Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 8)


hey friends, here is eighth part.
They both come downstairs.
AP: good morning my son! Oh my princess (hugs Swara)
Swara: good morning mom!
AP: come, have this. I made this especially for you both. (serves cape chino)
Swara: wow! (surprised) my favourite. But how did you know?
AP: (laughs) your hubby told me. It is also his favourite.
Swara: (looks at him irritated) what?
AP: if you will act like this, whole breakfast will get cold. Now eat! (all start eating. When they finish their breakfast, DP comes)

DP: good morning every one! (every one answers except Sanskar.)
Sanskar: (ignores DP) mom! I am going to office because I am getting late.
AP: ok bye! (to Swara) see him off.
Swara: (irritated) yeah! (goes with him) hey you! Who asked you to tell my favourites to mom? And by the way, how did you came to know about this?
Sanskar: (smiles) your favourite people told me.
Swara: you mean my family? What the hell! (rolls her eyes)
Sanskar: ok bye!
Swara: (glares at him angrily) bye! I wish you never come again.
Sanskar: sorry but this is my house and I will come here every day after my office. Anyways, I did this to make your mood better.
Swara: if someone else would have done it, my mood would be very good but seeing your face, my blood starts boiling. (turns to go and Sanskar looks on teary eyed. At 11 o’clock, AP comes to her.)
AP: Swara! Lunch time is near.
Swara: don’t worry mom, you give order to chef.

AP: (smiles) no, you will order and that too after calling Sanskar. Ask him what does he wants to eat. Ok?
Swara: ok! (she goes and Swara throws pillows in anger.) now I will have to order for him also. Is ghar mein sab ki yadasht ghas charne gayi hai kiya ke wo bhul gaye hain ke unkey sanskar ko kya pasand hai. What nonsense! He is living here since childhood and she does not know his likes and dislikes. Strange people! (takes phone and calls him. He is sitting in his cabin when he sees no. on screen and gets happy.)
Sanskar: so my princess remembered me?
Swara: shut up you freak! Tell me what do you want to eat in lunch?
Sanskar: (shocked) what?
Swara: your ears have also stopped working along with your mind?
Sanskar: I can’t understand! Why are you asking me this?

Swara: because your irritating mother told me to ask you.
Sanskar: prepare something of your choice, I would like to have it.
Swara: what? You are impossible. (keeps phone in anger and murmurs) he always tries to be a Romeo. I will set his brains right. You just wait and watch Mr. Maheshwari! (smirks and goes. She orders her favourite dish and sleeps. Sanskar comes and sees her sleeping. He goes near her and keeps looking at her. He changes his dress. He thinks to wake her up and calls her.)
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Wake up. It is time for dinner.
Swara: (rubs her eyes) why did you interrupt me in sleep. How many times I have to tell you that don’t talk to me.
Sanskar: if you will not eat anything, then how will you retain your health?
Swara: don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself!
Sanskar: ok! Now come. (Leaves her way and she goes ahead. When she is bringing food from kitchen, she hits upon an idea. She mixes chillies in his dish and smiles. She thinks now I will see how will you sit peacefully after having this. I know it is against humanity but I have to this to make him hate me. I will irritate him so much that he himself will pray to get rid of me. She goes and serves all. She gives plate to Sanskar) wow! For the first time, you are serving me happily!
Swara: my happiness will get double when you will have this.
Sanskar: great! Let me check. (tastes and feels spicy. He looks at her in shock but then composes himself) wow! What a great taste. I love it. Thank you Swara!
Swara: (shocked) what? (thinks) how did plate got changed. I myself mixed chillies. It is impossible)

Sanskar: (looks on amused) what happened Swara? Any problem?
Swara: (tries to smile) no, not at all.
Sanskar: then come and sit. After all you ordered all your favourites.
Swara: yeah. (sits and eats. She thinks why is he reacting opposite. He eats full plate and she looks on open mouthed. He finishes his dish and gets up)
Sanskar: thanks once again Swara. It was really wonderful. I have never had any dish like this ever. Seriously!
AP: look Swara! He liked your choice. Thank you for caring for my son this much.
Swara: (still thinking of Sohan. She gets angry and thinks) caring of him? My foot. (to AP) I am not feeling hungry. (goes upstairs and bangs the door. Sanskar is sitting with some files in his hand) you really liked it?
Sanskar: (smiles and gets up. He goes near her) yeah! I really liked it. It was spicy but I can eat anything given by you even if you serve poison!

Swara: what? (angry tone) you are flirting with me?
Sanskar: (thinks and smiles) actually, yeah! (swara fumes in anger)
Swara: (blood red face) shut up! nobody could eat that dish after I added chillies powder to it. How could you.
Sanskar: leave it, you will never understand. Concentrate on your other plans to irritate me. (smiles and hits on her head) silly girl! You could never understand me.
Swara: (hits on his head forcefully) how dare you hit me, you rouge! You called me silly? Do I look duffer to you? I will show you what I am.
Sanskar: oh great, so you accept that you are (counts on fingers) silly, duffer etc etc but I am telling you, along with all this, you are very stubborn also. (she gets angry and he looks on amused)

Swara: you just wait and watch.
Sanskar: I would like to see.
Swara: you idiot, duffer, monkey, donkey! I will kill you. You bastard, you silly irritating man.
Sanskar: (smiles) so along with being silly, you are very ill mannered also!
Swara: (shouts in anger) don’t give me lecture about manners. I know how well-mannered are you! (goes from there in anger and Sanskar looks on teary eyed. At night, she enters room and sees him sitting on couch. She goes towards dressing room but is stopped by Sanskar.) this is your very bad habbit of stopping my way.
Sanskar: sleeping in dressing room is also a very bad habit. Dressing room is not for sleeping. What would you like to say about it?
Swara: (irked) leave my way!
Sanskar: this is not my answer.

Swara: just shut up. (pushes him and locks the door. He goes and sleeps on floor. Next morning, they have their breakfast and she sees him off. At night, they both are in their room when Sanskar interrupts her.)
Sanskar: Swara!
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: I was passing by a market; I saw a dress. It was very beautiful. I imagined you in that dress. You were looking very pretty in that dress.
Swara: I don’t care and why are you telling all this rubbish to me.
Sanskar: I know that you don’t like my gifts but I bought it for you.
Swara: what?

Sanskar: yeah! Have a look. (she takes it and opens. It is a beautiful green and cream colour gown. She throws it in front of him)
Swara: you asked me to have a look at it and I have seen it. But as you know I hate you and your gifts, so please take it.
Sanskar: it is yours now. I do not accept returned gifts.

Swara: (rolls her eyes) psycho! (throws the box in drawer of side table because she knows he would repeat the same thing again.) and now never buy any gifts for me. I am for very short time in your life.
Sanskar: but till you are with me, I could express my feelings. I have given you full authority to express your feeling for me, then why I can’t?
Swara: whatever! (goes towards the dressing room.)
Sanskar: why can’t you sleep here on the bed?

Swara: I don’t like to repeat things. I only want peace of mind and I cannot get it while you are here. At least, I could live peacefully for some time! (bangs the door and he sleeps on the floor. At night, she comes out feeling thirsty. It is dark and she cannot see anything. While walking, she hits someone and shouts in fear. She talks stammering) sss… sanskar! (shouts) Sanskar! Get up. There is someone in our room. Sanskar! You idiot get up. Hey you monkey, can’t you hear? Have you become deaf also? I think there is a theif.
Sanskar: (sleepish tone) let me sleep.
Swara: why your voice is coming near from me? Where are you? Please get up. (afraid tone) Someone is present in our room.

Sanskar: no one is here.
Swara: would you get up or I will beat you. You stupid man! (goes and presses the button. She shouts and Sanskar wakes up horrified.)
So what do you guys think what will happen next?

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  2. Tamanna

    Awesome…. And thanks for giving two episodes….

  3. Nice. Clear the mu between swasan fast . Poor sanskar.

  4. Sammykapoor

    nice….bring a new character (a girl) as childhood best friend of sanskar….then swara feels ncomfortable with their bonding as now sanskar spend most time with that girl ignoring swara…..( only if u like this idea u can implement it)

    1. yeah sammy you’re right…actually i’m also thinking about the same.

  5. Nice gift Sanskar…
    thnk u Sam..

  6. Soujanya


  7. Awesome yaar

  8. Nce……..loved it!!!!
    Post next part soon coz can’t wait at all
    N I think sanskr should meet with N accident becz swara also said that I hope u never return back or their should bee entry of any girl that makes Swara jealous…….otherwise it’s upto u N urgent story is awesome

  9. Mica

    waaa…. Saaamm!!!1 love it to the core! frustrated Swara !the calm Sanskar ! omg…
    update soon please.. please ty

  10. It’s awesome dear

  11. Deeksha

    Nice dear.. Continue soon

  12. mou(swasan lover)

    awesome yr

  13. Hey plz upload next part soon and plz upload long parts
    Awesome dear

  14. Plz dnt make entry of any other girl same hota h har ff m. Sankar itna lov kare ki swara ha khe bina rah na paye.

    1. Samehna

      thanks to all for suggestions but my main concentration is to make it like a real life story. As the title of my ff is unconditional love, so I will also show it in my further story. I am very grateful to you all.

  15. nice.. kya swara ko dp ke bare pata nahi chala bechara sanskar

  16. Maryam

    Great dear…really feeling bad for sanskar…

  17. Nice

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  19. Rabia

    awesome 🙂 for both epis

  20. SNY

    Amazing dr….
    Plz nxt one soonn!!!

  21. Arshaanya

    Uurrggghhh Swara is srsly ill mannerd using so many bad words for sanky… m not liking her…i knw dp was wrong in forcing her to marry him bt d way shez bhvng is too much… feeling so bad for sanky..

  22. Heltej

    Nice story! Can i ask u one question… Who is sohan? “still thinking of Sohan”?… I think i missed one episode… That’s why i can’t understand!
    I wana how swara gonna start loving sanskar! 🙂

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    Awesome …. and wow sanky ate chilli … wow…. loved that scene the most ….

  25. amazing yaar

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