Unconditional love virika and twinj episode 16

Hey guys. I know i am late bt this tym no sry. Ya i hv my own reasons. This is becuz i received vry less comments past tym. Nd this tym i need atpeast 2+comments to cont wid the next epi. Sidmin this is ur whitemailing technique.;-D. Nd ppl who busy can just comment g (good) or b (bad)

Episode 16

boys join to cook.dinner.

Imagine the moment wen boys r doing the cooking in ehmmbh.

Viren is washing the tawa. Kunj is cutting the onions wid tears nd suffering. Manohar is cutting the other vegetable. Nd anand is making the dough for roti. Rt is heating the oil in the pan. Nd girls r making snqke qnd ladder in the other side nd bebe is playing bhagavat gita. All the girls r enjoying. Twikq feel pity for vinj. Nd go to help them widout the others knowing. Jeevika helps viren wd the roti. Tw writes some recipes in paper nd throws it to kunj br he throws it. Twika nd viren r suprised wid his behaviour. Twika gets upset nd levs. After they lev kunj takes the pqpee nd does evrythng according to it.

K(thinks)tw u may not luv me bt i luv u

Food id served. The food is tasty nd the girps praise the men nd evryone lev for their respective rooms.

Next scene

Tw is going wen 2 muscular arms pull her behind the pillar. It is non other than kunj.

K(wid blood red eyes) y did u cheat me?..refering to the fon call(Serious tune starts to play)

Tw(smiling) u wer the one who got cheated not my prob(refering to the match)..nd levs. Kunj stands rhere boggled nd heartbroken. All these r noticed by viren from a distance. He goes nd keeps hid hwnd on kunj s shoulder.

V-sab sach sach bata.

K nods.

Screen shifts to vinj room.

K-kya batau bhai.

V-ab bata rh ho wqrna mein tw puchuga.

K-nahi bhai…nd explains evrythng.

K-maine kabhi socha bhi nhi tha ki tw aise kar sakti hai.

V(while turning) kunj bohot badi misunderstanding ho r..stops as he sees twika at the doorstep all numb nt knowing wht to do.

Tw walks up to kunj like q life less body. She is near him nd CHATAKKK!!

Tw(while crying)how cud u even think lyk this? Ek baar puch lete toh kya? U knw wht u never luved me thts u necer trusted me. At least u cud hv asked me bt no. I hate u kunj i hate u completely. First of all do u even know i was talking widout knowing how u jump into a conclusion tht i luv smone else haa?? I..i..i…she cudnt take it anymore nd rund from ther. Jeevika b4 running beck of her gives vinj a “why??” Wala look.

Twika room

Tw is crying on ground neqr the bed holding her legs in between her hands. Jeeveka goes down to her nd carresses her hair. Tw hugs her tightly

Tw-di..jeevika was also hving tears seeing her sister’s state bt hides it.

J-tw kunj didnt know na? Thts y he misunderstood. Lev it…tw stands up.

Tw-nhi di. Har relationship main barosa hona cahiye. Bt he didnt trust me. Nd it is srill pricking me tht he didnt even ask me. Not even once.

J-tw mujhe pata hai par…tw cuts her off.

Tw-di pls. Ab aap meri behen se zyada uski vakil ban rh ho.

J-acha lets lev the topic we will talk abt this later…jeevika’s fon rings.

J-hello..her eyes widen in excitment.

J(exciredly)sachi..tw gives a confused luk. She signs wht to jeevika. Jeevika signs her to wait. Soon jeevikq cuts the call.

Tw-di kya hua?

J-tw tujhe pata uv aur dabboo aa raha hai(they r twika’s cousins)

Tw(jumps on jeevika)Sacchi??

J-ha sachi.
Now tw’s fon rings. It is kunj she cuts it wid so much of qnger while jeevikq gives an unbelievable luk. The sisters go to sleep remincing the day’s happenings. Tw wid tears nd jeevika wid a worried luk.

The screen splits onto twika’s face.

Precap- Tw-i dont want to marry kunj. I am gonna cancel this marriage. Haa mein iss rishte ko todna chahti hun. I am tw vadhera nd will remain lyk tht. I will never becum Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Thts it. Nd i am sure abt this. Kunj is walking nd a truck is abt hit him.



Atleast finished it.
And remember guys 20+ comments. All types of comments r welcum(+ve or -ve) silent readers also comment pls…:'(:'( .[less then 20+ comments then next mont updqte remember.]
Bye guys
Still luv u guys

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…emotional tha thoda….

  2. SidMin23

    It was nice and I hope kunj is fine it seen like kunj will be hit by truck and twinkle will forgive him.

  3. Presha

    Hey is awesome just loved it

  4. Loveleen

    Hey dear I loved the episd….Bt if u can plz give us recap cz u knw u updtd aftr so long n so mny ffs r running here so…I actually cudnt remembr y twinj fought …

  5. Sohi


  6. Nice one

  7. SidMin

    Hay mere sis … I told you its a good idea .. it works …
    Loved the episode finally Kunj knows that Twinkle has not cheated him .. so that’s good .. Twinkle ka gussa hona banta hai.. but I just hope ke me The precap does not happen .. Twinkle should forgive Kunj soon ..
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤

  8. Baby

    yaar srsly ashwariya………
    humper toh taras kaha ker episode post krdia hota……..hehe
    srsly yr too emotional episode………
    luvd it to core………it was wow………
    lods of love n post nxt asap………….☺☺

  9. Wonderful di i just luved it. Post soon

  10. Awatif_Rahman

    It was good

  11. Chiku

    Wowww. Amazing. Lovely❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Post soon

  12. Omg i was waitong this lyk foe foreverr. The epi was awesum pls post soon

  13. Amazing epi
    Do cont

  14. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Amazing episode yrr…Loved it..

  15. awesome epi loved it seems interesting

  16. Awesome episode i loved it post soon

  17. #heartbreaking post the next one asap

  18. Well I’m a silent reader bt today as u say 20+ comments else the next would be in the next one so I decided directly tht let’s write….. so it was nice and heartbreaking too…..bt I liked it

  19. Ramya

    Awesome aur itna wait karvaya not fair
    But superb precap is so scary
    Love u keep smiling

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