unconditional love~ twinj episode 34


Hlewwwww guys….

M back wd another update hope u lyk it….

Episode starts

It’s midnight…. a girl is shown standing on railing of terrace…. her eyes is all red nd wet due to tears nd pain…. she is having a picture of a young handsome guy on her hands…. she looks at d pic….

Girl: why u did diz wd me…. why u ditched me…. why u left me alone…. why…. (she screams) why u left me whn i need u d most…. it’s better i’ll die…. (puts her hand on her belly) our baby will die…. u’ll get peace after dat…. (she is 5 months pregnant)

She is about to jump…. whn voice of another girl came from behind “no mahi…. plz stop” mahi turns….

Mahi(in a warning tone): stay away namita i’ll jump otherwise….

Namita runs to her nd before mahi could understand she pulls her…. nd slaps….

Namita(in her language): kitni baar smjhaya tere ko…. kisi or ki glti ki sja khud ko or apne bachche ko kyu dena…. hmesha mere ko dr lga rhta h ek pal k liye tere ko akela chod diya to tu pta nhi khud k sath kya krlegi…. khud k bare me nhi to apne bachche k bare me to soch…. jo abhi is duniya me aaya bhi nhi h…. (how many tyms i’ll make u understand dat y to punish urself nd ur baby for sm1s deed…. everytym i m afraid for u…. i think dat if u did smthng wrong to urself dn…. if not about u dn plz think about ur baby who is not even seen diz world)

Mahi: glti yuvraaj ki nhi h…. saari glti meri h…. ki mene uspe trust kia…. ek frod se mene pyar kia…. mene uske liye apni family… friends.. college.. studies… sb chod diya or usne kya kia…. usne mujhe hi chod diya…. apne bachee ko chod diya…. me kis muh se ghr vaps jaou…. ek baar ghr se bhag kr unko hurt kr chuki hu ab phr vaps jaakr or nhi krna chahti…. jisse mene pyar kiya usne meri kdr nhi ki to tum sb kyu kr rhe ho…. mr jaane do mujhe me yha nhi rhna chahti…. mt roko mujhe…. mr jaane do…. (it’s not yuvraaj’s mistake all mistake is mine…. dat i trust him i fall in love wd dat frod…. i leave my friends family college studies everything only for him nd wht he did he leave me he leave his child…. from which face i’ll go home now i already hurt my parents by running from my home now i don’t want to hurt them more by returning back…. uv doesn’t care about me dn y u all r taking care of me let me die i don’t want to live hear don’t stop me plz)

Namita: ohh great jo kuch kia tune kia or us yuvraaj luthra ne kia or sja is nanhi si jaan ko de rhi h…. tere ko lgta h ye sb thik h…. agar suicide krna hi ek aakhri rasta h to phr thik h…. (ohh great whtever happen…. u nd dat yuvraaj luthra did nd in return u r punishing ur baby…. u think it is right…. if suicide is d only option dn…. okay)

(saying diz she pushes mahi towards railing mahi tries to balances herself but fall on terrace itself…. she stands up immediately nd starts yelling)

Mahi: r u out of ur mind…. if something would have happened to my…. (holding her stomach…. she stops remembering wht she is saying)

Namita: exactly…. if smthng would happened to ur baby dn…. u think if u commit suicide only u’ll die nd ur baby will not….

Mahi breaksdown nd starts crying “wht should i do dn… i myself ruin my life…. m already dead for my family…. i wanna go to them my maa papa sister…. i miss them namita…. i want to go amritsar” she cries hard while namita consoles her….

Nxt scene (@ palace)

Twinkle is sleeping in her room…. some1 is shown entering from window…. he is going near twinkle whn by mistake he bangs with a table nd a show piece falls…. twinkle wakesup wd noise nd immediately ons d lights…. she is shocked to see yuvraaj standing nd smirking in front of her….

T(yelling): you…. wht r u doing here…. get out of my room…. i’ll scream otherwise kunj’s room is near…. it’s better for u to leave silently without creating any issue….

Uv comes near her nd holds her hands behind her back which give her pain….

Uv(in an angry tone): scream…. scream as much loud u can…. let’s see kunj comes or not…. (loudly) scream damit….

T(at d peak of her voice): kunjjjjjjj…. maaaaa…. help me…. smbdy help me…. kunjjjjjjjj…..

5 min passed but no1 comes…. twinkle doesn’t understand anything she feels helpless as she knws it’s all uv’s plan….

Uv(tightens his grip more): wht happen…. my poor baby…. no one comes to save u…. not even ur kunj…. his room is near naa dn too he didn’t came….

T(tries hard to free herself): it’s all ur plan yuvraaj…. wht u did to my kunj…. i’ll kill u… if smthng would happen to him…. i won’t leave u….

Before she could say anything uv jerks her away wd force which made her fall on floor nd her head got hit wd bed’s corner…. she cries sitting der only….

Uv: u r right my love…. it’s all my plan… i’ll tell u y ur kunj is not coming…. u remember dat man i mean me who gives milk to every1 hours ago….

Twinkle thinks…. she remembers


All r sitting in hall…. elders r discussing on anita’s suicide topic…. twinkle nd chinki also…. nd kunj tells sameer(kunj’s childhood friend cum bro) about uv nd anita…. when a man(uv in marwadi/rajasthani getup) comes wd almond milk….

Leela: who sent u….
Manohar: i told him to bring milk for every1….

Man(uv) gives milk in glass to every1 nd leaves smirking…. kunj is sitting in btwn twinkle nd sameer…. sameer drinks milk in one go….

Kunj: easy bro take breath atleast….

Twinkle does d same…. kunj looks at her weirdly…. dn sees her moustache….

Kunj: both of u…. wipe ur moustache…. (he start laughing)

Twinkle nd sameer gives angry look to kunj….while kunj wipes her milk moustache with his hands by cupping her face nd leans down to kiss her or just pretending to irritate her as they both knws every1 is der in hall…. twinkle gets scared nd pushes him…. sameer starts to laugh nd kunj also nd gives HiFi to eo…. twinkle feels awkward as she knws kunj is doing it purposely….

Twinkle(irritatingly): der is nothing to laugh….

Sameer stops laughing seeing her face…. nd signs kunj to stop but he is laughing hard….

Twinkle: stop laughing kunj….

Sameer: exactly….. (saying diz he snatches d glass from kunj’s hand before he even taste it…. sameer pours half in twinkle’s glass nd he drinks half)

Everything happens soooo sudden dat before kunj react sameer drinks his half nd twinkle is about to drink but kunj tries to take d glass from her hand…. she takes her hand behind her back…. he still tries hard….

Twinkle(acts to laugh): ha ha ha ha…. hehehe….

Kunj: shut up….

Chinki is sitting near twinkle she takes d glass from her hand nd drank…. kunj twinkle sameer looks at her shockingly….

Kunj: ha ha ha ha…. hehehehe…. teri friend ne tujhe dhoka de diya twinkle….

Twinkle(rolls her eyes): whtevr….

Flashback ends

Uv: i mix sleeping pills in all glasses of milk except ur glass…. now u’ll think y not in ur glass…. so let me tell u i don’t want u to sleep tonight dat too alone…. i came now…. now we will sleep together…..

Twinkle POV
Kunj doesn’t drink dat milk dn also he is not coming…. does he hear my voice or not…. yuvraaj is a psycho…. he will do anything babaji plz save me…. plz save my respect….
She standsup from d floor nd runs towards d door…. but uv holds her hand tightly….

T(shouts): kunjjjjjj….. kunjjjjj…. help me…..

Screen shifts to nxt room dat is kunj’s room he is shown sitting on d bed wearing his headphones…. he is listening music in full volume…. so he is unable to hear twinkle’s voice…. again in twinkle’s room…. uv holds her tightly from back like he is back hugging her…. she bits his hand hard nd runs…. uv shouts….

Uv: twinkle stop….

She turns nd sees uv is pointing gun towards her…. she gets scared…. she begs him to leave her…. he laughs evilly….

T(crying): wht u want uv…. u give soo much pain but i stay quit thinking smwhere it’s my fault also…. i shouldn’t have lie to u…. my mom shouldn’t have insult ur mother…. but it’s high tym now…. u r not understanding…. i thought u’ll bcame good one day…. u’ll turn to positive…. but u prove me again wrong…. u knw wht whn i hear about ur mom…. i really feel sad for u…. but it seems u don’t care about whtevr happen wd her…. u…

Uv: enough… twinkle…. i don’t want to kill u…. i came here for my mom only…. i don’t love u but i don’t want diz marriage to be happen….


Yuvraaj follows chinki nd reaches jaipur but dn receives a call…. he gets shocked nd again goes amritsar…. he goes to his home nd opens d gate of anita’s room nd find her dead…. he goes near her nd sees rat (kill poison) in her hands nd a letter beside…. he starts to read….


M sorry yuvraaj…. for leaving u alone…. but i have to do diz…. u knw yuvraaj whn i m in london for business meeting…. der i see ur father…. yes ur father…. i asked him y he didn’t come to us whn he is alive…. he said he purposely leave us nd don’t want to come….. he said he love some1 else…. nd showed me d pic…. it’s usha kunj’s mother…. i tried to convince him saying dat she is already married nd i blackmailed him also saying if he didn’t come dn i’ll file a case against him…. he tried to kill me nd i protected myself…. in all diz i take a knife nd killed him…. i immediately ran from der nd came India…. dn i came to knw dat london police is searching me…. officers reaches amritsar nd if they find me dn they will beat me or kill me…. it’s better i’ll kill myself…. but promise me yuvraaj u’ll take revenge from sarnas….. i knw u will…. make usha’s life hell…. make der children’s life hell yuvraaj…. nd marry twinkle she is my 1st choice for u…. make her my DIL…. it’s my last wish yuvraaj…. i knw my son will fulfill it….

Lots of love to u

Letter nd flashback ends

Twinkle reads d letter nd starts to cry…. while uv smirks….

Uv: now i will marry u to take revenge from dat sarna family….

##episode ends##

Hey my darlos…. how r u all…. missed me…. well mene to sbko bohut miss kia…. but i was busy also in my clg assignments coaching nd i also take classes so ws busy wd my students…. first thought to leave tu nd my ffs in middle as i think no1 is interested in diz coz comments r getting low day by day nd i hardly get d tym to write…. so i thought y to waste tym in writing ffs…. i still think dat but as baby msgd me she is missing my ffs so i thought to give n update nd ask u all dat u want me to continue diz ff or not…. der r many ffs nd each nd every ff has spcl place in not only mine heart but every1s heart so if my ff is also having a spcl place in ur heart dn i’ll continue it…. thankx for ur love nd support which u give me till now…. i seriously wanna knw u lyk my ff or not…. u want me to continue it or not…. don’t find it rude plz bcoz i knw m very bad in expressing my feelings as they r…. shollyyy if i hurt sm1…. u knw i love all my sisoos…. keep loving me…. love u all…. ???

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    U don’t have an idea how much I was missing u…. I was missing the way I call u but u thought to left ur ff in between…. R u serious?? ????…..

    U won’t believe but still I will say to let u know what u mean for me… Yesterday I was writing my first ff ” I Can’t Stop Loving U” …. nd in that I mentioned names of ppl whom I’m missing from TU…. Their were Zikro ; Bhavoo ; Lama nd among them ur name was also their…. I know u must be thinking that I’m telling all this to make u happy but at the end I know it is true…
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