An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 7)


An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj

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Episode starts with Kunj telling that it is all my fault!! Viren says what do you mean..
K:Bhai(tells the whole story)
V:Kunj its okay its not your fault..
K:Bhai if anything happens to Twinkle than I would not live without her!!
V:Nothing will happen to her..
K:bhai I am going to gurudwara to pray for Twinkle..
Kunj leaves

In Gurudwara
Kunj is on his knees and climbing the stairs.. He is crying vigorously..
He goes in side and prays for Twinkle!! A preist comes there and tells him that all your prayers will be accepted by God coz you are praying with your heart for your love!! Go and be with your love!! She needs you now!!

In hospital
Doctor comes out and Tells that she is out of danger but..
L:but what doctor??
D:due to this incident Her vocal chord is damaged .. She won’t be able to speak now..
Leela and Jeevika are numb by this words.. They felt like the land had slide under their feet..
L:Due to this incident my daughter’s reputation is spoiled now who will marry my daughter?? A voice comes from behind “I’ll marry Twinkle!! He his none other than Our hero KUNJ SARNA!!
leela gets shocked hearing it..

L:you are…
K:aunty I am Kunj sarna.. I and Twinkle…(before he completes leela says)
L:you are Kunj Sarna son of Usha sarna!!
K:Yes but how do you know me and my mum??
Fb is shown
Long time ago Usha and Leela were neighbors..
All four Twinj and Virika were friends..
Kunj used to take care of Twinkle very much he used to behave as if he is her husband!! Any problem cannot touch Twinkle unless Kunj was not there!! He used to treat Twinkle above him!! Fb ends..
Kunj gets teary eyed..
Leela tells Kunj about Twinkle’s vocal chord.. He gets shocked hearing that..
He rushes to Twinkle’s room

Twinkle’s room
Twinkle is lying unconscious
K:Twinkle get up Twinkle.. I now you are obstinate but I am more obstinate than you… U cannot Do this with me… Pls one time say Kunj!! Pls Twinkle and cries taking Twinkle’s hand on it.
Twinkle becomes a bit conscious and tries to speak.. (Kunj doesn’t notice as his head is lying to Twinkle’s hand ).. Twinkle tries 2-3 times and cries as she cannot speak!!
She tries with her full power and finally she speaks!! K.U.N….J..
Kunj gets Surprised hearing it.. He overjoys hearing it!! He calls everyone .. They all see Twinkle speaking Kunj’s name.. Leela gets happy hearing it.. Doctor says this is the first time I saw a patient can speak with the broken vocal cord.. He cheaks the reports and says that she will be completely fine by 3 days.. She can even speak!! These words overjoyed Kunj the most…
Doctor says this is all because of Prayers and A true love!! Leela gets happy hearing it and thinks that she is truly blessed to have a son-in-law like Kunj She smiles and tell everyone to leave Twinj alone..

Doctor says now you can take Twinkle home!!
Leela thanks doctor and he prescribes some medicines for Twinkle..

Twinkle’s room
Kunj is holding Twinkle’s hand and is asking her to forgive as this all happen beacuse of him!!
Twinkle tries to speak but Kunj puts hand on her mouth .. They both share an eye lock.. Kunj says Twinkle today you will listen I’ll speak!! You never give me chance to speak.. Twinkle smiles looking at him..
Kunj goes on speaking and Twinkle is continuously looking at him..
T:(in mind) am I falling for Khadoos Sarna!! Why do I like his company?? Why I cannot see him pain??.. Babaji I hope this Is not 1sided…

At Vadhera mansion
Twinkle is brought home..
Twinkle is resting on her bed and thinking about Kunj!! Jeevika comes there and Hugs her!! Twinkle smiles at her… Jeevika says I was totally afraid that I have lost you!! But someone saved you… Twinkle makes a Question marked face.. Jeevika says he is an angel to your life .. He is Kunj… Twinkle is happy listening to that.. Jeevika tells the whole story how Kunj went to Gurudwara and prayed for you and how he agreed to marry you!! Twinkle was so pleased to hear that and thank god that it was not 1sided.. Jeevika looked at her smile and said my small sister is falling for someone.. She gets Shy..
Leela also comes there and greets her.. They all talk

Sarna House

Kunj and Viren come back home..
U:why did you guys get late ??
Viren narrates the whole story.. Usha is shocked to hear it..
U:Kunj are you sure you want to maary Twinkle??
K:Yes Maa I am sure…
U:but she is a rape victim.. What will society think about us??
K:(angrily) Maa if this thing would happen to our sister and a boy comes and tells her to marry.. What will you do???
U:I am sorry Kunj…
K:Maa don’t tell sorry.. I was just making you understand.. and moreover I don’t care about society .. I just care about my family and Twinkle’s respect.. I would stand by her in all her decisions and would never make her feel lonely that is Kunj Sarna’s promise.. Once she gets fine I’ll talk to her about marriage..
He leaves

Kunj is making Twinkle drink soup… Twinj cute moments…

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Credit to: Aarti

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  1. superbbb arti…eagerly waiting for the next 1

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  12. Ha yaar
    .plz update the nxt part as we all cant wait longer. ..for these awesome episodes of ur all fabulous ffs i m just greedy ..
    My craze for tei is so much that today was my eng exam nd i hd to write a short story that a person wanted to learn swimming as he didnt knew how to and after some days while he wasnt fully trained he was standing near the pool and someone pushed him and he was drowning ..and c i just imagined kunj as that person and twinkleas his saviour .u just wrote about them in my xam even ..
    Sorryfor sharing this but i felt like sharing this with you all so cudnt resist myself .

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    i am sorry i can’t mention my name . i belong to an orthodox family . i see serials chori chori chupke chupke . i am a long time ehmmbh fan as it was the first serial i ever watched . ever since it got over, it used to miss it then i started watching jamai raja and satrangi sasural of zeetv . then kumkum bhagya and (the second best of all) tashan e ishq . i am a silent reader and watcher . i always wanted to send gifts cards and all but i cant . dont think that there is only less people reading it . many are there like me who i know . we just cant react . so pls keep writing it . i am super duper happy with this fan fiction . this is the first fan fiction i am reading and it makes me think ” kaash yeh such main ek serial hoti ” so thank you so much for merging these two , which has always remained my favourite . pls continue it and never stop it .

    1. Well thank you soo much !! And thanks for your comments… Ill try to keep entertaining you!!

  16. Ufff…… What a mind blowing twist yaar such a u r a execellent writer.

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