An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 11)


An unconditional love Virika and Twinj

Guys I think you didn’t like this track!! Coz the comments are dropped.. So I’ll end this track soon and then there will be a happy story without a villan!!!

Episode starts with Jeevika Shouting Virenji!!! The girls leaves from there.. Viren comes to Jeevika and and tries to explain the things.. Jeevika slaps him hard and leaves there crying…
Viren gets stunned looking at her reaction..
Here Kyra and Mahi go and file a case against Viren for molestation..
Jeevika leaves the party and starts to run on the road disgusted.. She recalls all the moments spend with Viren.. And cries bitterly…
A car was approaching from back and horns but she is lost in herself.. Suddenly someone pushes her hard and she falls down and gets hurt.. She stands up and sees many people had gathered there.. She goes and sees Viren bleeding badly she gets shocked to see him there in that condition.. She goes to him and takes his head in her lap and tells someone to call Ambulance.. Ambulance reaches there and they go to hospital… Twinj also comes there.. Viren is taken in stretcher .. He is in half conscious..
V:Je.v.I..k…aa tu…tum mu..mugh…mughe samjh…. rhi ho.. Ye sab pla….n tha… Us …
He gets unconscious
Doctors take him to operation theater..
Police comes to hospital and says that Viren has been charge against a Fir for molestation.. He is under arrest..
Jeevika cries bitterly… She says this all happen because of me.. I should not have doubted Virenji.. I am so stupid… Twinkle consoles her
K:Bhabhi I think bhai was trying to tell that someone has trapped them.. But who could it be???
T:Kyra… How can we forget that girl. She has done soo much to separate us..
K:Twinkle you are right… But how can we get proof against her??
K:I have an idea.. He tells the plan (which is muted)
Twinj leave
Doctor comes and tells Jeevika that we need A- blood as he has lost lost of blood.. Jeevika says My blood group is A- please take it.. Doctor says But what relation do you have with the patient ?? Jeevika Says I am his Wife. Mrs Jeevika Sarna.. Doctor says okay MRS Sarna fill all the forms and then will take 2 bottles if blood. She nods
Doctor injects the blood to Viren’s body..
Viren gains consciousness..
He sees Jeevika seating next to him and smiles looking at her… Just then Jeevika opens her eyes and sees Viren conscious ..
V:I am sorry Jeevika…
J:its not your fault Virenji.. I over reacted.. And this has happened because of me…
They both hug each other…
Just then Twinj enter and says Ahem!! Ahem..
Virika composes themselves..
J:Virenji (she tells what Police said)
V:Trust me .. I haven’t done anything
T:Jiju I know you cannot do anything like this ever..
K:that is why bhai we have brought proof .. Which can prove you innocent..

Fb shown
Twinj reach college
They go to the control room and search for the CCTV footage.. They see Kyra and Mahi making plan to separate them and Makes Viren trap in their plan..
They take out the footage and hand it over to the police.. Police arrests Mahi and Kyra.. Fb ends..
Viren thanks Twinj…
Just then Jeevika feels dizzy and about to fall but she manages some how.. Kunj calls the doctor..
D:this is because Mrs Sarna has given 2 bottles of blood to her husband and has not eaten anything… Pls make her eat… And Mr Viren you are very lucky to have a wife like Jeevika..
He leaves..
Twinj and Viren are shocked to hear that..
T:When did you marry Jiju???
J:it was a to save virenji..
Viren gets discharged and they all leave..

2 weeks later….
Virika marriage gets Fixed and there is a family picnic and lots of Teinj and Virika moments…

Guys I know today’s episode was bit to boring but surely next episode will be full of fun masti comedy and especially Romance…
Guys do comment

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. Wow avantika it’s just so superb!!!

    1. Sry i meant aarti

      1. Thanks sanam!!

  2. It’s not at all boring dear it amazing…….

    1. Thank you Sanu!!

  3. its not at all boring a nice episode luv u

    1. Love you to❤❤ thanks..

  4. It’s an amazing ff don’t end it ??

    1. Lolly I am not ending my ff!! Dear!! Btw thanks..

  5. Wow dear arthi it’s superb can’t explain to u how much am glad thankx a lot for not a villian in your a story am so much happy thankx and u want to add villian after some 25 episode ok dear and one more request yar plz daily update…… Give a daily one update.

    1. Thanks Aarush.!! I’ll try updating daily!!

    1. Thank you sooo much aarti!!

  6. Wowww Aarti urr ff’s amazing!????!!! Plzz dnt end itt plzz …..???????

    1. Sunaina!!! I am not ending the ff. The the track is ended… Don’t worry dear!!and thank you..

  7. Yar plzzzz don’t end it….. I just luv ur ff…… Plzzzz…….

    1. Thanks yukku!! I’ll surely try to update daily!!

  8. 2days episode wasn’t boring….. It was amazing…… I’m happy ki d problem got solved b/w Virika…….. Plzzzz try to update regularly…….

  9. Aarti i loved it yaar!!!

    1. Thanks physco…

  10. Muskan{News reporter}

    Arey dont end it dearplz love ur ff.

    1. Thank you so much Muskan!!

  11. jus amazing..

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  12. awesome episode aarti

    1. Thank you so much Panchi…

  13. Ohh sorry guys the Name got changed by mistake!! Its AARTI!! SORRY

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