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Hello guys…!!
this is my first ff so i just want you to give your views or your suggestions whether it is in favour or against…i accept it happily…
I want to tell u i am a very big twinj fan… so my story is also about twinj but at starting i m focusing it on twiraj butt twinj scenes are also there…. ok that’s it….. at last i just want to say….plzz read it guys nd comment also…

##episode 1starts

A very big house is shown…. name Taneja mension….
In the kitchen a lady (who is none other than leela) is shown… she is cooking something n says…’hayo rbba kya hoga is kudi(ldki) ka 10 bj rhe h or ye abhi bhi so rhi hogi’
N she calls twinkle… ‘uth gyi yaa me upr aau’ (you are awake or should i come up)
A beautiful girl is shown in her bed sleeping peacefully suddenly she hears her mom’s voice n immediately wakes up….. n says ‘no twinki….. how can u be so careless’
She stands up from her bed nd gets ready (she is doing all her work fast because she is already very late for something)
She is running downstairs…. n immediately goes to her dad (who is rt) n say … m really veryy sry dad plz forgive me… i know ystrdy i told you that… i’ll do all the preparations n arrangements but…m late ‘

Rt- don’t worry twinkle mene guests ki list n all sb ready kr diya h bs decorations… vo tu dekh lena… ab teri mom ghr k bahr jayegi to hi kuch kr skte h na… afterall this is her surprise birthday party ..

Twinkle ~ ohk dad aap mom ko bahr leke jaiye i’ll handle everything before 6 pm..

Rt nods n goes

Twinkle calls chinki nd they went to buy the material for decorations n completed there decorations before 6 pm
Party starts everyone wishes leela…

Twinkle is wearing blue colour party wear sleveless evening gown n looking very hot n beautiful (as always)

In party
Sarna family enters (they are also rich n a very repudated family)
Usha,manohar,bebe… wishes Leela a very happy birthday n leela rplys to them..
Leela~ are ushaji kunj puttar kha h…
Usha~ leelaji aap to jaanti h vo aaj hi london se aaya h.. rest krna h use..lekin usne kha h uska mn hua to vo aa jayega… vese bhi ghar to pass m hi h….

Just then luthras come..
Anita nd uv wishes her nd leela thanks them

Anita~ thanks to hume bolna chahiye aapko… kl hi hum is colony me shift hue h or aapne hume apna smjh kr party me bulaya…. (anita is a single mother, a very stylish women.. who enjoy’s life with his husbands money which comes from his business her husband is died n nd she appointed a manager who runs her business…. in short she does nothing only.. parties, clubing, gossiping)

Leela smiles as she says apna smjh kr bulaya…as every1 knws anita very well… she is very sweet in her talks…

Uv sees twinkle nd lost in her beauty… he comes near her nd started flirting with her ( as uv is a vry big flirter but short temper also )
Uv~ hi dear…. i must say i nvr seen such a beautiful girl like u… i mean u r really a beauty Queen

Twinkle tries to ignore uv but uv continues…

Uv ~ we are in same college.. if u knw that… (twinkle eye uv) we nvr talked n honestly i didn’t notice ur beauty…
Twinkle widened her eyes
Uv notices what he just says… n changes the topic… he says ‘so will u be my….’
Twinkle~ my ???
Uv~ friend.. he laughs n says c’mon i am the famous guy of our college… ldkiya mrti h mujhpe…
Twinkle~ ohh to deo change kro apna…
Uv~ deo??
Twinkle~ yupzz bcoz u smell very bad…. nd she smirks at him nd goes to find chinki…

Anita sees all this nd thinks smthng..
Just than our handsome hunk.. our hotness ki dukaan.. our sid that is our kunj comes in the party… he is wearing black suit nd looking extremelyy hott… he is finding his family members in the party.. as he doesn’t knw any1 in the party…he is coming from london today only after 10 years…
Just then twinkle sees chinki from far… she is about to go to her but stops in middle… bcoz leela calls her… she turns to see… nd the kunj who is searching his family…. thinks to call his mom bcoz he doesn’t find her…. so he also stops in middle…
both twinkle nd kunj behind each other… facing their back to each other… butttt both does’nt knw that…. just than they both turns at the same time nd bang into each other…. but twinkle looses balance nd is about to fall when kunj holds her…
Everything… suddenly happens… they both does’nt understand anything… just dn there eyes meets nd they lost into each others eyes…
Kunj thinks ~
How beautiful she is… such an innocent face nd her eyes…. i just don’t want to take off my eyes from her…OMG what is wrong with me… i don’t even knw this girl… nd….. may be she is not sidhi-sadhi or may be she is a dhmaka girl (drama queen)… aareee kunj tu pagl ho jayega kya kya soch rha h…

Twinkle thinks ~
Who is he… i don’t knw him….but twinkle he is soo handsome yrr….gf to hogi iski… may be nhi bhi ho… aaree what are u thinking twinki… tu iski arms me h… vo bhi party me… vo bhi sbke saame… vo bhi… oh god kitna vo bhi… get up….
Nd she gets up both composes themselves… nd twinkle goes to chinki… nd because of that scene everyone present in party sees twinj…so usha also nd she goes to kunj….
Leela thinks something…
In the whole party twinj sees each other many times… they share an intense eyelock everytime but at the end they gives i don’t care look to each other… everytime
After some time party ends nd all the guest including luthras nd Sarnas goes their home…

Precape :- leela talks to rt about smthing… nd twinkle nd kunj thnk about each other… uv nd twinkle’s friendshp…

##episode 1 ends##

Plz tell me guys how’s this…. or i continue this or not… post your comments…

Credit to: Shona...

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  1. nice..please continue..

    1. Thankx.. tara

  2. Hi..this is an nice fan fiction but I think it little same as tei.so u can change a little.but it was nice to read ur ff.

    1. Thankx Gowri.. actually i love twinj first meeting in d show.. so i started lyk dis only…

  3. Good going, plz continue

    1. Thankx.. anushka

  4. Shona good start…continue plz asap

    1. Yup.. dreamer i’ll post nxt Epi soon btw thankx…

  5. listen shona i jst want to tell uh that u r going on the right path n keep walking u r a lill far bt soon u will reach there m wid uh btw nice name shona heheh

    1. Thankx much Krystal… btw Shona is not my real name ?

  6. Nyc start …… pls continue …..

    1. Thanku… panchi

  7. Hii shona wc dear n start is amazing do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thanku… zikra i’ll post next soon

  8. very interesting ?????
    keep it up
    continue soon

    1. Thankx.. srija ?☺

  9. Nyc episode plz continue…

  10. Nice shona..I must say its a nice name and let me tell u that its my nick name by which all my family members and frnds call me…u r going good plz continue…

    1. Hy shreya.. some of my family members were also call me by this name so i used this 1… this is not my real name.. btw thankx

  11. Hey shona. Nice one. Continue. I’m waiting to read it further. Good luck

  12. It was really nice.. please continue soon.

    1. Yup… thankx Ria

  13. It’s really good! You should continue to write! Nice work 🙂

  14. nice ff baby but plezz more force on twinj plezz btw its awsome

    1. Finally u read… btw tysm Urvashi

    2. Yupz i will more focus on twinj…

  15. N8ce and pls continue

  16. Hey shona the episode was perfect…n plzzz twinj n only twinj…don’t want twinkle to love UV…plzzz but the episode was osum??

    1. Thanku… shatakshi n i’ll make sure twinkle will not love uv… atlest in my ff?

  17. nice start… do cont

  18. Please write in English that’s my only request

    1. Yaa… Tracy but some things sounds much better in hindi… but as u sy… i’ll write more english nd less hindi in it…i hope it’s ok..

  19. nice…u should continue..

  20. Nice start Shona 🙂

  21. Heyy u shud continue loved ur first epi 🙂 but i no very little Hindi so if u don’t mind just one one worda in English sry if i hurt u ….

    1. Yus i’ll surely continue… n don’t sy sorry… it’s ok.. u r suggesting me only… n thanku… i’ll write it in english more…

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