Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 6)

Chapter 6:
Hi guys! Here is the sixth part!
Sanskar asks her to keep this secret and she agrees. He leaves for office and she comes back inside. AP starts talking with her and DP also leaves for office.
AP: Swara! Thanks for accepting my son. You have not only filled his life with happiness but also ours. We would have lost our son if you had not accepted him.
Swara: no aunty! (thinks) I have filled his life with sorrows. I will see how he lives happily till I am here. I will enjoy seeing his crying face. (to AP) it will be my pleasure to live with him. (Smiles)
AP: aunty? Now I am your mom.
Swara: (smiles) ok mom!
AP: you are a very good girl. Always remain like this.
Swara: you don’t need to say this.
AP: (teary eyes and hugs her) my son is very lucky to have you.
Swara: (rolls her eyes and thinks) time will tell (to AP) no aunty, I am very lucky.
AP: (releases from hug) now, I have to do preparations for your reception and you will not come with me. You are bride. Take rest. Ok?
Swara: why?
AP: because it is our ritual that newlywed girls don’t work in their in laws home till first two months. You will only cook on third day.
Swara: (widened eyes) two months?
AP: I know you don’t have habit of this but trust me you will feel much better.
Swara: (thinks) it is good! (to AP) yeah!
AP: now go and rest! Your only daily work is to see off Sanskar. (Swara goes and she orders servants to decorate house. Sanskar is sitting in his cabin when DP comes. He faces away from him.)
DP: why you came to office? You should be at leave till a week at least!
Sanskar: and what would I do in house?
DP: you are married now and that too with the girl you love. Make a loving relationship with her.
Sanskar: loving relationship? (laughs sarcastically) relationships are developed from heart not by force.
DP: what do you mean?
Sanskar: nothing. (sees watch) you have to attend the meeting with sponsors!
DP: yeah! (goes from there and Sanskar looks at him with disgust)
Sanskar: (tears roll down his cheeks) I never thought that I would see hatred in those eyes where I want to see love. Nothing can make her fall in love with me. She hates me because of you dad! You are responsible for all this dad! I never thought that my own dad would give me biggest sorrow of my life. I will never forgive you for this. (stands up) never!
At night, Swara is getting ready for reception when Sanskar enters the room. Her smile fades seeing him and he notices it.
Sanskar: (thinks) I don’t want to be the reason for your sadness. (to Swara) you are looking gorgeous! The eyes of all people will not get off from you. (removes his coat and hangs it with stand) I got something for you!
Swara: (irritated) first thing stop buttering me because I don’t need you and your compliments because I am not blind. I have seen myself in the mirror and I know well how I am looking. And secondly I have no interest in you or anything that you brought for me. Understand. (points finger at him) don’t try to get closer to me. I understand all your tricks.
Sanskar: you always misunderstand me and this is your biggest problem. I don’t need any trick to come closer to you. You are my wife but the main difference is that you don’t want it and I will not force you. Although it is my right but I will not ask for my right even once. I will not give you any explanations because I know very well that you thoughts will never change. I am saying for the last time that I was not involved in this plan of dad. Leave it, at least see what I brought for you.
Swara: (takes gift box from him and opens. It is beautiful diamond jewellery. She looks at him angrily and closes the box) what do you think? That you could buy me with this costly jewellery. Sorry, you are wrong!
Sanskar: again misunderstanding…
Swara: let me remind you Mr. Maheshwari that this marriage is only for a few months. I will get rid of you as soon as possible. So, come out of your dream world. Don’t have any kind of expectations from me.
Sanskar: cost is not seen in the matter of gifts. The main thing that matters is feeling.
Swara: and that is lacking.
Sanskar: only from your side. I already told you.
Swara: again all your blo*dy rubbish…
Sanskar: (holds both her hands and pins her to the wall) I bought this gift for you. It is yours now. Do what you want but keep in mind that I bought this with love.
Swara: (shouts) leave me you moron.
Sanskar: (clutches her wrist more tightly) I will not force you. (leaves her and she runs to bed and sits)
Swara: you have no manners (rubs her hands) it is paining!
Sanskar: I am sorry! I did not want to hurt….
Swara: (cuts him) this sentence does not suit you. (goes from there and Sanskar hits his hand repeatedly for paining her)
Sanskar: why do I can’t control myself. (holds his head and sits. After some time, he goes out. Swara is talking with AP when Sanskar comes.)
AP: Ah my lucky son! Come and stand with your love. (Sanskar comes and stands beside Swara. She tries to avoid closeness.) oh Swara! Don’t be shy. Come. (lifts her hand and gives her hand to Sanskar. He observes her uneasiness.)
Sanskar: mom! If she is not comfortable don’t force her.
AP: she is not your neighbour’s wife that you are standing miles away from her. She is your wife. Come and hold her. (he holds her hand) oh Swara! Keep your hand on his shoulder. You should look like a couple.
Swara: (rolls her eyes and keeps her hand on his shoulder and whispers to him) you rouge! Don’t touch me.
Sanskar: I am just obeying mom, just as you are doing! (points to her hands on his shoulders)
Swara: whatever!
AP: your talks did not end even here. God bless you both!
After some time, AP comes.
AP: Sanskar! I am leaving you alone for some time, come with me Swara! I will freshen your make up.
Swara: (gives a sigh of relief and immediately leaves his hand and whispers to him) thank God! Mom came to my rescue else I would have fainted in your boring company.
Sanskar: (disappointed) I am happy for you. Do what you want and good luck.
Swara: come mom! (they both go to the room and she starts doing her fresh make up. She sees a gift box.)
AP: this gift? From whom?
Swara: (sarcastically) your romantic son.
AP: wow! He was never like that before. You know what? He has never gifted me anything. I must say you have completely changed him. Anyways, tell me have you seen what is in it?
Swara: see yourself!
AP: (goes and checks. She screams with joy) it is mesmerizing. Did you see it is diamond jewellery? (touches it) what a brilliant choice!
Swara: you like it?
AP: someone psycho would dislike it. It is so pretty!
Swara: ( widens her eyes on her comment and hands over box to her) then keep it with you. It is yours now!
AP: (shocked) thank you very much. You have a heart of gold but I can’t take it. He brought this for you with so much love. Tell me one thing!
Swara: yeah mom!
AP: why didn’t you wear this for reception?
Swara: why?
AP: silly girl! When will you wear this? Look, Sanskar would be very happy to see you in his gifted jewellery.
Swara: but it is very heavy. I can’t wear it. I will not be comfortable.
AP: oho, at least try it. You will look like a beautiful princess. (start taking off her jewellery. She makes her wear the gifted jewellery. Swara resists but she does not pay heed.) look, how beautiful are you looking! Now come with me, all work is done.
Swara: let me take off this jewellery!
AP: wear it. You are looking gorgeous! Now come. (drags her downstairs and she is irritated. Sanskar sees her and gets mesmerized. He sees her wearing the jewellery gifted by him and gets happy.) look my son! Your bride is ready!
Sanskar: (looking at Swara) beautiful, gorgeous, splendid…
AP: oh hello, credit goes to me. Ok, now enjoy performances. (to Swaraa) where are your guests, I mean your family.
Swara: (smiles) they will be coming. I already informed them.
AP: ok! (goes from there.)
Sanskar: (holds her hands) thank you so much accepting my gift!
Swara: (jerks his hand) you freak! Don’t think that I accepted your gift. I have just wear it and that too on the insistence of your respected mother.
Sanskar: thanks for respecting my mother’s wishes. Anyways, you are looking gorgeous…
Swara: shut your mouth else I will break it along with your teeth. Then you could spend your whole day in finding different parts of your mouth. I don’t need your comments. I am not blind and I have seen myself in the mirror.
Sanskar: (disappointed) why are you doing all this?
Swara: keep your fake tears with you because your drama is not going to affect me, ok? And listen… (sees her family and smiles. She runs to them and hugs her mother and father.) I missed you people so much! How are you all?
Ragini: we are fine but tell me about your condition.
Sanskar: (comes and stands beside her) she is also fine. How can she be in trouble while living with me?
Ragini: of course brother in-law! I know you will never let her get sad. We feel lucky to give our Swara to you.
Swara: (irritated) Ragu, come with me, I will show you my room. (takes her from there and Sanskar sadly watches her going. He tries to control his tears)
So guys, how was it and how do you think of swasan moments. Don’t you think Swara is very good and fast in answering?

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  1. Cutiie

    awesome…swara characternis new in this ff than others…

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    Great episode dear…but what are u saying there wasn’t any SWASAN MOMENT…there was only SWASAN FIGHT….
    plz dear stop this as soon as possible…n unite our Swasan

    1. Samehna

      I am doing this so that it looks like a real life story but if I unite them so soon then my ff would end and I want to make it a bit longer. and as the title of my story is unconditional love so I would also show it. anyways, thank you so much for liking my ff.

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