Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 7)

Hey guys, here is seventh part.
Swara takes Ragini with her and Sanskar gets sad. They reach Swasan room.
Swara: so here is my room.
Ragini: di! Your room? Your habit of dominating others will never change. That is the room of you both people, so say our room.
Swara: (glares at her angrily) ragu! Mama papa will come in some time, you enjoy the party. (she leads her to the room. Ragini is shocked to see such a big house.)
Ragini: your room is very large. Now you are the only queen of this land! Wow yaar! He loves you so much! I want my life partner to be like him.
Swara: (irritated) stop talking about him. You have come here for short time, so talk about other things. Tell me how did your day passed without me?
Ragini: oh, I was very happy that I got full room and got rid of you… (sees her jewellery and touches it. She screams with joy) very pretty! From where did you got it? Is it diamond?
Swara: (smiles) yeah!

Ragini: (shouts) really? It is diamond jewellery? Wow! How lucky you are my di! I can’t believe it. It is so beautiful.
Swara: ragu! If you like it then keep it! (starts taking off her earing when Ragini holds her hand)
Ragini: it looks good only with you. I cannot take it. My jiju gave you this with much love. It is only meant for you. And where is Laksh? Usne kia salmani topi pehn rakhi ha jo ek dam ghayab ho jaata hai?
Swara: (smiles) actually, his exams were near so he went back to Canada just after our marriage ceremony.
Ragini: what? Idiot! Once he completes his medical, I will set his brains right. I am his bestie and he does not bother to tell me about his schedule? Duffer! Any ways, tell me about your wedding night in detail.

Swara: (shocked) what? (remembers Sanskar’s crying face when she told him the truth about their marriage. She smiles) It was very good. It was the best day of my life. You know what I am so happy. Every time, I see him, my soul is in peace. I am enjoying his company.
Ragini: wow! My sister got changed in one day. Good progress, I thought that first you will scold him, then beat him and then get him out of the room but you fell for him. I knew it, he is so good that nobody could hate him.
Swara: (in her mind) I am not that dumb to fall for him. I cannot tell anything to you now but when the right time comes, I will tell you everything! (to Ragini) oh shut up Ragu! Don’t poke nose into my matters, ok?
Ragini: oho di! How stubborn. I am your sister yaar.
Swara: now come, mama would be waiting for you.
Ragini: ok as you say, how could I resist?

Swara: good! Come (takes her down stairs. They cannot see mama papa and Ragini drags her to Sanskar.)
ragini: you know what Sanskar jiju, she is very stubborn. She did not tell me about after marriage time. So unromantic. Anyways, your house is very nice. I like it. And the best thing is that you are also very nice.
Sanskar: (serious face and looks at Swara) may be some day, someone would get to know how nice I am. (swara glares at him angrily and gives him ‘I will kill you’ look.) Let it be, how are you feeling?
Ragini: party is very nice; I am enjoying very much!
Sanskar: that’s good. Be comfortable here and feel at home. In case if you need anything, ask me without hesitation.
Ragini: (laughing) yeah!

Sanskar: why are you laughing?
Ragini: (trying to control her laugh) tell me the truth. My sister would have warned you. (mimics) my family is coming, they should not have any problem if they feel any problem, you can’t imagine what would I do with you. (points finger at him showing fake anger and laughs again. Sanskar looks at swara amused.) she always does like this. But if you face any problems regarding my sister, you can consult me. I will set her brains right!
Sanskar: (laughs) I will never have any problem with her. I love her the way she is. She does not need to change for me.
Ragini: (to Swara) see how much he loves you. (She feels irritated. AP comes and smile fades on Sanskar’s face.)
DP: oh my son! I am feeling very happy. After a long time, finally your happiness is back.
Sanskar: (recalls Swara telling him that he forced her and gets angry) my happiness is not back.
DP: what?
Sanskar: (to Swara) Swara, I am not feeling well, I am going to room. You come after seeing off your family. (to DP) nothing dad! (goes upstairs leaving DP confused. Swara thinks what happened to him suddenly? He goes and sits on bed and cries. He recalls his wedding night and drops of tears fall down her eyes) why dad why? I never wanted to ruin her life and you did the same. Why didn’t I died before seeing Swara’s hatred towards me? Now how will I return her life back to her? (holds his head and looks down) I hate you dad! I hate you. I will never forgive you. After sometime, Swara comes after seeing off her family. Sanskar is sitting on bed. He stands seeing her.)
Sanskar: thank you!
Swara: (unpins her hairs and stands in front of dressing table. She replies without turning to him) I am very tired and feeling sleepy and by the way why are you thanking me. As far as I remember I have done nothing good for you.
Sanskar: it is your thought. Thank you for not letting mom and Mr. DurgaPrasad know about our relationship.

Swara: (taking off her jewellery) if this is so, I should also thank you. (turns to him and holds his hands. He is shocked and happy. Just when he is about to hold her, she keeps jewellery in his hand and smiles) I don’t need all this. You can return it or give it to some other girl.
Sanskar: (looks at his hands and keeps jewellery at dressing table. He comes closer to her and she moves back until she hits dressing table. He keeps his hands around her blocking her way) how many times I will have to tell this to you that it is yours now. I don’t care if you accept it or not but this is my first gift for you. And secondly, I know only four women in my life. First my mom, second you, third your sister and fourth your mother. I had never talked to any other girl so I have no choice to give it to someone else. You hate me right, then why are you showing hatred towards these things. What would you get, tell me?

Swara: (takes the jewellery angrily and goes to pick the box. She comes to him and places all the jewellery in box and throws it in drawer. She smiles sarcastically) I did not show anger on these things, now happy? (turns to go when he holds her wrist. She shouts) is this your habit to clutch my wrist always. I am not a child.
Sanskar: (smiles) yeah, I agree! But I wanted to request you that please come and sleep on bed. I will sleep on couch. You are not comfortable in dressing room. You slept on floor.
Swara: (open mouthed) do you spy on me?
Sanskar: I don’t need to spy on you. I am living in this room since my childhood and I know that there is nothing in dressing room except cupboard. And I am sure that you cannot sleep in cupboard. So…

Swara: whatever! (Sohan holds her)
Sanskar: would you not accept my request?
Swara: no because I cannot sleep in one room with a stranger.
Sanskar: and strangers don’t behave like this. I know my pains and sufferings don’t matter to you but your pains do matter to me a lot.
Swara: (shouts in anger) again these cheesy lines. Don’t try to fool me Sanskar Maheshwari! I am not as dumb as you think of me.
Sanskar: (asks her politely)till when will you bear all these hardships?
Swara: till the end of world. (goes and bangs the door. He sits there clueless what to do. He also sleeps on floor. In the morning, He gets up early as usual and knocks at the door.)
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Open the door. It is 9 of morning. open the door. (She opens the door and he is shocked. Her hairs are spread over her face and she is dressed in night suit) Swara! What is all this?

Swara: (confused) what?
Sanskar: your get up! Go and change fast. You are looking like some ugly duckling.
Swara: oh hello mister. Don’t you dare talk to me like this. I am not your servant that I have to obey your orders. I will do what is in my heart. Now will you leave my way.
Sanskar: oh yeah (gets a side and she goes stamping her feet. Sanskar laughs seeing her anger and thinks that you were looking very beautiful with those long hairs. After some time, she comes out and sees Sanskar sitting on bed.)
Swara: you? What are you doing here?
Sanskar: I was waiting for you.
Swara: (shocked and angry) why? It is not my duty to leave you till your office. Understand?
Sanskar: mom would be waiting for both of us. Come, (holds her hand and comes out. She jerks his hand)

Swara: mister! Don’t try to touch me (both reach downstairs and greet AP.)

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