Unconditional love virika and twinj episode 15


For those who missed the prev ep: episode-14

Episode 15

All get ready for the match. Tw cms in frnt of the camera to give the intro.

Tw-its a bright sunny mrng. Nd a fun intrsting match is gng to tke place. Its between the ladies nd men of the sarna nd vadhera family. With anand bhaiya and nikita bhabhi as the captains.
Then she intros the players. Suddenly her fon rings(ringtone:the ecstacy of dance)She attends the call.

Tw-hello…tears start to forn in her eyes.(only tw’s voice will heard nt the other side.)

Tw-u idiot u didnt feel lyk to call this 2 months…tw keeps on talking bt wid tears in her eyes which noticed by kunj. She talks abt 20 mins which irritates the fmly membrs so kunj goes to call her. Kunj is near her nd is abt to call her wen
Tw-of course i luv u more than kunj…kunj is jst glued to his plce hering thse wrds.

Tw-u nd di r my lyf. Hw cn i replce u wid kunj.i will never replce u wid kunj. I luv u tht much..kunj was juz shattered . He thot tw luved smbdy else nd he was juz forcing her into this marriage. He recalls all their momnts nd levs feeling cheated. He retrns to the fmly membrs.
L-whn is she going cm?

K-i called hr bt i think she didnt her me. She didnt turn bck. So i cm bck.

J-this wont work. I’ll go call her..jeevika goes nd cals her. She gets tensed to see tw in tears.

J(touches her cheek)tw kya hua? Kon se baat kar rahi ho?

Tw(while crying)di…d..i wo..wo..m.ein…jeevika pulls the fon from her hand.

Voice-hello..Jeevika too gets tears nd luks at tw. Jeevika gives a side hug to tw. She too talks 4 sm tym

Twika retrn wid pale face due to cont crying bt also wid a big smile. Bebe sees them nd

B-kya hua puttar?

Tj-kuch nahi bebe bas aise..

M-ok then lets start the match…bt kunj ws left in sm deep thots.viren shakes nd signs ‘wht’. Kunj gives a “i’ll explain later” look to him.

They start the match.
Kunj was bowling nd jeevika was batting.(tw-runner)
Jeevika hits the ball nd the player exchange. Nw tw is batting. Twinj show tashan to eo. Kunj was vry angry wid fw 4 nt telling him abt her ex. He bowls nd tw hits a 4. The match conts like this then jeevika gets out by anand. Then leela gets in. After scoring 24 runs she also gets out. Nd after evry1gets out. The score is 158.
Nw the boys start batting. Tw cheats nc makes kunj oit. Kunj gives a furious luk to tw nd levs. Viren is batting. He hiys high. He ws unsure whether he shud run or nt.

A-run run she(nikita) will nt catch it..nd nikita catches it leving evry1 shocked inclding hrslf.

J-superb catch bhabhi. Superb. App ne viren ji ko out kardiya…match cont. Nd nw manohar nd rt r playing. Rt hits a 6 which makes the girls shocked. Only 3 runs r needed to tie. They score 2 mr runs nd only 1 run is needed to make a tie. Nw manohar is batting nd usha is the wiket keeper. Usha acts lyk falling so manohar gets distracted. Nd so does manohar nd they make him out. The girls win.

Hey guys

I hurt my sm hnd nd doc told nt to mv it. So thts y late. Btw i didnt want the cricket bt the old wrifer gv a precap abt it nd i hd to put it into my writing.i will post my other ff tmrw.

Precap-boys cooking food!!

Luv u loads♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥



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  1. The episode is very nice and too good but whom twinkle talking and hearing their talk kunj shattered…. Plsss post soon…do cnt..
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    Finally you came hmmm get well soon unfold the mystery quickly do continue bye

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    Awesome episode
    N take care
    Pleas asap

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    Loved it My Aishwariya is back 🙂 Love you:) Post soon 🙂 I guess that someone is Twinkle’s brother is someone 🙂 Love you 🙂

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    Finally u r back…..I loved this episd…plz update nxt soon…n ya do take care of urself…get well soon

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    Loved it?????lovely
    Hope confusion gets cleared soon
    Post next soon

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    Good episode keep posting

  8. Nice and lovely epi….plzzz post nxt asap…

  9. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god aswariya amazing 😀
    loved it sooo much aww…..pity kunj vaiseee…who was d caller
    love u lods cant w8♥♥♥loved it♥♥ 😀

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