Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff)by Mars part 5

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Uncontrollable Feelings(swasan ff)
Part 5
Sanskar’s room:
Swara is lying on Sanskar’s bare chest.
Daffy bark seeing them staring each other. Swasan came back to senses and Swara got up and stand.
Sanskar immediately wore his shirt and said angrily
Sanskar: what are you doing in my room and that too without my permission.
Swara: woo I came to talk with u but who is saying u to roam in your room without shirt. Ohhhh I understood
Sanskar looked at her confusedly.
Swara: u were showing me your body.

Sanskar: shut up and get out.
Swara:okay okay why are u getting hyper.I and daffy were thinking that..
Sanskar: what??
Swara: that we should become friends.
Sanskar: why!?
Swara: plz Sanskar I can’t fight more(pout)
Sanskar(smiles): okay.
Swara got excited and hugged him.
Swara: thank you
Sanskar stood numb feeling her sooo close.His heart beat increase but he controlled.
Swara: OK then start from beginning.
Firstly I will give my intro than u.
Sanskar nodded.
Swara was about to start when daffy barked.
Swara: ooops I forget him at last Daffy.
Sanskar signed.

Swara: so myself swara gododia I had completed my graduation from USA and will join poppy’s company soon and Daffy is my sweetheart.I love him soooooo much.
Daffy make puppy sound.
Swara: see he also confessed. And I love my freedom and enjoy my life to the fullest.
And about Daffy he has soulmate that’s me.He loved bread butter and his favourite colour is blue.Now your turn.
Sanskar: I m sanskar maheshwari. Completed my graduation and now working in bank that’s it.
Then they talk for sometimes and later sanskar went to bank.

Swara is walking after sanskar and after swara there is Daffy.Sanskar stops and turn with that Swara stopped in front of him and daffy also stopped.
Sanskar: just sit there (point to sofa) I will call u when I will prepare.
Swara:but when?
Sanskar:I will call.
Swara:ok don’t forget.
Sanskar: hmm.
Swara and daffy went to hall and Sanskar go to his room.
Actually Swara don’t know cooking so she asked Sanskar to teach him when he will prepare dinner and he agreed so she was after him.

Swara came inside and saw sanskar collecting utensils for cooking.
Sanskar: come swara I will tell u how u make dinner.
Swara went near him and sit on small shelf beside.
Sanskar looked at her.Seeing his gaze swara asked
Swara:I can sit here na?
Sanskar nodded.
Daffy was in swara’s lap.

Sanskar:okay firstly I will cut the vegetables. U know that?
Swara shook her head in no.
Sanskar:okay then see we should be very careful while cutting it as knife is very sharp. U should not get cut.
Like this sanskar keep on explaining but Swara instead of listening to him was continuously staring him unknowingly.
She was admiring that how much perfect he is as he manage everything.
Sanskar saw her staring so asked
Sanskar:swara u are getting it.

Swara nodded.
Swara:sanskar I want u as my husband.
She said in flow.
Sanskar looked at her shockedly.Then only she realized what she said
Swara:no no I mean my husband should be like u.Sorry.
Sanskar(smiles): its ok.
Sanskar felt some happiness in his heart when swara referred him as her husband (ohhh!! man mai laduu futaa)
Swara:I must say u are super man. I mean how can u do soo many things together.
Sanskar:it’s nothing like that swara.
Swara asked something becoz she really don’t know why she want to ask.
Swara:Sanskar u love kavita??

Sanskar looked at her
Swara:no I mean she is your fiancΓ©e.
Sanskar:seriously saying I don’t love kavita.I just agreed for baba I know he will choose best for me.
Even she felt relieve listening that he don’t love kavita.
Sanskar were making dinner and talking to swara.
Swara: okay tell me when u did your first kiss.
Sanskar (chuckles): I had not done till now.

Swara: u didn’t kissed kavita till now???
Sanskar: I had not touched her kissing is tooo far.
Swara left like jumping in happiness but why she don’t know(eske man mai b ladu futaa)
Swara:yes kavita told me u don’t do all this here.
Sanskar: yes.

Sanskar saw her caressing daffy’s hairs and he was lying calmly in her lap.
Sanskar:u never leave him (point to daffy)
Swara:no not for a min also. U know when I was studying I used to take him in class also with permission. He didn’t disturb at all.
Sanskar: ohhh I think u will marry him only (laughs)
Swara: I really wish to but my family with not accept.This cruel world is against our love(make crying face)
Sanskar:u r tooo much swara.
Swara smile brightly.

Swara: sanskar how u enjoy your weekends.
Swara:like I used to go club, party or something.
Sanskar:I used to sleep during weekends to relax.
Swara: huh!!! Boring.Is there any club nearly?
Sanskar: yes there is one in city.

Swara(excited) then we will go someday.
Sanskar: I never went to club.
Swara:now I agree your name absolutely suits u. U r too sanskari. But u can try once.
Sanskar:okay will see.
Swara:we will take kavita also.
Sanskar: she won’t come.

Swara: why?
Sanskar: she hardly went to city then how she will go to club.
Swara:I just hate this confinement.
Sanskar: but here its like this only.Come let’s go food is made.
Swara was not able to come down
Swara: sanskar take me down.

Sanskar signed.He took firstly daffy down then held swara from waist and picked her.swara’s long hairs touches his face.She looked down at him.Their nose touched, eyes met and their lips were just inch apart.Swara’s hands were around his neck.They got lost in each other.They were feeling each other’s hot breathe. Swara was breathing heavily.
Sanskar came to senses and made swara comfortably stand on floor. He avoided eye contact. Swara picked Daffy and left saying thanks.
Sanskar Stare her retreating figure.
Sanskar(mumble): control sanskar u r going to marry kavita.I don’t know what she is doing to me. She is just my friend don’t forget.
Thinking all this she went to his room.

Next day
Kavita came to rajesh’s house as swara has called her.
Swara and kavita are in garden just roaming. Ofcouse daffy is there. Sanskar came out and went to them
Sanskar:hlo girls.
Daffy barked.
Sanskar: ohhh and hello one boy.

Swara and kavita laughs.
Kavita was shocked seeing Sanskar talking nicely with Swara.
Kavita: what I m seeing??? u both are not fighting.
Swara: yes now we became friends.
Kavita: that’s good.
They keep on talking for sometimes.
Then there comes a man at gate of Sanskar’s age with bags in his hands.
Sanskar after seeing him went there.
Sanskar: yes

Man: hi I m sahil. Actually I came to live in this village as I got job here.so plzz can u tell me this address.
Sanskar: okk show me.
After seeing address sanskar said
Sanskar: this is inside the village. Just walk for 15 mins u will get the House.
Sahil: ohhh thank you soo much.
Sahil was about to leave when he listened laughing sound from garden.
Swara and kavita were laughing.
Sahil got mesmerised to see one girl.
Now who is that girl swara or kavita???

To be continued… …

Precap:someone’s birthday celebration….its of Swara’s Sanskar??? no no no its swara’s daffy. Swasan closeness increases.

Just one or two more parts then the story will rotate at 360Β° and whole story will change.Stay tuned to read.
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    Yayyyyyyy….finally u updated this ff! U know I love this soooooooooo much….don’t ask me reason Marssuuu bcz I don’t know….hehehehe.

    God…..Swara n her daffy, can’t control my laughter yaar! And Sanskaar….poor boy! Amazing dear. And that girl is Kavitha!! Precap…excited for next part dear…. Pkz update asap Marssuuuu. And what do u meant by the whole story will change??! Don’t tell me that u gonna change Sanskaar’s character like Swara’s chatacter!!

  2. Darlzz002

    Amazing epi..
    Swasan friendship….☺☺
    Ur ff’s are really amazing… loving all ur ff’s alot…😊😊😊

  3. reethu

    awesome dear. waiting for ur all ff dear.i just love all ur ff dear and pls post soon.my day doesn’t go without reading ur ff because i’m in holiday dear and thanks for taking my request to post ur new ff’s prologue in tu dear thank u and ha bye and take care

    • Mars



      Thank you so much dear. I was not knowing u all wait for my stories.
      I will post all ffs soon.
      Don’t be thankful for posting prologue its all my pleasure.

  4. Mannu

    Why U want to rotation can’t u like straight things πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ ok ok ok ok just kidding 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Vidhi

    Hmm so ur are testing our patience… Hmm…..
    Bt we are u readers we are extremely smarter like u…. Bt not u… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I don’t knw what I m saying.. Bt mera matlab tha… Abbi tumko hi pata hoga na that sahil ko kisse pyar hua….
    N how friendship is growing n growing n will turn into love story… Hmm interesting… ❀❀❀❀
    Waiting for next….

  6. Neptune


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    nice epi marsuuuuuuu…
    swasan bonding is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute but i love swaffy bonding more…

    haye this world is so bad they don’t allow 2 lovers to unite poor swaffy..
    i guess sahil liked kavita.

    post the next one soon dear

  7. SHAN


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    Awesome yaar!!!! I am sure its kavitha only!!! Sahil got admired seeing kavitha…. Now the story is interesting…😊

  8. Shibil


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    Mars….I am die hard fan of ur stories ……
    Awesome part …..swasan unknown feelings …..i guess it might b kavitha ……waiting for 360Β° rotation …

  9. Prashasti7


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    Awsm part n I soo wanted it to be kavita…..she settle with sahil happily n leave our swasan then I’ll go to tirath yatra heehee

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    U know what, I don’t like dogs because I’m too afraid of them. But u made me fall for a dogπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ 😘

    And this uncontrollable feelings of SANSKAR and SWARA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 they r attracting towards each other… 😍😘 story is going well with their sweet moments

    But what is this 360° rotation😱😱😱 finger crossed hope for best.✌✌✌

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    what is the twist you are going to bring dear..
    but i am very much excited for it..
    loving this story so much..

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