An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 4)


An Unconditional love Twinj and Virika

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Episode starts with Twinj reaching the college and the results were going to be declared!!
Sir:so students the wait is over here we declare the results..
T:(praying) babaji pls pls college me admission dela dena…
A chart is pinned on the soft board.. All the students run and check the results..Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and runs towards the results.. Twinkle keeps staring at him..
Kunj checks and gets sad seeing that only Twinkle has got the admission and not him.. But he pretends to be happy.. Twinkle asks what is the result.. He says Congratulations Twinkle you have got the admission in the college… Twinkle asks and wt about you?? He says he will try hard next year.. Twinkle is shocked hearing this.. She gets teary eyed..
K: Twinkle isme Rone ki kya baat hai. I’ll study hard to get admission in this college..
T: No Kunj I don’t understand that why you did not get admission in the college bcoz you got more marks than many other students.. This is unfair..
K:Twinkle its okay..
T:No Kunj its not.. I’ll talk to the principal..if you don’t get admission then I’ll also not come in this college..
Kunj is shocked hearing this..
T:I mean I’ll talk to the principal..
They go to the cabin and Twinkle asks Principal that why has Kunj not got the admission in the college??
P:Because he is not eligible for this college..
T:How can you say this?? Have you seen his report card he has got 92% and you are saying he is not eligible.. What nonsense..
P:look Ms Twinkle you have I can cancel your admission if you argue more..
Kunj says Twinkle its okay let’s go. Twinkle holds his hand and says
T:Sir this is wrong Kunj deserves admission here and I will not take admission if he will not get admission…
Kunj is surprised…
P:Ms Twinkle now you will tell me to whom I should give admission??
T:Sir you are misunderstanding me..
P:No now your admission is cancelled..
A voice comes “Sir you cannot cancel Twinkle’s admission. Its Mahi…
P:who are you??
M: I am Mahi Taneja..
P:So what??
M:Sir you have to give Admission to Kunj..
P:What is going on..
M:Sir I have a video which will make you give admission to kunj..

Fb is shown
Kyra (a classmate if Viren and Jeevika) loves viren a lot and was Rejected by Him and is Jealous of Jeevika!! She saw Virika going to a place for date and fumes!! She says now Viren’s brother has to pay the price for my rejection.. She goes to the Principal and gives him Money and says Kunj Sarna should not get admission in this college.. Fb ends

Principal is sweating heavily.. Mahi says now sir will you give admission to Kunj or you want to go to jail for bribing?? Principal says no I’ll give admission and Twinj get happy and Hug each other!!! Just then Virika enters and sees this!! Viren sees this and smiles.. While Jeevika doesn’t like this.. Viren coughs and Twinj come in senses..all leave

They thank Mahi .
M:it was my duty!!
T:by d way how did you know Mahi about Kyra??

Fb is shown
When Virika are leaving Kyra fumes in anger and breakes the mirror and shouts I LOVE VIREN and nobody can separate us not Jeevika also.. Mahi listens this and follows her and records everything!! Fb ends..

T:Intelligent Mahi.. Thank you sooo much!! If you would be not there then Kunj could never get admission.. Thank you so much!!
K:By d way Twinkle why are so much worried for my admission??
T:(hesitedly) Kunj you are my friend no..
K:When did that happen??
T:(Shocked) Kunj..
V:Chill Twinkle he is kidding..
All laugh…
T: by d way Di what is all this??/what are you wearing?? And that date setup?? What’s going on between you too??
K:Yes bhai what’s going on (in sarcastic way..)
Jeevika gets shy and was about to leave when Viren holds her hand
V: Jeevika don’t get shy and tell her everything..
J:No you tell..
V:OK I’ll ..
Viren tells the whole story!!
Twinkle gets happy and hugs Her!!!
Same does Kunj and Viren!!
K: Congratulations Bhaiya and Bhabhi!!
T: Congratulations Di and Jiju!!
Virika Gets shy..
Viren tells Twinkle I have a work for you!!
T: Yes jiju apka hukum sar aanko pe..
V:laughs okay Sali Saiba.. Noe listen!!
He tells to save Jeevika for their mother as she is wearing a black maxi!!
T: Don’t worry Jiju its my habit to save Di.. I am expert in this..but what will I get in return??
V: what ever you say..
T: think again jiju I’ll ask something very big..
V: Are its okay as you wish..

Kunj is lost in some thoughts!!
J:kya hua Kunj why are you so tensed??
K:Bhabhi I am thinking that if Kyra could do this to get bhai then she could step very low to get him!!
V:you are right Kunj.. We have to do something of this Kyra!!
Twinkle Jiju just leave all this things and let’s celebrate!!
J: No Twinkle Maa is waiting for us at home!!/let’s go…
T: Di bas 1 hour pls.. Pls. Pls
J: No let’s go..
Di but how will we go??
J:by Auto..
V:Why by auto?? When we are here..
J:Its okay will manage..
V:No ways..
J:okay let’s go den
V:sit on my bike I ll drop you..
J:but then Twinkle??
V:(positive smirk) will sit with Kunj!!
J:(doesn’t like that but could not say anything.)
They leave..

Vadhera Mansion
Twinkle and Jeevika enters and Jeevika Hides behind pillar (bcoz she is wearing a black maxi)
T:Di Road is clear come inside..
Jeevika was about to come when leela comes
L:Twinkle puttar tu aa gayi!!
T:(oh babaji why did Maa come)yes Maa
L:beta Where is Jeevika??
T:(now what to do??) Maa she is coming.. Leave this no Maa I am happy coz I have got admission in the college..
L:hugs her in excitement!! Well done puttar.. God bless you..
Then they were hugging Twinkle signs Jeevika to go to her room.. Jeevika runs and goes to her room!!
T:(breaking hug) Can I go and freshen up I am a bit tired..
L:Go beta.. But where is Jeevika??
Just then Jeevika comes down changed her cloths and Says I am here Maa!!
L:but puttar When did you come??
J:Just when you both Maa beti were hugging!! I am also your daughter na!!
L:oh My baby come.. They all share a hug..

Scene 3
Sarna Mansion..
Viren and Kunj enter and Usha comes and hugs them! Kunj makes a sad face..
U:what happened Kunj why are you soo sad?? You did not get admission in college??
K:no Maa!!
Usha was taken aback… Tears were about to fall and suddenly Kunj hugs her and says Maa I have got the admission..
U:you idiot I was so scared don’t do that again (pressing his ears)
K:Maa sorry but now give me a proper hug.. They hug..
V:I feel that I am avoided..
K:No bhai come.. They three hug…

Scene 4
Twinkle and Jeevika’s room
Twinkle was seating on the bed and deeply thinking.. Just then Jeevika comes and says Twinkle what happened?? Twinkle was still lost..
T:yes Di do you need anything??
J:No but where are you lost??
T:nothing Di..
Twinkle tells all the incident happened with her and She was thinking about Kunj!!
J:Ahem!! Ahem!! Someone is remembering my devar!!
T:its nothing like that Di
J:really my sweet small sis..
T:yes Di let’s sleep..
J:okay Baby good night..
Twinkle was busy remembering about Kunj!! And smiles..

Scene 5
Viren and Kunj’s room
K: Congratulations bhai!! I am soo happy for you…
V:thanks yaar..
Viren is lost somewhere..
K:what happened bhai?? Bhabhi ki yaad aa rhi hai??
V:Ha yaar Kunj Kya karu??
K:I have an idea..

Scene 6
Twinkle was about to sleep when she sees shadow of two people.. She was scared..
T:Di get up I think Thieves have entered our room!!
J:What?? Where are they
T: Di I am so afraid..
J: don’t worry bring that stick
Twinkle brings stick and they Attack Viren and Kunj..
They beat for 5 mins and then they come to know that it was Viren and Kunj…

Jeevika is applying Medicine to viren and Twinkle is applying to Kunj!!! Virika and Twinj cute scenes…..

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Credit to: Aarti

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