Alisha : Sisters. Bestis of swaragini. They grow up in d palace n are treated as princesses by harry n stella. Kyuki ….
Isla: mother of alisha n anaya. Chief advisor of d palace. Best frnd n sis like 2 stella. Smart n intelligent but reserved by nature.

Bahut saare character h so sorry for confusion. But don’t worry jald hi kam ho jayege ??? oops ye toh aapko nahi btana tha but koi nahi kab kon kahan aur kyu jayega vo toh mujhe hi maloom h. Chalo characters ki age bta deti hu.

Alisha -19
Bakio ki age mat pochna kyu ki mujhe bhi nahi pta ?

Leo: Eva I know it’s hard for u but u have 2 forget d past n move forward in ur life. U shouldn’t blame that boy for a crime he didn’t do. He is innocent n d same goes for Mark n Eric 2.
Eva: It’s so easy for u 2 say na that forget d past as if nothing happened.
Sara: Eva it’s not like that.
Eva: So what’s it like? Even after whatever happened u expect me 2 trust that boy. How can I? First I lost my family n then my kids! After all u don’t have any idea about my pain. U can never understand me Sara.
Sara: But what’s dis boy’s fault? He is so small, he doesn’t know anything.
Eva: But he has d blood of that woman in his veins. N no matter what the fact can’t be change that he is s…….
Leo: (angrily interrupts) Enough. Stop it. Now I won’t hear a single word against him. N no one will tell him d truth of his birth.
Eva n Sara look on
Leo: No one includes u 2 Eva. No matter what happens u will never tell dis 2 any1. Get dis thing in ur head. Do u understand?
Eva nods her head reluctantly.
Leo: Sara……….
Sara: U don’t need 2 say anything. He is God’s blessing for me. I thought I will never have dis happiness again in my life after that incident but everything changes now. No matter what people or history say, he will prove that power of goodness is more than the greed of d throne.
Eva: I hope u 2 r right about dis thing. Otherwise we’ll regret dis day immensely

Dis is d promo scene ?.
Precap: Raglak engagement. Swasan on terrace. Swara pushed sanskar off d terrace ???
#Sofy (my pen name)

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