Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 5)


Hi guys! So here is the fifth part.

After two weeks:
All the marriage preparations are done. Sanskar is eagerly waiting for Swara to come. She comes dressed in beautiful dark green and red bridal attire. Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing her. She is looking like a beautiful fairy and Sanskar could not take off his eyes from her face. She is irritated by his looks. Laksh is sitting with Sanskar and Ragini is sitting with Swara. They both exchange looks and then Ragini does their gathbandhan. Laksh pats on sanskar’s shoulder. They both stand up and pheras are done. While taking pheras, she feels dizzy but Sanskar holds her.
Sanskar: (worried) are you fine?

Swara: yeah, I am fine. (keeps hand on her forehead)
Sanskar: (holds her hand tightly) don’t worry, I would be with you always. Come!(they complete remaining pheras and Pandit asks him to fill her mang. She closes her eyes and a drop of tear escapes. He notices it and keeps his hand before it could fall on ground.) these are very precious. Don’t let them go in this way. I know these are tears of happiness but still I can’t see your eyes teary. I promise I will never let any sorrow come near you. (Pandit asks him to make her wear mangalsutrah. He takes mangalsutrah from his pocket and makes her wear it.) I specially ordered this design because Ragini told me you like this design of jewellery. They both take blessings of elders and she hugs her mother and father and cries vigorously. They lead her to the car and Sanskar sits with her. Ragini is crying seeing Swara going. She looks at her and bids bye to her. Laksh comes to console her.

Laksh: (holds her shoulders) don’t worry, you can come and meet her anytime you want. Ok?
Ragini: (crying) I know and I will but just promise me that you would take care of her everytime.
Laksh: you don’t need to ask it. You are my best friend and I will take care of every relation related to you. But now I need to go. (cups her face) bye and take care and please don’t cry, I can’t see you crying. (goes from there and Ragini wipes her tears)
They reach Maheshwari mansion and get off the car. They are warmly welcomed. Swara comes inside teary eyed. She looks at Sanskar and thinks.
Swara: (in her mind) smile Sanskar baby smile! This is the last day of your happiness. After some time, your life would be converted to hell. You just wait and watch.
Sanskar: (sees her staring at him and gets nervous) ah Swara! I know that I am looking dashing. Don’t stare at me. You are looking gorgeous.

Swara: (smiles sarcastically and thinks) you are looking like monkey. Don’t flatter yourself. I promise till I am here, you will cry with blood tears. You are fond of celebrating your fake victory, so let this happiness retained for some time. (To Sanskar) I am feeling very tired.
AP: come Swara! I will show your room. Sanskar will come late.
Sanskar: yeah! (Winks at her)
AP leads her to Sanskar’s room. She sits there. Room is decorated beautifully. She gets angry seeing the decorations. She destroys all the decorations and breaks all the decoration pieces kept there. She destroys the bed sheet and sits on carpet crying. She stands up and looks at herself in mirror.

Swara: (recalls her conversation with DP when he had forced her to marry his son) look Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari, after some time, happiness of your son would end forever along with you. I will close this chapter tonight. Let him come. I will set your brains right. What do you think that you can win everything by force? Your son has married me but I don’t consider him as my husband. She throws her jewelry towards the door. Just then Sanskar enters the room and is shocked to see all room messed up. He looks at Swara in shock. Swara bursts into tears seeing him.
Swara: (cries vigorously. Sanskar comes to console her but she stops him with hand gestures.) Enough of your tricks Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! Not now!
Sanskar: (shocked) what happened Swara? Please stop crying. I cannot see you crying. What is all this? What did you do?

Swara: I did what I should have done a long ago.
Sanskar: did anybody say something to you?
Swara: (shouts) shut up you blo*dy moron! (Throws a vase towards him. He tries to resist but it falls on the side of his head and he starts bleeding but he is not aware because his full concentration is on Swara. He is hell shocked) I will kill you. You deserve hatred and only hatred.
Sanskar: calm down Swara!
Swara: don’t take my name from your blo*dy mouth.
Sanskar: (keeps hand on her shoulder) what happened?
Swara: (pushes him and stands up. He holds her hands and pins her to wall. She struggles to free herself) leave me, I said leave me you freak!
Sanskar: we are husband wife now!
Swara: I don’t consider you my husband and get one thing straight into your head that I am not your wife. (Leaves but Sanskar holds her)
Sanskar: would you please tell me what happened?
Swara: (smiles sarcastically) oh really? Now I will have to tell you what happened? Don’t act innocent! (Grabs his collar and shouts) you destroyed my life. I will never forgive you.
Sanskar: how could I destroy your life? (holds her hands on his collar) don’t you know how much I love you.
Swara: (jerks his hands) love? No, you don’t love me. It was just your lust. You forced me to marry you.
Sanskar: (teary eyes) I never forced you. You yourself told me that you are ready for marriage.
Swara: your dad forced me to accept you. He said that he will kill my family if I don’t accept you. You were behind it, right? Don’t try to fool me because I know it was your plan. Tell me one thing from heart and please don’t lie!
Sanskar: (tears roll down his cheeks) yeah!

Swara: you always said that you love me. You did very much hard work to get me even you married me. I am your wife now; you name is joined with my name. I am here in your room no matter my consent is involved or not. Have you got me? Tell me by keeping your hand on your heart.
Sanskar: you are misunderstanding me. I did not asked dad to force you. Swara tell me you are joking. Tell me! (cries) say something.
Swara: (curt face) you forced a girl to make marriage a joke. I am telling you. (Shouts) I am telling you that this all is not a joke and I refuse to accept you as my husband. You snatched my happiness. I will never forgive you. This marriage will retain till the people forget it. After that, I will go my way and you go your way.
Sanskar: please don’t do this to me. I will clear all your misunderstandings. Just give me one chance.

Swara: (crying) it is very late now. My revenge is over now. And this (removes bridal chunri and throws on him) I don’t need all this. Keep it with you. Wait, I will change. (Goes to dressing room and changes bridal dress. She opens the door and throws dress on him) let me clear one thing! I don’t love you. I never loved you. I hate you. I hate you from the core of my heart Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Did you hear? And all this does not matter for me. (goes inside the dressing room and bangs the door. Sanskar knocks at the door repeatedly. After sometime, she opens the door and stands in front of him.

Sanskar: (crying) Swara! Please try to understand (cups her face)
Swara: (jerks his hand away. He is shocked to find knife in her hand. She points knife towards him) don’t try to come closer to me else I will kill you. Or I will kill myself. (keeps knife on her wrist. Sanskar looks at her in shock. He is worried)
Sanskar: Swara! What are you doing? Are you crazy? Leave it. Ok, you want to kill me? Kill me, I would not resist but please don’t do anything to yourself.
Swara: you stay away from me
Sanskar: (shocked) Swara! Drop the knife

Swara: (shouts) first you say that you will not come near me.
Sanskar: I promise. Now leave that.
Swara: good! (drops the knife) you know what? People end themselves in love but I hate you so much that I can end myself in your hatred. I will burn this whole house if you come near me. You love my face. You were touching these bangles? She hurts her hands by breaking bangles with wall.
Sanskar: what are you doing Swara, stop it! (holds her by waist so tightly that she could not free herself. She feels weak due to blood loss and falls in his arms. He shouts) Swara! Swara! What are you doing? Please open your eyes. (she pushes him in semi-conscious state)
Swara: (weak voice) leave me, don’t touch me. Just stay away from me.
Sanskar: swara! See your condition. Come, (forcefully takes her to bed and does her bandages. He caresses her hairs) I am sorry Swara. You are going through this much pain just because of me. I can’t see you in this condition. (after some time, she gains consciousness and starts blaming him. She goes to dressing room.
Sanskar: now come out (leaves her way) and lay on bed. I will adjust somewhere.
Swara: don’t act concerned. You can sleep where you want. Go and enjoy on your bed. (bangs the door)
Sanskar: Swara! Come out. Your condition is not well. How would you survive in this small room. I promise I will never come near you. Swara! (does not get any response) What will I answer to family? Open the door. (tries to open the door but it is locked) I said I will stay away from you. Don’t you trust my words?

Swara: I don’t trust you.
Sanskar: (disappointed and sits on bed holding his head. After some time, he clears the room and sleeps. In the morning, he gets up early and knocks on door.) Swara! Get up. Family would be coming anytime. Get up fast and fresh up.
Swara: yeah! (gets up fast and opens the door.)
Sanskar: (smiles) good morning.
Swara: not for me at least. (sees the room all tidy and looks at him in shock. He follows her gaze and understands what she is thinking.)
Sanskar: I cleared all this at night itself. I thought that if someone comes, he or she might get suspicious so… now come, I want to talk with you.

Swara: (angry tone) all would be waiting for us in dining hall. We should go. (leaves from there. Sanskar feels disappointed and follows her. They both reach downstairs where all the family members are waiting. They greet them and sit. AP notices Sanskar lost)
AP: Sanskar! What happened? Are you fine? You are looking pale.
Sanskar: no mom! In fact, I am very happy. (smiles) I was thinking what should I have in my breakfast. I will have butter sandwich.
AP: oh! Swara! Pass it to Sanskar.
Swara: (looks at him angrily and passes the plate) have it Mr. Maheshwari. (DP comes and greets them.)

DP: sorry for being late.
AP: (smiles) no, they came a while ago.
DP: oh, how are you my children!
Sanskar: (stern face) fine! (looks at Swara and recalls her telling him that he threatened to kill her family if she does not marry him. He leaves his breakfast on table and goes to room. Swara is busy in eating.)
AP: Swara! Go and check what happened to him suddenly.
Swara: (gets angry and thinks) what the hell is this? What is his new move? I will have to serve him like a servant. (to AP) yeah, I will go and check. (gets up and goes. She reaches her room and enters like a storm and starts shouting on him) what do you think of yourself? Are you planning a new conspiracy to irritate me? I am not going to fall in your trap.
Sanskar: now what have I done?

Swara: why you went from dining table without completing your breakfast. Your mother wants me to inquire from you that what happened to you suddenly.
Sanskar: then go and tell her that I am in a hurry to go for office.
Swara: whatever! (goes and tells this to AP. She asks her to see him off till gate and she gets irritated. She thinks) what the hell! Now I will have to see him off. Someone said true that whenever you hate somebody from the core of your heart, everything in this universe tries to force it on you. (goes and sees him off) hey you Mr. Nobody! Tell your mother that I will not see off you every day, ok?
Sanskar: they don’t know about the previous night and don’t let them know by your actions. If you want to live in this house, you must follow as she says!
Swara: (widens her eyes) what? Are you blackmailing me?
Sanskar: (smiles with teary eyes) do you think about me like this? I am not blackmailing you. It is a humble request.
Swara: then keep your requests with you only. (turns to leave)

Sanskar: Swara! Please keep this secret to yourself.
Swara: (shouts without turning) ok!

Precap: Sanskar’s first gift to Swara. Swara and AP friendly relationship.

So guys, tell me how was it. I know it was very long and a bit emotional but no love story is complete without emotions.

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