An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Intro)

Hey guys I am writing a ff on Virika and Twinj

Jeevika Vadhera: a cute innocent and a bubbly girl. She loves her family a lot. Sister of Twinkle Vadhera

Twinkle Vadhera: a full Punjabi pataka. She is a bit childish but too cute. Big Sister of jeevika Vadhera.

Leela Vadhera: Mother of Jeevika and Twinkle

RT Vadhera: Father of Jeevika and Twinkle.

Viren Sarna: A handsome good looking guy . He has a huge female following . Brother of Kunj sarna

Kunj Sarna: A smart Dashing guy . Following the footsteps of his big brother Viren. He loves his brother a lot.

Usha Sarna: Mother of Viren and Kunj Sarna

Manohar Sarna: Father of Viren and Kunj.

The characters will be further added!

Based in Delhi
Viren and Jeevika study in a college. They are in there 3rd year of engineering. They are best friends and Viren is thinking to propose Jeevika on valentines day.
Twinkle and Kunj also enter the same college where Virika study.

Twinkle enters the college with Jeevika and Kunj is mesmerized to see her!

Guys if you like the story pls comment. If you don’t like I would not continue my ff…

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  1. My favourite couples together omg i love you Aarti <3

  2. its awesome i want to know how it continues s o make the next episode a bit fast

  3. Ur story line is good but u mentioned that twinkle is big sister of jeevika
    Jeevika nd viren are same i.e,3rd year
    Then twinkle must me elder than kunj

    1. Its by mistake jeevika is big sister of Twinkle!!

      1. Ok….nd good luck for ur xams

      2. Thanks sanju!!?

  4. Guys sorry I would be able to update next episode on 27 Feb.. As my exams are going on… Den I ll upload daily.. Sorry again!!

  5. Yayyyyyy!Aarti u used to comment on my FF this is a very good start don’t think of ending it pls Twinj and Virika r the best combination &I I Loved the idea of making them brothers and sister.Congrats and keep writing.????

    1. Thanks SMC?

    2. hey smc when ll u update the next part..m waiting..

  6. Awww my favourite couples!! Plzzz continue it seems interesting!

  7. oh…is it u the same aarti….??well both are my fav couple…so keep writing…good start..

  8. Wow Twinj and virika together I miss virika and happy to see a ff on Twinj and virika combined 🙂

    1. Yes you r right… 🙂

  9. Thank you everyone !! Means a lot..❤?

  10. very nice

  11. Thankx dear this is my favourite couple plz plz plz carry on dont stop your ff just like smc… & one thing dud best of luck for your exam!!!

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