Hi guys..This is Saanvi..This is for Swasan fans who are not reading my ff because it is having Swalak as pair 😛 Just kidding..but decided to write a one shot only for you guys as everyone want their favorite pair story..It is really long OS but Please enjoy SWASAN love here 

Sanskar Maheshwari is a successful businessman who is having everything except his love..
Swara Maheshwari is a kind yet strict doctor by profession..for everyone she is a happy woman but something is troubling her deep inside..
Other characters include:
Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari-Parents of Sanskar who are modern…
Shekar Gadodia and Janki Gadodia- Parents of Swara
Laksh Maheshwari and Ragini Maheshwari -Brother and sister-in law of Sanskar..

Coming to the Story:
The story takes place in Hyderabad. Swara enters and looks at a patient and says emergency case..Arrange for the operation soon..The patient relatives get worried but the nurse assures them saying Dr.Swara is an expert..She doesn’t have a failure case..

In Delhi:
Sanskar is giving a presentation and everyone seem to be impressed by his lecture..Yes he is not in office but is in a college..
Everyone clap for him and he gives a fake smile..
While returning to his car..He is blocked by a girl..Sir selfiee please..
He clicks a picture with her..Another girl standing there comes and proposes him for marriage..
Sanskar says he is already married..The girl says I have checked your profile and I am following you since 2years..I know that you aren’t happy in that relation..
Sanskar smiles a little and says lies are believed easily but truth is hard to digest..
The girl says I know you are a rich businessman and handsome too..but believe me I love you for your character..
Sanskar shows a picture of him and Swara which (he kept as phone wallpaper) and says she is my wife and I love her so much..May be the world doesn’t know this fact but it is true..
Someone there says his wife can’t give him children but still he says he loves her..
He is about to leave but listens to this and goes to that person..
Love is all about giving..Expecting something in return is business..Hope you understand the difference between them..Have a great day..Bye..

Back in Hyderabad
Swara comes out and says operation is successful..Patient’s relatives thank her and say God should bless you with all the happiness in this world.. She gives a fake smile and leaves from there..
Swara then goes to the locker room and checks her mobile..She notices 20missed calls from Sanskar..
She gets worried and immediately calls him..
Swara: Why did you call me so many times?
Sanskar: To listen to your voice..
Swara: (gets sad) Okay..I will return in evening flight..

Swara’s POV:
How can a person love so unconditionally?? I am unfit for you Sanskar..I will leave your life as soon as I find someone who can become a perfect lifepartner to you…

In Delhi:
In Maheshwari Mansion:
Swara reaches home late only to find Sanskar sleeping on the dining table..
Swara wakes him up and says: Sanskar why are you sleeping here?
Sanskar: I was waiting for you..
Swara: Why?
Sanskar: For dinner..We always have dinner together right..
Swara: It is 11pm and you didn’t eat anything..Why do you do such stupidities Sanskar..
She yells so loud that Laksh and Ragini come out..
Laksh: What happened?
Swara: Laksh tell your bhai to eat..I had my dinner in flight..
Sanskar: I am not hungry and leaves from there sadly..
Swara too leaves from there with pain in her eyes..
Ragini says: She is a doctor by profession and is kind to everyone who greets her…but doesn’t even treat her husband as a human being..
You know what Laksh..She isn’t worth his love!!
Laksh: Don’t even dare to repeat those words Ragini..No one can love bhai more than Swara bhabhi..
Ragini: Laksh haven’t you observed she never treats Bhaiya as a human being also..and you are speaking about her love?
Laksh: You only saw what she is trying to show us..but the fact is Sanskar bhai is her world..for him she can give her life too..
Ragini: I don’t get it..
Laksh: To understand her you must be knowing something..
Flashback starts and Laksh is narrating this to Ragini:
Sanskar and Swara are childhood friends..Although Swara chose Science field and Sanskar chose Engineering..They always stayed in touch..For Swara no one holds more importance in her life except Sanskar..not even her parents..Same with Sanskar..
Later we shifted to USA..Since I and bhaiya got job there..With time they realized that their feelings were more than friendship..Distance increased in miles between them but their hearts became closer..
Their love was hot topic among their mutual friends..Later Swara came to USA for her post graduation..Everyone were so happy and even bhai convinced her to stay in our home..Although they were allotted different rooms but I used to find Bhai in Swara’s room only(he laughs recalling it)..Swara and Sanskar were such a romantic couple..when they were together I haven’t noticed a inch gap between them..
You know Ragini one day bhai got mild fever..Swara cried so much as if bhai got some serious disease..Mom and dad smiled at her childishness..
Next day we went to Sanskar only to see if he recovered..but we came to know Swara took care of him the whole night without sleeping..
I teased Swara saying doctors are so weak these days..I still remember Swara’s reply..
Laksh as a doctor I treat patients without feeling their emotion..but here Sanskar is not a patient to me..He is my life..I would die if anything will happen to him..On that day I saw Swara’s love for Sanskar..both in her eyes and actions..
Swara completed her post graduation in science..We all came back to India..We established our business here only as Swara was only kid to their parents and we didn’t want to distance her from her family..
After a year our parents and her parents fixed their wedding..
Swara and bhai were on top of the world..No one could stop them from being one but and at their wedding..
Laksh couldn’t continue tears were flowing through his eyes..
Ragini curiously asked what happened? Laksh please tell me..
Laksh composed himself and continued..
Swara collapsed on her wedding day..Everyone rushed to hospital..
Doctor informed us that there was some clot in her uterus and they have to operate it to save Swara..
Doctor asked for No objection letter from her husband..
Everyone were in a shock but doctor explained that Swara can never become mother after this operation..So they need a consent from her husband..
Sanskar immediately signed the papers and Swara was operated..
Later Swara came to know about this and she decided to leave Bhai..
Ragini: What? After this any husband will leave his wife for her incapability..but why bhabhi wanted divorce?
Laksh: Sanskar bhai love kids..Swara and bhai decided names for their children too..but bhabhi was guilty for not able to give him that happiness..She wanted to move out of his life so that he can remarry and..
Laksh takes a deep breath and continues: Sanskar didn’t agree infact he warned Swara if she does any such foolish thing of leaving him..he would end his life…
Ragini: So Swara bhabhi is staying with him but is behaving like this so that Bhaiya will hate her and will apply for divorce himself..
Laksh: Yes..But bhai is fighting for his love..
Ragini: I am sorry Laksh..I misunderstood bhabhi..
Laksh: It’s ok Ragini..Our marriage happened just a couple of weeks ago..how would you know about this..
Ragini: Why can’t they adopt a baby and live a happy life?
Laksh: They tried..They adopted a baby girl but one day someone came up and pleaded Swara for her baby saying she lost her husband and her only hope to live is her daughter..
Sanskar scolded her so much and asked her to leave but Swara asked her to come after 2days..
Ragini: Did they return the baby?
Laksh: Yes..In those 2days Swara enquired about the lady and confirmed whether she is related to the baby or not..It was proven that the baby is hers..So Swara returned the baby after completing all formalities..
Ragini was crying and said: She went through so much and is still strong..
Laksh: She is completely broken inside from that day..We are seeing a different Swara from that day..
Listen to me..behave as if you know nothing about this..Swara hates sympathy..
Ragini: I know she is considering her husband’s love also as sympathy..but Laksh we have to do something..
Their conversation is muted..

Next day:
Kavitha enters Maheshwari Mansion..{Kavitha is a mutual friend of Swara and Sanskar}
Slowly Kavitha became close to Sanskar..This was not going well with Swara..She almost died of jealousy daily but decided to get Kavitha and Sanskar married..She blackmailed Sanskar to marry kavitha otherwise she will end her life..
Sanskar agreed for Swara’s life but clearly stated kavitha that he will not divorce Swara..
Kavitha tells something but this conversation is also muted..
On their engagement day Sanskar acts like he is kissing Kavitha..Swara breaks down and bursts into tears..
Sanskar comes towards Swara but she decides to act before him…
Swara: I am so happy for you Sanskar..
Sanskar: I have seen you crying Swara..Atleast don’t lie to yourself..
Swara was silent..
Sanskar: You couldn’t bear me kissing someone other than you but have decided to share your position with kavitha..Do you even understand what all you have to see in future?
Will you able to bear the pain when I will give wifey rights to her?
Swara was unable to answer..She was crying more and more listening to his questions..
He cupped her face and said..You may bear it also, thinking about me having kids family and happiness but it is impossible for me Swara.. I cannot even think of any other lady other than you..How can you expect me to have kids with her..
Swara: Sanskar..I am sorry…I thought..
Sanskar: (angrily) what you thought..You will become mahaan by doing this..
Now even Sanskar couldn’t control and broke into tears..
Swara Swara..Life is not about having kids..It is about love and how two people share life together for lifetime..
Swara: But after few years all these don’t matter Sanskar.. You cannot bear society’s taunts..
Sanskar: I really don’t care about society..You know na I never cared about people in past too..Why will I react to their words in future..and yes I am not childless..I have a cute daughter..My Swara..My loving baby..
Swara: But love will not be one day..People will stay together for the sake of kids..(innocent expression)
Sanskar: My love will be enough for lifetime and we have been sharing life since childhood..We have been together for 20 years…can’t we share it for another 30 years..
Swara hugs Sanskar and they share a love filled hug for quite a long time..
Swara: Only 30 years ah(pouts)
Sanskar: (smiles and teasingly says)who knows you may find someone interesting than me..
Swara hits him on his chest with fist and says noways..For lifetime I will be with you..
They share a passionate liplock..
Swara wipes her tears and goes to kavitha and apologises..
Kavitha: Don’t be sorry Swara..It was only acting..
Swara (shocked): What?
Laksh: yes bhabhi..It was all Ragini’s plan to unite you and bhai..(smiles)
Swara thanks Ragini and says I always wanted a younger sister but mom dad couldn’t fulfil my wish..Seems like god listened to my prayers and gifted me a sister in form of you..
They hug and cry..
Ragini says we are SWARAGINI from now..Always united like our name..
After a year:
RagLak are blessed with twins..(two boys-Aditya and Avinash)
After 20years:
At a college function:
Aditya is giving a speech..I am a college topper today but my success credits go to Swaragini..
Wondering who it is??..Let me tell you-Swara maa is my Yashoda maa and Ragini maa is my Devaki maa..Together they are Swaragini..
Everyone clap for Aditya while Swara and Sanskar have tears in their eyes..{Ofcourse they are happy tears}
Avinash says I didn’t score 90% but I passed right..No one is praising me..(pouts childishly)
Swara laughs and says Aww..Mera bacha..We are so proud of you..
Avinash is still angry at them..
Sanskar: Shall we have a party?
Both Aditya and Avinash say papa we love you..and the trio hug..
{Kids call SwaSan maa papa and Raglak as mom dad..}
Swara considers both of them as her own sons and Ragini is never affected by the fact that her kids are more close to Swara..
Swara doesn’t have kids..but is leading a happy life with Sanskar..
Sanskar love didn’t decrease even by 0.05%..Infact he is loving her more now..
A happy family with SwaSan and Raglak and their two children..

Phew! Finished! It took me 5 days to write this One Shot. Can u all imagine? 5 days! I first thought to show some medical miracle where Swara could have her own kids or Ragini being surrogate mother for SwaSan’s child..But again I felt this isn’t Ekta kapoor’s serial for such twists and turns 😛
So I let it be Saanvi’s creative front 😉 Do comment if you liked it 😀

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  1. This OS story is awesome. I haven’t read any of ur works (previous os n ff) until now but will definitely make sure to read it when I get time.Keep writing ur fantastic works/words.
    ay blessed.

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot shiksha 😀 That’s so nice of you that you are interested in reading my work 🙂

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  4. Good one with heart touching emotions!☺

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much akka 😀

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