An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 5)


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Episode starts with Jeevika and Twinkle starts beating Viren and Kunj!! They wink in pain but the girls continue to beat them!! After a while Jeevika and Twinkle gets tired..
T: Di lets see who idiots are they??
J:Yes Twinkle..
The face is relieved and they are Viren and Kunj..
Twinkle and Jeevika are shocked..
J:Virenji and Kunj you both here??
T:what did you say Di “Virenji”??
T:Giving respect from now only??(funny tone)
J:its not the time to joke Twinkle..can’t you see they are hurt..

Just then Leela and Rt’s voice come..
L:Twinkle, Jeevika puttar is everything alright?
Rt:Yes bata is everything okay??
Twinkle and Jeevika are shocked and says yes Maa papa everything is okay..
L: then what was that noise of??
T: Maa actually it was cat…
L:Sure beta..
J:yes Maa.
Just then Kunj makes a sound of a cat ” Meow Meow”!!!
Rt:open the door beta..
T:(to Jeevika) what to do Di if Maa and Papa see Viren and Kunj then??
J:yes Twinkle.. Now??
Twinkle slitly opens the door and takes her head out..
T:Yes Maa what happened??
Rt:Why are you standing like this?? Open the door..
T:Papa actually Di is Changing cloths.. Don’t worry good night…
She closes the door and takes a sign of relief..
Rt and Leela leave…
T:Di baal Baal bache!! and hits Kunj for making that noise..
K:ouch its hurting Twinkle…
T:oh I’m so sorry.. They share an eye lock..
J:But why you both came here???
K:Bhabhi I’ll tell…

Fb is shown
Kunj gets an idea
K:Bhai will to to get house
V:right now??
K;Yes bhai…
V:but if Uncle and Aunty sees us then??
K:will go by window..
V:Great idea OK bye..
K: bhai I am also coming..
V:Why you want to met your Bhabhi aur someone else???
K:obviously Twi……. Bhabhi..
V:Ahem! Ahem!! Someone is remembering my Sali..
K:nothing like that bhai..
V: let’s goo…
They reach Vadhera Mansion
And they climb by ladder and enter Their room… And twinkle misleads them as thieves and they start beating them!! Fb ends.

Jeevika comes to Viren and touches his cheeks…
V:ouchhh its hurting Jeevika!!
J:Sorry Virenji I am really sorry I have would have known that it was you I would….. (Before she completes)
V:(keeps his finger on her lips) Ssshhhh its okay I can bear any pain for you!!!
Jeevika gets teary eyed and Viren makes her feel comfortable.. They have a hug!!
Twinj were looking at them…
T:I hope God makes them stay together forever..they look soo cute together..
K:Yes pls babaji make them stay together forever and may all the happiness come their way…
Twinkle looks at Kunj and Smiles seeing him

Jeevika asks Twinkle to bring First aid box from cupboard.. She nods.
Jeevika takes out medicine from the box and starts to apply Viren..
Twinkle also takes out medicine and was going to apply medicine to Kunj but.
K:I will apply it on my own…
T:No Kunj if I have hurt you I’ll only cure you…
Kunj looks at her lovingly and is touched by her words!!
Twinkle applies medicine to Kunj and Kunj is still lost in her when suddenly he winks in pain!!
K:Twinkle be careful..
T:oh sorry Kunj and blows air to him..
Kunj is staring at her…
Both of them complete the dressing… Twinkle says Sorry Jiju and Kunj I misunderstood you…
V:its okay Sali sahiba…
Twinkle smiles and hugs him. You are the best Jiju in the world..

Kunj says enough of this emotional jiju Sali drama now.. I am very much hungry.. Twinkle says Mr Kunj Sarna how much will you eat??? Every time you are hungry… Jeevika says you should not say like this to my devar… Twinkle says Di now you are on your devar’s side and not mine?? Viren says but I am on your side Twinkle.. Its right Kunj is all the time hungry … Very bad Kunj Sarna…
All laugh…
J: I’ll bring something to eat… She leaves …
V: I’ll also go with her..
J: if Maa and papa see us then??
V:nothing will happen…
They leave..

In kitchen
Jeevika starts to make coffee for all and some dry snacks …
V:I’ll also help you..
J:no need Virenji..
V:why no need a husband should also help his wife..
J:excuse me Mr Viren Sarna you are my “would be ” Husband…
V:its same only..
J:its not..
V:OK baba I lose ..
She smiles..
Viren was keeping Glasses on the try when suddenly a glass falls..
J:Virenji what did you do..
V:sorry Jeevika it was by mistake…
Just the. They hear footsteps..
Viren hides under the platform..
Leela enters and sees Jeevika
L:puttar what are you doing late night??
J:Maa actually Twinkle wanted to drink coffee so I was making it for her..
L:this late night??
J:Yes Maa..
L:okay beta I’ll make it..
J(shocking) no Maa I’ll make it..
L:no beta I’ll make it…
Leela was about to enter when Twinkle comes
T:Maa today I want to drink coffee made by Di..
L:but puttar..
T: Maa pls
L:OK beta good night..
T&J:Good night..
A sign of relief came …

Viren and Kunj Hide inside the cupboard.. While leela was about to open it….

Hope you guys liked the episode… Thanks again FOR all you comments…

Credit to: Aarti

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