Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff)by Mars part 2

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Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff)
Part 2
Gododia house:
Swara with Daffy in her arms is standing near the car waiting for shekar as they are leaving to airport to take their flight to uttrakhand.She is playing with Daffy but got irritated bcoz she is waiting from long time.So she shouted
Swara:poppppppy pllzzz come fast
Shekar came from inside and said
Shekar:don’t worry we have enough time.
Swara(excited): I just can’t wait to meet dadu.
Shekar: huh! What we will do by going early, flight will take off at it’s time only.
Swara: then also we have to go.
Shomi(give box to Swara): this is halwaa for baba plzz give him.
Shekar was about to take but Swara took quickly
Swara: mom if you give to poppy then its in danger zone so I will give it safely.
Shomi: okay take care and act maturely that is rural area not your USA to shout and roam here and there.
Swara(make faces):okay
Then shekar and Swara went to airport.

Outskirt of village:
Sanskar was leaving for his job when rajesh called him so Sanskar went to him
Sanskar: Ji baba
Rajesh: this is list of things plzz bring when u will come,these are Angel’s favourite.
Sanskar: she is coming here?
Rajesh(happy): yes shekar told me in the morning.They will come in evening.
Sanskar: ok
Rajesh: take this money for things
Sanskar: not needed baba I will manage.
Rajesh:no u have to take it.And come in the evening little early.
Sanskar: sure.
Rajesh handed him money.
Sanskar left for bank.

Rajesh’s house:
Sanskar had already came from office as rajesh told him. He was in his room when he heard shriek voice of a girl.As soon as he listened it he remembered yesterday call where also some girl shouted like this way only.
So to see whose there,he came out and stood at his room door.
Swara entered inside running and shouting
Swara: daduuuu hottty see I came.
Rajesh who was in hall got up from his chair.
Swara saw him and took her dadu into bone crushing hug.Rajesh also hugged her tightly.After breaking hug
Rajesh(caress her face):how is my angel.
Swara: Veryyyyyy good how r u?
Rajesh: after seeing u I m more fine.
Till now Sanskar get to know that she is rajesh’s granddaughter.But he was probably sure that she is the same phone girl as her voice is same and even yesterday she also called to hotty.
Then shekar came and took rajesh’s blessings.Sanskar came forward and met shekar as he knew him.But swara didn’t noticed him as she got busy with Daffy.After wishing shekar, sanskar moved back
Swara:hotty meet Daffy.
Rajesh:so still u didn’t leave him.
Swara:how can I leave him dadu after all he is my first love.
Rajesh chuckles.
Swara:come on Daffy take dadu’s blessings.
Daffy start moving near rajesh’s feet.
Rajesh:(bless him) he is Very Sanskari.
Swara: too much
Sanskar was seeing Swara’s antics and said
Sanskar(mumble): such a childish she is.
Then left to Kitchen.
Later Sanskar came with tea and kanta kaki bought eatables.kanta kaki look after cleaning and other house hold works.
Swara was excited telling rajesh what all she did in America.Sanskar came and put the tray on table.
It was the first time when Swara saw him but was not knowing who he is.
So she went near rajesh and said
Swara(in his ear): who is he?

Sanskar saw her when she got up and he came to know that she is talking about him as she pointed her finger to him.
Rajesh(loudly): oh he is Sanskar the boy who is living with me.
Swara (sit on sofa): okay
Swara then looked at Sanskar who was about to leave when swara said
Swara: hey hi
Sanskar turns back and just slightly smiles and then left.
Swara: huh!! Didn’t said hi also
Rajesh: don’t be sad angel he is like this only.
Swara thought may be he can’t speak so asked
Swara: since birth he is like this only?
Rajesh: that I don’t know but since I had bought him here he is like that only.
Swara: soo sad.
After having tea and snacks.Swara start roaming in the house with Duffy.
Swara: Daffy I will show u this house u will love it na.
Daffy nodded his head.
Swara: good baby.

While crossing from kitchen Swara saw Sanskar inside then she remembered that he can’t speak so thought to talk with him
So she entered inside the kitchen and stood near shelf where Sanskar was cutting vegetables.
Swara: wo I get to know about u.I really felt bad but don’t worry every one is not perfect.
Sanskar look at her weirdly thinking what she is blabbering.
Swara: don’t u feel restless when u can’t speak u know I can’t live without talking for half hour also.
Sanskar don’t answer anything as he was not understanding what she is speaking.
Swara(not getting response): one second u can’t listen also that’s so sad.
Sanskar(can’t tolerate): what are u speaking?
Swara(shouted); u can speak????
Sanskar: yes but why are u asking this?
Swara(looking down):i thought u r dumb.
Sanskar (shock): what?? And who told u this?
Swara: it was not my fault ,u didn’t reply hi to me.
Sanskar: ohh if I didn’t reply it means I m dumb seriously too much.
Swara(angry): when u can speak can’t u say just Hi also Veryyyyyy bad.Daffy we will not talk to him let’s go.
Swara left picking Daffy in hands.
Sanskar look at her and signed.

After half an hour:
After cutting vegetables Sanskar is going to his room and from front only swara came talking with daffy
Swara: so my sweetu which place u like the most USA or UK.
Sanskar thought she went to UK also.
Swara: Daffy don’t get confused UK means uttrakhand not united kingdom.
Now sanskar understand and he saw swara coming near so thought to ran to his room before she again start her radio.
Sanskar turn to leave but it was too late as swara already called him
Swara: arey blue shirt wait
Sanskar (stop and mumble): not again.
He turns and saw her standing in front of him
Swara: I know I said I will not talk to u but don’t take my words seriously bcoz I change then every now and then.okk
Sanskar just nodded.
Swara: asha listen what is your name
Sanskar: Sanskar maheshwari
Swara: hmm nice name but does it suits you?
Sanskar(confused): means.
Swara: like my name is Swara so my voice is melodious.
Sanskar (thought): melodious??huh!! She was ready to tear my eardrum.
Swara (continue): so whether u r also Sanskari like your name.
Sanskar: I don’t know
Swara: Don’t worry till I m here I will judge and tell u.
Then only Swara heard Daffy’s sound so she looked down
Swara(pick him up): btw u meet my boyfriend.?
Sanskar again got confused .
Swara: Daffy my bf(she blushes)
Sanskar: seriously???
Swara(look down); yes we are in relation from last 6 years.(said shyly)
Sanskar(mumble): she really need mental asylum.
Swara: Daffy say hello baby.(to Sanskar): u too reply him otherwise my Duffy is not big hearted like me who will not mind.
Daffy move his head and bark
Sanskar look at Swara who gesture him to say
Sanskar: hello
Sanskar(thought): what days have come I m greeting dogs now.
Sanskar was about to leave but again swara stopped him.he turned irritatedly.
Swara(extend her hand): friends??
Sanskar: I don’t make friends.(sternly)
Saying this Sanskar left to his room leaving behind annoyed Swara
Swara: huh! Daffy see he has no manners let it be even I don’t want such a khadoos friend.U are there for me.
She kisses daffy and went to her room.
To be continued….

Precap: swara and kavita’s first meet.

Done with another part.
PllZzz leave your comments and let me know whether u are liking the story or not.
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  1. Guna

    Hai, iam new to comment .seriously she is blushing and introduce daffy as her gf. I can’t hold my laugh.And poor sanskar now he have to greet dog.

  2. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Lol….Sanskaar is dumb? His shocked n irritation face….worthwatching dear. Swara….she is soooooooooooo cute n sweet! Loved it!! Eagerly waiting for next part.

  3. Vidhi

    Loved it… N swara thought that sanskar is dumb… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Swara is really an unique piece β€πŸ˜‚
    Update soon dear

  4. Nida

    Hahaha very interesting..loved it aolt eagrly waiting for next and plz also post nighty billo

    • Mars



      Thank you so much dear and i had already submitted the next part of naughty billo since afternoon I don’t know why they didn’t posted till now.
      Hope so it will be posted soon.

  5. Sumayyah


    |Registered Member

    Marsuu I loved it
    the cover pic is great
    Sanskar is avoiding her good
    Swara is too much a radio hehee like you can’t stop blabbering naa

  6. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    omg so cute swara, she was blushing while telling about daffy he he so funny loved it dear please post naughty billo too

  7. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    Who is Daffy πŸ˜”?

    But I love the ff… Sanskar and Swara r totally opposite let’s see what will happen

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