Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff) by Marsuu part 18

Uncontrollable Feelings (SwaSan ff)
Part 18:
Recap: swasan candle light dinner.
In sangeet a lady came who claim as sanskar’s mother.

Gododia House:
All are standing shocked with the revelation of that Lady who claims herself as sanskar’s mother.
Lady: you don’t know how much I waited for you my son
She tired to cups Sanskar’s face but he moved back feeling uncomfortable.
Rajesh: see you are interpreting our function plz leave.
Lady: you all don’t believe me okay then I will show you the girl with whom sanskar is married. (Loudly): khushi plz come inside.
A girl of about swara’a age came inside running and was about to hug sanskar when swara came in front.
Swara(sternly): talk from far
Khushi didn’t paid any heed to swara and stood near sanskar and said
Khushi: finally I got you sanskar Ji
Swara:ohh hello he is mine.
Sanskar smile at swara’s possessiveness.
Khushi: but he is my husband.
Swara: what proof you have and he is not any material hanging outside the shop that you will take him.
Few Orthodox ladies whisper that if sanskar is married to that girl then he should accept him.
Sanskar: I’m going to marry only swara so no need to create any problem.
Khushi: but sanskar Ji
Sanskar: see I even don’t know who you are???
Lady: you must have forgotten but it won’t change the truth.
Swara: and child marriage is illegal.
Shekar: okay leave all this we can’t believe anyone so for now all go to your rooms will discuss it later.
All dispersed to their rooms.

After an hour:
Swara was sitting in her room with daffy in her lap.
Swara: daffy
Daffy lift his head and look at her.
Swara: do my one work go and bite that girl who said sanskar is married to her.
Daffy stare her blankly not knowing what to do.
Then swara remember about sanskar. What he must be going through now. He has been living his whole life with the truth that he is orphan but suddenly some one came and said she is his mother.
Swara: I should see sanskar he must be feeling alone.
She got up and left the room followed by daffy.

Sanskar’s Room:
Sanskar is not able to sleep bcoz of what all happened. He heard knock at the door so he went to open the door. There it was lady and kushi Standing.
Lady: we need to talk.
Sanskar: and what??
Lady: let me come inside.
They enter inside and sanskar unwillingly went near them.
Lady: I’m kaveri
Sanskar: then??
Lady: you are right I’m not your mother but your real mother’s friend.
Sanskar: why you came to spoil my life
Kaveri: I left you at orphanage after your parents death and now when I got to know you are going to get married in rich house then we should also have some profit.
Sanskar: say clearly
Kaveri: give us 50 lakhs we will tell truth to everyone.
Sanskar: I don’t have this much money.
Kaveri: ask from your father in law he is very rich.
Sanskar: how can I ask from him.
Kaveri: that’s you problem.
Sanskar: I will not give you a penny bcoz no one is going to believe you.
Kaveri: I will call off your wedding even I will not mind killing your would be wife.
Sanskar got numb.
” ohh really” a voice came from door. They turn and saw swara standing.she came near them and said sarcastically
Swara: so u will kill me??
Kaveri: stay away I’m talking to my son.
Swara: stop your drama I know he is not your son and I had listened everything.
Kaveri: you don’t have any proof
Swara; and we don’t need any
Swara held kaveri’s wrist and brought her in the hall and called everyone.
Swara explained the real intensions of kaveri.
Rajesh: such a cheap lady.
Kaveri: don’t mess with me I’m very dangerous and no one will believe what swara is saying.
Swara: it means whatever I said was right??
Kaveri(confused): yes
Swara: inspector sir
Kaveri got shock to see police.
Shekar: swara when u call police??
Swara: I already got to know their truth from khushi. After all this drama I went to her and just offer her 5 thousands and she blurted everything.
Inspector: they had already done many such tricks today we trapped them.
Swara: thank you for coming.
Inspector: welcome.
Inspector took kaveri and khushi with them.
Shomi: thank god everything is clear now we can enjoy swara and Sanskar’s marriage tomorrow.
Rajesh: yes go and sleep all.
They all went to their.

Swara’s room:
Swara was about to close the door when sanskar enter inside.
Swara: what are you doing here??
Sanskar: I will sleep here.
Swara(raise her brow): we are not married still.
Sanskar: don’t worry I will just sleep nothing else(winks).
Swara blushes. Sanskar saw daffy sleeping on the one side of bed so went to other side.
Swara closed the door and went near him.She sit infront of him touching her back with his front. He wrap his arms around her waist.
Sanskar: when you talked to that girl?
Swara: I already have doubt on her and how dare she keep on eye what’s mine.
Sanskar: so sweet.
He kiss her cheeks.
Swara:she told me that they came to take money and she even don’t know who you are so how can you both be married.
Sanskar: useless people came to interpret our marriage.
Swara: hmm but I’m so excited for our marriage. You are not???
Sanskar: yeah but I’m more excited for our first night.
Swara: omg Sanskar how much you are changed you were so different when I met you first.
Sanskar: company affects.
Swara:but you are affected to much. Okay let’s sleep bcoz tomorrow you should not look dull.
Sanskar: you too
Swara lie in the center and sanskar on one side.

Next day:
Swasan are getting ready in their rooms for their marriage. Shomi kavita are with swara and nikil, sahil are with Sanskar.

Sanskar is almost ready and is rubbing his hands in nervousness.
Nikil: I’m still warning you Sanskar try to escape marriage you will be happy.
Sanskar: nikil you are still stuck there only.
Nikil: I thought to give advice.
Sahil: we are not like you.
Sanskar: swara must be ready.
Nikil: yeah you want to run away with her.
Sanskar and sahil glare at nikil for speaking rubbish.
Sanskar: I want to see her.
Sahil: just wait for one hour then you both will get married.
Sanskar: I can’t wait.
Nikil: desperate.

After an hour:
Sanskar is sitting in the mandap and nikil and sahil are standing near him. Swara came down in her bright red bridal dress. Her face is covered with veil. Kavita and shomi are holding her heavy dress from either side and supporting her.
Kavita(whisper in swara’s ear): Sanskar is looking very handsome.
Swara blush and bite her lower lips.
Shomi made her sit beside sanskar.
Pandit Ji was reciting mantras.
Later, swasan took seven rounds around the fire taking all the vows of being with each other forever.
Sanskar filled swara hairline with vermilion and then put mangalsutra around her neck.
Then they exchange garlands.
Pandit Ji: now you both are husband wife. Take blessings.
Swasan got up and took blessings from shomi shekar and rajesh.
They clicked pictures. In almost every pic Daffy was with swara. He is also happy as swara is happy. Swara has made him worn red shirt after all it’s his swara’s marriage he should also look handsome.
Swasan look at each other and shared a beautiful eyelock. The smile never leaving their lips.They were so happy to marry their love.

The End.

So the story has happy ending. I hope it was worth reading. I will try to give epilogue.
Thank you

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