Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 9)


here is 9th part.

Swara shouts and Sanskar wakes up horrified.
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: (walks to him in anger and grabs his collar) you stupid moron! What are you doing here?
Sanskar: I was sleeping. But what happened to you? Why are you looking terrified?
Swara: why are you sleeping on floor? Can’t you sleep on bed? You scared me. If something would have happened to me then I will never forgive you.
Sanskar: how would you punish me if something happened to you but why did you come out?
Swara: I was feeling thirsty.
Sanskar: oh! So my princess was feeling thirsty, huh?
Swara: shut you blo*dy idiot! (goes and bangs the door and sits. She thinks why was he sleeping on the floor. She thinks to inquire in morning. She sleeps and wakes up early in morning. She opens the door of dressing room and looks for Sanskar. She sees him sleeping on the floor) he again slept on the floor? I must wake him up (wakes him up. He goes to washroom. When he comes, she questions him) why do you sleep on the floor?

Sanskar: why do you sleep in dressing room?
Swara: because I am helpless and I can’t do anything about it. But you tell me. I know you are not helpless, then what is the matter?
Sanskar: I know there is no bed or couch in dressing room. You also sleep on floor. And when you are sleeping on the floor, then how could I sleep on bed peacefully.
Swara: you are crazy. I never talk to you nicely but you are sleeping on floor because I am also sleeping on floor? If I was in your place, then I would have hated you.
Sanskar: I can never hate you even if I wish to! This is because whenever we love someone, we can never hate that person even if he does anything. I can never hate you even if you take my life. My heart is not under my control, it loves you to death and can never develop any other feelings except love for you.

Swara: (teary eyes but hides it) I could not understand you man, seriously! Anyways, I am feeling hungry (goes from there followed by Sanskar. They reach downstairs where AP is waiting for them. She smiles seeing them)
AP: I was waiting for you because I have a surprise for you both. You will get very happy.
Swara: (looking at Sanskar) what surprise mom?
AP: I have got honey moon tickets for you both. You will go to Paris for one week and then fly to London. Go and enjoy.
Swara: (shocked) what? (thinks) now what is this new problem with her?
Sanskar: (understand her uneasiness) mom! Let it be. We are not going anywhere for honeymoon. We will remain here only. (Swara looks at him in disbelief)

AP: (shows fake anger) shut up! I want my daughter to see the world and enjoy. If you will not go now, then when? Now don’t argue with me. You both are going today itself. Your flight is 11 o’clock at night. Do your packing. If you need help, then call me.
Swara: but mom! I don’t….
AP: (cuts) no arguments. Now concentrate on your breakfast. (they start doing their breakfast. Swara is very angry.)
Swara: I am not feeling hungry. (goes upstairs and bangs the door)
AP: what happened to her? (DP comes)
Sanskar: (angry face) I will go and ask her.
AP: come DP! Have breakfast. (serves him. Sanskar comes to room. Swara looks at him in disgust.)
Swara: (sarcastic smile) oh Mr. Maheshwari! Go and have your breakfast. After all, you succeeded in your plans.

Sanskar: what plans?
Swara: I know you only would have told mom about foreign tour.
Sanskar: you always think of me like this and that is the reason you always misunderstand me. Believe me it was also a surprise for me. I didn’t know about it.
Swara: (confused) so you are trying to say that it is not your plan. Right?
Sanskar: yeah!
Swara: ok! For the first time. I think that I should trust your words. Now go to office! (goes to washroom and he gets out of the room. He has a painful expression on his face.)
Sanskar: I know that I can’t have your love but at least I got your trust. Thanks Swara!

AP sees him going and inquires.
AP: hey! Where are you going?
Sanskar: office.
AP: what? Are you crazy?
Sanskar: why?
AP: go to your room and do your packing and other arrangements. I give you a long holiday from office.
Sanskar: what? (thinks) now how will I bear her rude behaviour.
AP: oh hello! Where are you lost. Now change your path and go in reverse direction. (he goes in the room.)

Sanskar enters the room and sits on bed. He goes to dressing room and starts picking his dresses. He opens the attaché case and places all of his dresses in it. Swara comes and sees him sitting.
Swara: hey you freak! What are you doing here?
Sanskar: (thinks I can’t see hatred in her eyes and answers without turning) packing.
Swara: now go and tell your mother that we are not going anywhere. She has strange temptations. (jerks her head) hey you! (turns him towards her and keeps her hand on his chest) I am talking to you. Go!

Sanskar: all the arrangements are done. (goes towards the dressing room followed by Swara. He pulls her dresses and she scolds him.)
Swara: don’t you dare touch my things! Else I will spoil all your work.
Sanskar: cool down. Here are my things. I am just taking these (shows ties) we both live in this room so my things will also be found in it.
Swara: (shouts) I am not going with you.
Sanskar: Swara! Please think with calm mind. We cannot refuse else they will get suspicious about us.

And you don’t think that I will be in front of you for 24 hours. When we will go there, you will go where you want. Just keep your phone on so that I could contact you when needed. You will be free to go anywhere. Ok?
Swara: no, I will not go.
Sanskar: don’t think it as honey moon trip. Consider it a general tour. Please! (looks at her expecting her to agree.)
Swara: (looks at him thinking) ok! I will go.
Sanskar: (smiles) thank you Swara! Thank you so very much.
Swara: no need of over acting! Now get a side because I don’t want to see your silly face all the time. Get out. (points to the door)

Sanskar: do your packing and keep all accessories with you. Ok?
Swara: enough of your lectures. Now go (pushes him and he goes. He gets teary eyed and thinks)
Sanskar: (to himself) I know we both will be with each other but still far away. When will this punishment end? I only want one moment when she talks to me nicely. I want her to smile when I come in front of her. (she is doing her packing and brings her bag. She keeps things in it.)
Sanskar: do you need any help?

Swara: did I asked this when you were doing your packing? Now! Don’t you dare touch my things.
Sanskar: I know you don’t care for me but I care for you. I was just asking t…
Swara: (cuts) enough of your acting. I don’t need your help in anything. Ok?
Sanskar: (turns to hide his tears and closes his eyes) yeah! I know. (goes from there. At night, both DP and AP come to drop them till airport. AP and DP hug Samehna. AP tells Swara that she will miss her. Sanskar hugs AP but does not talk to DP. He goes and Swara runs behind him.)
Swara: oh mister fast! Walk slowly. Do I look like participant in Marathon race to you?
Sanskar: sorry! (goes and sits in waiting lounge. When their flight is announced, they go and sit. Swara is feeling pain in her head. She is feeling dizzy. Sanskar notices her weak and inquires) are you fine? What happened?

Swara: I could not tolerate in closed places. My head is paining.
Sanskar: don’t worry. It is the matter of only five hours. Everything will be fine.
Swara: how could anything be fine when you are with me. How much I have to bear you. This all is due to your mother’s silly wish. It is better if you don’t show her fake castles of your happiness with me.
Sanskar: relax! Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. (suddenly plane starts shaking and she is terrified. She holds his hands tightly and buries her head in his chest. He tries to calm her but she does not leave him. He smiles and hugs her and closes his eyes. He thinks) I know it is for very short time but it gives peace to me. By hugging you, I feel that whole world is in my hands. (all become normal and she looks at him)
Swara: (terrified) what was it?
Sanskar: you were terrified?
Swara: (frightened) yeah! (looks at him) no! not at all.
Sanskar: (smiles) you haven’t travelled in planes till now.
Swara: no!
Sanskar: hmm… that is why you were terrified but let me tell you. It is normal when planes take off.
Swara: really!
Sanskar: really and now you should rest. (calls air hostess and asks for juice. She brings it and he makes her drink juice.) now feeling better?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: (smiles) and now you can leave me.

Swara: (realises that she is still hugging him and releases from hug.) sorry!
Sanskar: close your eyes and rest. You will be fine. Think of something else. The people whom you love. (she thinks of her family and smiles. He sees her smiling and thinks) how calm and beautiful you look while smiling. I wish time stops here and I keep looking at you like this forever. (He sees a tear escaping from her eye and keeps his hand below her eyes and tear falls on his finger. He thinks that I am the reason for all the sadness in your life. I am sorry) Swara! Swara!
Swara: yeah! (opens her eyes) what happened?
Sanskar: were you crying?
Swara: no, not at all.
Sanskar: really? Then what is this? (shows his finger which held her tear) hey! If you don’t want to tell, I will not force you but whenever you feel that you are alone, you can share with me. I will never let you alone.
Swara: will you hear to my silly talks?
Sanskar: if I can hear your taunts, then why I can’t hear your silly talks? (smiles)
Swara: (thinks)my daily taunts did not affect him. What is he made of? I never talked to him nicely but he has not talked to me in high voice even once. Why does not he hate me?
Sanskar: because I love you and it is impossible for me to hate you. You can do anything but I can’t do anything except loving you.

Swara: you rascal! How did you know what am I thinking? Now stop your witty talks!
Sanskar: when a person loves someone, he does not need words to understand. I can understand what your soul is saying.
Swara: how silly! I want to rest.
Sanskar: ok! (she sleeps and he keeps looking at her. When flight lands, he wakes her up.) Swara! Swara! Wake up, we reached Paris! See.
Swara: (opens her eyes and sees below window. She smiles seeing beautiful scenery and gets mesmerized) beautiful!
Sanskar: (smiles and thinks) not more than you. I am so happy that for the first time, you talked to me nicely. (to her) now we will land.
Swara: (smile on her face fades and she looks at him) just stay away from me. Don’t try to talk to me. (looks away)
Sanskar: (disappointed) sorry!

Swara: and don’t forget that we are together for a short time.
Sanskar: yeah! (they come out and head towards the hotel. She is shocked to see such a luxurious hotel. She looks at him open mouthed)
Swara: it will be very expensive.
Sanskar: I often come here for business meetings. It is the topmost hotel of Paris and its services are really marvellous. I came here because you were not feeling good. I want you to be comfortable. Are you fine?
Swara: yeah! I am fine and I don’t need all this. Ok?
Sanskar: I know, now come. (They both come to reception and receptionist hands over keys to him. They come to their portion and she is confused)
Swara: why is there no one?
Sanskar: because I bought whole portion.
Swara: what? (folds her hands and stands in front of him.) why?
Sanskar: so that no one could disturb you.
Swara: don’t show fake concern. (both walk into the room.) I would not live in one room with you. (sanskar is shocked)

Hah! It was a bit longer. So guys, how was it? I hope you all like it. I wrote more SwaSan moments because some of you were complaining. I hope their complains are compensated. But guys try to understand if I unite them soon, my ff would end in 10 chapters but I want to make it longer. And moreover, it would feel like a real life story. No one develops feeling for any one so fast. Ok guys, see you soon!

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