An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 1)

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Vadhera house:
The scene starts with a beautiful girl is getting ready to go to college she is none other than jeevika and a cute girl sleeping she is none other than twinkle.

J:Twinkle get up be ready today you have to come for admission in my college!!

T:Di let me sleep 2 mins more…

J:okay then don’t tell me that you got late bcoz I didn’t wake you up!!

T: okay Di bye..

Jeevika thinks that what kind of sister I have got… She gets an idea and spills water on twinkle’s face… And laughs!! Twinkle gets angry and starts to run behind jeevika .. They run all around the room and fight with each other..
Leela enters and sees this .. She says when will this bachpana (childishness) go from you both.. Twinkle says Maa jeevika Di spilt water on my face to wake me up… Jeevika says Maa she was not waking up and was getting late for admissions in college.. They both fight again…
Leela says okay now font fight and get ready for the college.. They nod and hugs leela…

Sarna house:
Two handsom boys are shown getting ready for college they are Viren and Kunj. Viren says I am sure you will get admission in my college then will go together. It will be fun.. Kunj says yes bhai..
K: bhai should I Ask you a question?? Sach sach batana..
V: ha kunj puchona..
K:Do you like Jeevika Vadhera??
V:how do you know??
K:chotta bhai hu me aapka.. Sab pta chal jata hai muhje..
V:yes Kunj I don’t like her but Love her..
K:ohhh so when are you going to propose her??
V:on valentines day…
K:bhai its nice idea but don’t you think you should take her on a date and then propose..
V:kunj you are one step forward than me …. I like your idea!!..
Suddenly a voice comes … Viren , kunj puttar breakfast s ready come down.. Its Usha
V:Kunj will talk about this later and don’t tell this to anyone..
Kunj nodes. They both go down for breakfast..

Vadhera Mansion:
Rt and leela are having breakfast Jeevika and Twinkle come and greet them.. They hurriedly eat one slice of bread and have a glass of juice and runs to go to college. Leela ask them to eat properly . Twinkle says Maa we are already very late.. Will have it afterwards. Jeevika says because of you Twinkle we are late now come fast.. They go..

Sarna Mansion
Viren and Kunj eat breakfast and leave for college..

In college
Viren tells Kunj to wait here. He will just come.. Kunj says where is he going?? He tells he is going to take rose for Jeevika as it is rose day today.. He smiles… Just then Jeevika enters with Twinkle and kunj is Mesmerized seeing Twinkle he is speechless and keeps staring at Twinkle !! Twinkle notices him and says how cheap is he.. Jeevika comes to Kunj and says hi Kunj .. How are you?? He says I m fine Bhabhi.. He suddenly realizes what is said and corrects him self and tells Di.. Jeevika Blushes and Twinkle notices this.. She asks Jeevika who is he and how does she knows him??
She says he is Kunj Sarna, Viren Sarna’s small brother… Kunj says hi twinkle she doesn’t reply and leaves from there.. Jeevika says to kunj don’t mind she is like this only from Childhood!! He smiles..
Twinkle thinks this means that Jeevika Di loves Viren Sarna.. Oh my god and There is so much difference between both the brothers .. See Viren Bhaiya is so innocent and respect girls and see that Khadus Kunj sarna completely opposite from his big brother!! Huh….

Viren sits on his knees and gives Jeevika a rose !! Virika have a cute moment…..

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  5. make sure not to twist your serial or story. dont let yuvraj come your way. please confess your love for each other and not only once but time to time make love to each other since you are husband and wife thank you

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