An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 6)


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Episode starts with Jeevika and Twinkle taking a sign of relief!! Viren comes out of the platform ..
J:thank god Maa went..
V:Yes otherwise I would have been dead…(Jeevika puts her hand on Viren’s mouth and says don’t you ever say this I’ll not leave without you)
T:ahem! Ahem!! Romance going on ha.. But Di and Jiju control your feeling right now otherwise Maa will again come..
J:(hits Twinkle) Yes Let’s go
They reach the room. They all eat and talk…

In morning
Jeevika is sleeping on Viren..(head on him!) And Twinkle is hugging Kunj(in sleep).. sunlight falls on Kunj’s eyes and he wakes up and is sees Twinkle hugging him and smiles.. Just then Viren also wakes up and Sees Jeevika and smiles .. He also notices Kunj’s smile..
V:Kunj I think we should leave. Maa will be waiting for us..
K:Yes bhai..but how will I move Twinkle is sleeping on me..
V:(smiles) try to wake up ..
They both are successful in waking up and was about to leave when Leela knocks the door and says Twinkle Jeevika Wake up … You both have to go to college..
They both wake and Are shocked …
L:puttar open the door.. Today Its first day for Twinkle in her college..
J:yes Maa 2 mins
They make Viren and Kunj hide in cupboard.
Twinkle opens the door .
T:Gm Maa..
L:gm beta.. Today is your first day to college so as every time I’ll select your cloths..
Tweeka are sweating heavily.. Leela sees this and says why are you both sweating??
T:kuch..nai Maa garmi hai bahut..
L:par puttar Ac is on…
Tweeka wipes sweat and leela was about to open the cupboard. But suddenly her phone rings and she leaves to attend.. Tweeka are relieved they take out Vinj and they leave from window..
Leela comes and selects cloths and they both get ready..

Sarna mansion
Vinj enter and Bebee asks them where were they.. Vinj Sweet ..
B:why are you both sweating??
K:voh babee we went for jogging..
B: this early in morning??
V:yes bebbe we waked up early in morning so went to jogg..
B:OK puttar now go and get ready..
They get ready..

In college
Tweeka and Vinj meet.. They all go to cafeteria…Viren orders 3 milkshakes..
J:why 3 we are four..
V:My love will drink from one..
She gets shy..
The person there tells that there is shortage of milk so only 2 milk shakes can be made.. Viren makes a naughty smile..
V: good then I and Jeevika and twinj will drink..
Twinj pretends to be Shocked … But both are happy from inside..
They four drink and Twinj keep staring at each other loving..
V:Jeevika romance is in air I can feel it..
J:Yes Virenji (seeing Twinj)
Twinj composes themselves.
Virika smiles
Fb is shown.
Viren tells the person in charge to tell that their is shortage of milk so that only two milkshakes can be made.. He winks positively.. Fb ends

They all go to their classes and Twinj are in the same class they get happy..
They reach inside
May I come in (together) looking at each other.
S:No you are late sorry
T:Sir pls (making innocent face)
M:okay come in but be careful next time..
K:yes sir

They both seat on the same place..
K:This is nice you girls make innocent face and make your way…
T:(laughs)you should have that mastery..
S:Who all have not brought book??
Twinkle sees that Kunj has not brought the book.. She gives her book to kunj and Stands up.. Kunj is hell shocked..
K:Twinkle sit down what are you doing??
T:Kunj shut up!!
S:Ms Vadhera Why haven’t you brought the book??
T:Sorry Sir..
S:Leave the class..
T:BT sir..
S:leave the class now!!
Twinkle leaves … She comes out of the class and starts to roam …
Two boys come and starts misbehaving with her.. (Seniors you know?)
A:Hey beautiful where do you live??
Twinkle ignores them and starts to leave ..
B:janeman where are going leaving us behind ?? Take us with you…
They laugh..
T:Bhaiyaji Why are you teasing me..

A:We are not your brothers(angrily)
They take Twinkle to a room and lock it from inside..
T:What are you guys doing?? Leave me
A:no madam ..
T:starts Shouting.
B:no Need to shout no one would hear you.
T:leave me pls
Kunj senses something bad is going to happen and Leaves in middle of the class. Here the two boys Starts to rape Twinkle…

She cries and begs to leave her but they continue to rape..
Kunj searches for Twinkle and Is unable to find her.. He goes in each and every room to find her..
Twinkle slowly becomes unconscious
Finally Kunj reaches there and sees everything.. He starts to beat both the seniors.. He beats them until viren comes and stops him..All the college students gather there..
Media police and Ambulance also comes there..
Kunj caries Twinkle in his arms and is Teary eyed. They sit in ambulance and reach hospital..
Kunj and Virika tries to wake up twinkle but fails .. Jeevika is crying vigorously…Viren consoles her..

Vadhera Mansion
Leela was watching TV serial
L:Don’t know why this days serials are not interesting.. News are more interesting.. She changes in News channel.
Twinkle’s rape coverage is shown she is shocked to see that.. She was about to fall when Rt comes and saves her in time.. They call Jeevika.. Jeevika is no place to take the call (crying continuously) Viren picks up the call
L:Hello Jeevika what is all this shown on media.. Tell me it is all false.. Pls speak up..
V:Aunty I am Viren . Jeevika’s Friend.. Aunty unfortunately the news is true and we are here in hospital.. He tells the name and asks them to come fast. He cuts the call..
Leela and Rt reach hospital and sees Jeevika there.. Leela comes and Hugs her.. They both are crying..
L:how did this happen??
J:Maa I don’t know. We came to know when mahi said this..

Fb is shown..
Twinkle was shouting when mahi was passing by she heard her sound and Decided to call virika.. She goes to their class and tells them to come fast.. All reach there and Viren stops Kunj.. Fb ends..

Leela says now after this incident my daughter’s reputation is spoiled.. Now who will marry my daughter?? A voice comes from back “I’ll marry Twinkle!!!

Who will be that person??
What will be Leela’s reaction??
What will be Twinkle’s reaction??

Stay tuned for the next episode..
Guys pls comment.. Pls.pls…??

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. It will be Kunj !
    Of course, Leela Ji will be happy.
    Twinkle will be happy in and shocked out.

    1. Will have to wait for that!!

  2. Kunj I am sure

    1. Could be!!!

  3. Hi Aarti di… ur FF a lot!!!
    I think that guy is none other than KUNJ!!!

    1. Thanks phycho☺

  4. Aartiiiiiiiiiiii making me curious plzz upload the next episodeee plzzZzzzz…. i know it will be our heri kunj ???

    1. Sweetie you’ll have to wait for a day for that!!

  5. of crs our hero kunj … who else…. the episode was good….

    1. Thank you soo much panchi!!

  6. Osm osm osm…plz continue plzzzzz????????

    1. Thanks zikra?

  7. The one and only Kunj vadhera
    well episode was soooooooooo dam good

    1. Thanks a ton sanam!! I love your ff took❤❤

  8. it’ll be our hero only…luv twinj & luv u aarti

    1. Thank you so much prapti love you too?

  9. Atiba maam if ur der plz update the episode can’t wait for it

  10. plsupdate tashn e ishq 14.03.2016 episode its like making me crying plssssssssss

  11. Lovely episode but whatever happened with twinkleeas so bad….anyways your ff is loke always mindblowing..Please update one more please and be regular as i love to read ur ff so please be regular..???

    1. And who is ready to marry twinkle is none other than our kunj..plz one more ur ff.

    2. Thank you soooo sooo much ff reader!!! ???

  12. Omg
    Episode was good. .but m tensed about twinkle ..
    Of course kunj ll b there for her always ..
    Atiba mam plz update today’s episode. .plz

    1. Tysm yashika!! I am glad you liked it!!

  13. It must be kunj pleaseeeeeeeeee

    1. Don’t worry Jhanvi!!!

  14. Wow amazing dear plz daily update yar….. I know kunj is twinkle hero.

    1. Thank you a ton aarush!!! Will try make daily update…

  15. It will be Kunj our hero Obvio?. Btw the epis awesome , Love ur ff alot i ays wait fr it. Go on like this

    1. Thanks sunaina!! I’ll try my best!!!

  16. Ya 4 sure it’ll be kunj

  17. the boy is kunj…

  18. yar i luv ur ff ….. really

    1. Thank you soo much wajid!!

  19. Arti its amazing i am damm sure that boy is kunj ….

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