Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff)by Mars part 6

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Uncontrollable Feelings(swasan ff)
Part 6:
Rajesh’s house:
Swara’s room:
As the sun rays strike the beautiful face of sleeping Swara, she got irked in her beauty sleep.But then finally she opened her eyes slowly. She looked at Daffy who is lying beside her. She caress his head but daffy didn’t move.
She felt strange as everyday he used to wake her in the morning. Sensing no movement of Daffy swara took him in her lap.
Swara:daffy get up. What happened??
But daffy was like lifeless object.Tears welled up from swara’s eyes.She shouted
Swara:daffy plzzz open your eyes.
Rajesh and Sanskar listened her voice so went to her room.
They got astonished seeing swara hugging daffy and crying bitterly.
Rajesh: swara what happened?
She looked at rajesh. It was then sanskar got clear view of her face, her puffy eyes, red nose and wet cheeks due to continuous crying. Sanskar got confused that why she is shattered. An urge to take her in his warm embrace and console her came in his heart but he instantly brushed away such feelings and concentrate on them.
Swara (sniffs): dadu dafyy is not opening his eyes.
Rajesh: why let me see.
Swara is hugging Daffy close to her chest as if she don’t want to leave him.
Sanskar admire their love for each other.
Rajesh checked daffy and said
Rajesh:I think he is having fever. U see Sanskar.
Sanskar who was staring swara seeing her cute antics of wipping her tears with back of her hand and then caresses Daffy’s hairs etc came back to reality after listening his name.
Sanskar went close to swaffy.(Neptune tera diya huya name use karliya)
Sanskar:let me see him swara.
Swara moved daffy from her chest to Sanskar.he saw that Daffy’s body is burning.
Sanskar:yes baba his body is burning and I think had high fever.
Swara:we should go to doctor.
Rajesh: sanskar u take them to doctor.
Sanskar nodded.
Swasanffy came near car. Sanskar thought car will be more comfortable then bike.

Veterinary Hospital:
Swasan entered inside with daffy in swara’s arms.They went to doctor.
Later, doctor was checking Daffy while swasan are standing little far.
Swara is sniffing and again and again wipping her tears. Today Sanskar came to know that someone can love any animal also like this. He get to know what really Daffy mean to swara till now he was thinking her as crazy for madly loving a mere dog but today he realized he was wrong . swaffy really have strong connection. His thoughts broke feeling that swara’s hand in his hand. He looked down at their perfectly entangled hands. He don’t know but he loved this sight. Then he thought why she held his hand. Sanskar looked at swara’s face who was looking at daffy with tensed face. He followed her gaze and saw that doctor was giving injection to Daffy and her expressions shows as if she was feeling the pain.
Sanskar (signed): swara he will be ok.
Swara nodded.
Then only daffy did some movement. Swara immediately remove her hand from his hand and ran to Daffy. He didn’t like when she break their joined hands but why???? He also don’t know.
Daffy was little fine and it was fever only. Swara signed in relief seeing daffy normal. Sanskar can’t stop himself from smiling.
Then after taking medicine they went to home.

Inside the village:
Kavita’s house:
Kavita came out to get vegetables from the vendor. Sahil who was standing on the door of the house which is beside kavita’s got surprised seeing her here.
He felt like jumping bcoz last time he had seen her in rajesh’s house laughing and was mesmerized seeing her.
(Many of u guessed it. Good job for them 10/10 Marks hihi)
He went towards the vendor and stood on opposite side of kavita. He was looking at her from corner of his eye but she was busy in selecting vegetables.
Kavita: uncle plzz give me cabbage.
Sahil(instantly): me also.
Kavita looked at him and it was the first time their eyes met. But kavita again looked down.
Kavita:give one kg onion also
Sahil: me toooo
Kavita got annoyed and asked
Kavita: u r trying to copy me.
Sahil(innocently): no I m buying mine.
Kavita took vegetables bag and was about to give money but was having five rupees less.
Kavita:uncle plzz wait I will bring five rupees now only.
Sahil: its okay I will give. U can give me later.
Kavita liked his gesture and slightly smiled while sahil was gone seeing her smile and above all he was the reason.
After that kavita was going when sahil asked
Sahil: what’s your name??
Kavita stare him.
sahil: no I just asked if u don’t ….
Kavita (smiles): kavita mathur.
Sahil: ohhh nice one and I m sahil.
Kavita: hmm
Sahil: where do u live??
Kavita: there (pointed to her house)
Sahil(jumped) really???
Kavita looked at him weirdly.
Sahil(mumble): control sahil(to kavita)it means we are neighbors.Bcoz my house is next to yours.
Kavita:ohh good then I can give your five rupees easily.
Sahil:no its not needed.
Kavita:I don’t like favour so will give back.
Saying this kavita moved ahead when sahil shouted
Sahil:byee meet u soon
Kavita(turns and smiles): bye.
Sahil keep hand on his heart seeing her retreating figure.

After one week:
In this whole week swara took best care of daffy and he was now perfectly fine. Swasan came closer bcoz of daffy.They used to take care of daffy together.
There was hustle bustle in the house bcoz there was party in the evening bcoz it was daffy’s birthday. Swasan and kavita are doing decoration for the party. Birthday boy daffy was roaming here and there as he was very happy bcoz everything was done for him.
Swara is setting balloons standing on the stool. Sanskar saw her and said
Sanskar: swara come down I will do it u will fall.
Swara: no no sanskar…..
She turns but lost her balance and fall on sanskar making him stumble and there was both lying on floor.(I know very common scene but still enjoy)
Their bodies are plastered against each other and eyes lost in beautiful eyelock.
Sanskar really was not understanding what he is feeling but it is beautiful feeling which he is enjoying. His hands unknowingly moves around swara’s waist. Swara gulped her saliva feeling his touch.
Kavita who was little far saw and came
Kavita: swara u r ok?
It disturbed their beautiful moment.
Swara got up and said
Swara: yes kavita I m fine.
Sanskar also got up and saw kavita who was busy with Swara. A layer of guilt formed in his heart thinking that how can he feel like this for Swara when he is marrying kavita.
He ignored all this and went to kitchen.

Only family members were present and kavita. Sahil also came as Sanskar knew him and he came towards their house side so sanskar asked him to come.
When he entered first he saw kavita and smiles. She also noticed him and smiled back slightly.
Later all got gathered around table where cake was present with daffy happy birthday written on it.
Swara(clapped): happy birthday to my baby daffy.
All look at her excitement and was not believing that they are celebrating dog’s birthday no no not dog he is swara’s Daffy.
Then swara cut the cake and feed Daffy then herself.
Then swara served all and sanskar helped her. But now sanskar was trying to maintain distance from swara bcoz he was not knowing when she will attract him like a magnet.
Kavita and sahil were talking and busy with each other. Kavita was also enjoying his company.
Soon kavita and sahil left as they have to go at the same place so sanskar asked sahil to leave her safely. Sahil felt like hugging sanskar but he controlled.

After few days:
As it was sunday sanskar got up late and came down after freshing up. To his surprise there was silence in the house which seems to be very strange to him after Swara’s visit. He unknowingly look for swara but she was no where neither daffy was there.
Sanskar (mumble): huh!!! Stupid me how can daffy be here if swara is not here. Bcoz both are always together.
He waited till afternoon but still he didn’t came. He was not knowing where she is so he thought to ask rajesh and from him he get to know that she went to kavita’s house and then they will go for shopping. Now sanskar felt little better after knowing about her whereabouts.
It was evening now and Sanskar was missing swara so much. he felt emptiness may be he is now habitual to her presence as its almost one month she is here.
He was thinking about swara sitting in his room when he heard swara’s voice.
He ran out of the room to see her. She was loaded with handbags and daffy was coming with her. he went to her and help her to keep bags on sofa.
Swara:thank you Sanskar.
Sanskar just smiled at her. He felt like he has listened his name from her mouth after ages.
Sanskar(thinks): u r getting mad Sanskar.
Swara :this is hotty for you.
Swara said giving him shirt which she bought.
Rajesh: thank you.
Swara(to Sanskar) : sanskar this watch is for u tell me u liked or not.
Sanskar: Swara its not needed.
Swara: plzz take it as a friend.
Sanskar(thinks): ohhh God the way she requested ,her expressions how can I deny.
Sanskar: thanks.
Swara(smiles ): always welcome.
Sanskar skip his heart beat seeing her smile.No he can’t stand in front of her anymore.
Then later they had their dinner and all went to their rooms.

Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar is lying on his bed and sleep is far away from his eyes. He was in dilemma that what are these uncontrollable feelings for Swara.

Sanskar’s POV
I don’t know swara what are u doing to me. I never felt like this for any girl not even kavita though I know she will be my wife. U are driving me crazy for u Swara I have to control myself.
Sanskar’s POV ends .
His heart was screaming that u love him .
Sanskar(shock): I love her.
Mind: no no how can I love her she is not for me.And moreover I m going to marry kavita just think about her.
He suppress her heart which was shouting that u love her and slept.
Now where his love for swara which he don’t want to accept will lead him to?!?
To be continued……

Precap: swara realizes that she loves Sanskar.

So Sanskar loves swara but how will he confess when he himself is not ready to accept???? Stay tuned to know how their love story will proceed.
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