An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 2)

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The episode starts with Jeevika asks twinkle to go and fill up the form for the admission. As she is already late.Twinkle tells her to come with her but Jeevika says that she has class yo attend. Twinkle nods and goes..

Scene 2
Viren comes back and tells Kunj to go and fill the form for admissions.. As he is already late..He nods and goes

Scene 3
Twinkle is going towards the Admission room and she is busy looking at her papers. Kunj is also coming there and he is also arranging the papers they both collide and twinkle slips into Kunj’s arms. They both have an eye lock.. And the papers start falling on them!! They come to their senses and Kunj says Sorry!! Twinkle says its okay.. Kunj says oh madam it was your fault also say sorry to me.. Twinkle says I will not.. Kunj says you both sisters are completely opposite of each other.. See your sister so innocent and understanding and you “Khadoos”.Twinkle says what did you just call me?? Khadoos and me.. Pls I am way better than you. Kunj says I am better than you.. They both get into fight.. Someone (he is sanju as I cannot refer like that every time )says that you both have not filled up the form?? They say that they are just going..
Sanju says better luck next time . Twinj look at each other and says why?? Sanju says because the admission time has been closed.. Twinj are shocked and look at each other.. Twinkle says this is because of you now I will have to waste my whole year becoz of you .. Kunj says this time is not to discuss these things let’s go to admission room. Twinkle says now what?? Kunj says you will not change. He holds twinkle and runs to the room.. Twinkle looks on shocked!!

Scene 4
Jeevika is going to her class just then someone puts hands on her mouth so that she cannot shout.. He is none other than Viren!! He takes her to the canteen.
J: Viren why have you brought me here??
V: shhhhhhhhh he puts finger on Jeevika’s mouth and says I wanted to say something.
J: says yes tell..
V:not like this.
V: come with me.
J: where??
V:do you trust me??
V:then come with me.
J:but where??
V:just come..
They leave

Scene 5
Kunj and Twinkle come to admission room.. Kunj says sorry sir we are late!! Sir says I am also sorry now admissions are closed for this year!!
K: sir please sir try to understand. If we will not get admission then our 1 year will be wasted!!
S: you should have thought that earlier!!
K:sir pls we will not do it again sir please Please please..
S:No we are done with our forms I cannot do anything now!! Now pls leave..
Twinkle says let’s leave Kunj..
They were about to leave when
Kunj sees the admission form on the table and gets an idea!!
Sir do you know who we are??
He says no I don’t but I will not accept admission form now..
Kunj takes his and twinkle’s paper and messes their paper with others..
They both run from them.. Sir gets confused ..

Twinj were running and they stop at a place and were heavily breathing.. They both look at each other.. Then start laughing.. Twinkle sees him lovingly.. Kunj waves his hand and twinkle gets into senses.. Kunj says where are you lost. Twinkle says nothing.. Twinkle in low voice says thank you!! Kunj says what???
Twinkle says Thank you..
Kunj says I feel i have to check my ears because I heard that you said thank you!! Twinkle says you heard right.. Kunj says its a miracle Ms Twinkle Vadhera is telling thank you to me??? Twinkle says its not a big deal now no need to overreact Mr Kunj Sarna!! They both laugh…

Scene 6
Viren puts a blindfold on Jeevika’s eyes and makes her sit in a car and they to a place..

Viren’s proposal to Jeevika..

Sorry guys as I could not write for a long time.. And the last episode’s precap cannot be fulfilled..

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