An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 3) (Proposal day)


Sorry I couldn’t write for a long time but i hope this length is enough.. Guys pls comment.

Viren and Jeevika reach a place.. Jeevika says now can I remove the blindfold?? Viren says yes. She removes it and is mesmerized to see beautiful decorations .. It was a date setup and fully covered with balloons and roses! She was speechless.. Viren signs someone and music starts to play.. She was about to walk when there was a rose shower on her..
J: Viren what is all this??
V: its for you..
J: I haven’t got a better surprise than this thank you sooooo much ( hugs him)
V: this is nothing I can do anything thing for you My Love!!
J: What??
V:Jeevika I Love you!!! Will you marry me??
J:(happily ) Yes..
They both hug.. And Viren makes Jeevika wear a ring..

Scene 2
At coffee shop
Twinkle says to Kunj that only half an hour is left for the results.. I hope we get selected..
K: What did you say “We” get selected??
T:(realising) no “I” get selected..
K: No don’t tell lies I am sure you said we.. But you did not want that I get admission in college??
T:when did I say that??
K: oh so Ms Twinkle Vadhera wants that handsome hunk Kunj Sarna gets admission in this college.. Not bad your mind has changed..
T: Its nothing like that Mr Kunj Sarna keep your thoughts with you only.. And you are that Handsome also..
K:Okay fine . Bye Twinkle
T: Where are you going
K: I am going to gurudwara to take blessings..
T: You are going alone??
K: Any problem??
T: No can I also come with you??
K:(with one eyebrow up as in tei) Yes if you wish..
T: Great let’s go..
K: Twinkle follow me den..
T: Kunj how will I follow you when I am coming with you??
K: wait wait that means you are coming with me on my bike??
T: What you don’t have a car??
K: No madam
VT: oh god I am not comfortable on bikes.. Can’t you keep a car??
K: I love bikes and if you have any problem with it then come with an auto..
T: (thinking I don’t have other option also as I want to take blessings) okay fine.
She sits on bike and then was about to hold his shoulders but hesitated .

Scene 3
Viren makes Jeevika sit and have lunch!!
V: I am very happy today Finally we are going to be one..
(Jeevika is lost in her own thoughts)
V: Jeevika where are you lost…
J: Nothing
V: Now you are hiding things from me??
J: its nothing like that…
V: then say
J: We have accepted this relationship but will our parents also??
V: Don’t worry Jeevika we will handle it together..
She similes
V: Jeevika leave those things I have brought a gift for you!! I hope you like it…

Scene 4
Twinj are on their way when suddenly Kunj applies break and Twinkle comes closer to him.. (Then adjusts herself)
T: can’t you drive properly??
K: Ms Twinkle its not my father’s road that it will be free for me..
T: Still you can drive slowly no..
K: Okay baba sorry now hold my waist otherwise you will fall down
T: What??
K: Can’t you hear hold my waist..
T: No I will not..
K: as you wish then don’t tell me that I did not warn you..
Twinkle thinks babajii what kind of person is this…
Again suddenly Kunj applies break and Twinkle was about to fall when Kunj manages her in time..
K: I told you hold me but you…
T: its all bcoz of you are doing bit intentionally..
K: pls I don’t get any fun doing this. and so now this is also my fault.. Wow I warned you BT you did not listen and now you are blaming me for this.. Babaji how can anyone understand a girl!!!
T: Than try to Understand girls!!
K: I can never. Now sit and let’s go fast..
Twinkle holds Kunj’ s waist and smiles unknowingly!!
Twinkle this babaji what’s happening to me why am I smiling??

Scene 5
Jeevika comes wearing a beautiful gown which is black and has Golden embroidery in it.. She is looking gorgeous.. Viren is mesmerized seeing her.. They have a hug..
V: you look Gorgeous in this …
J: Thank you Virenji
V: what did you say??Virenji
J: Yes..
V: this much respect from now only.. Not bad!!
Jeevika gets shy.. And was about to go when viren holds her hand and asks her for dance she happily nods
They dance on
mere bina me…

Scene 6
Twinj reach gurudwara. They go inside and take blessings from Guru Nanak..

Twinkle (prays) babajii pls get us admitted in That college.. Pls babajii I don’t want anything else..
(Kunj also prays the same)

A priest comes there and sees Twinj praying.. He goes there and blesses them and says puttar rab kare tum donno ki jodi sahi salamat rahe.. Aur ek dusre ka saath kabhi na tute…(may god makes your pair happy and make stay together for your life..)

Twinj were shocked!! Kunj was about to say but priest left.. Twinkle was feeling very happy from inside but could not know why…

Scene 7
Jeevika and Viren were dancing romantically when Jeevika’s phone rang..
J: hello
L: Jeevika puttar where are you??
J: Maa I am with my friends..
L: puttar you should call and inform me .. And where is Twinkle??
J:(in mind) oh my god how did I forgot Twinkle god knows where would be..
L:hello beta are you there??
J: yes Maa Twinkle is in college..
L: okay beta come fast..
J: okay Maa bye
L: bye.
Jeevika gets tensed thinking where would be Twinkle. Viren notices this and ask what did Aunty told??
J: I totally forgot about twinkle.. I don’t know where would she be.. And in 15 mins the results are also going to declare.. Hope she gets admission in this college..
V: Jeevika don’t worry Twinkle and Kunj both will get admission in the college…wait a min I’ll call Kunj..

Scene 8
Twinj are on the way and Twinkle is thinking about what happened in Gurudwara.. Suddenly Kunj’s cell rings.. He is unable to pick and asks Twinkle to pick it up.. She picks the call
V:Kunj kaha hai tu bhai??
T:Viren Bhaiya me Twinkle..
V: Twinkle kunj ka phone tere paas kaha se aaya??
T:Bhaiya actually kunj bike chala rha hai isiliye mene phone uthaya.. Koi kaam tha kya?
V:tum log college me kab pahuch rhe ho??
T:Bhaiya bas 5min me.
V:okay fine byee
Viren says to Jeevika that Twinj are together and they will reach college in 5mins..
Viren says I think our siblings are also following our foot steps.. Jeevika is confused..
Jeevika says now I’ll go and change we have to reach college.. She goes

Jeevika changed cloths and was about to come when her dress gets struck into a stopper and her dress get torn.. She is shocked..
Jeevika says now what will I do viren says I have an idea wear that black maxi again!!
Jeevika says no I can’t if mom will see what will I do??
Viren says nothing will happen Twinkle will save you as always.. She is my intelligent Sali afterall
Jeevika smiles and nodes..

Viren and Kunj enter Jeevika and Twinkle’s room through window and They think that its thief and start beating them.. And entry of villains in the story…

I know guys its too boring but I’lltry to make it interesting.. Guys I need your support.. Pls do comment.. Pls

Credit to: Aarti

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    1. Aarush villians will be there but at the end Twinj and Virika would unite.. I hope you like the track.. Pls keep sending your suggestions also I’ll try my best to implement it..

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