Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 4)


So, the wait is over. Here is fourth part!

DP comes to Swara.
DP: give me your address. (Swara looks at him confused) we are coming to your house to talk to your parents for this alliance.
Swaraa: uncle! Please have some mercy! (Tears roll down her cheeks)
DP: I said give me your address. (Swara gives him address) good! We will come at night. You will ask your parents to accept our proposal.
Swara: (looks down) yeah!
DP: and please! Don’t behave as innocent girl who is forced to marry. Nobody should know. Compose yourself and be happy. (Touches her cheeks and goes)
Swara: (cries bitterly and falls on floor.) Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! I will show you that I am not weak. (Angry expression) you are very happy that you got your love. You could marry me but you will never get my love. You can be as happy as you wish but after wedding, I will show you your real place in my life. I swear I will make your life hell! It is my promise. (Ragini enters)
Ragini: di! Oh my love how was your duty?
Swara: actually Ragu! …

(AP enters and informs Swara that she should not prepare many things as they are coming to her home. She congratulates her of being part of Maheshwari family. Ragini is shocked and happy. Just as she goes, Ragini hugs her)

Ragini: oh di! I am so happy for you! You got a very nice family. They will keep you happy always.
Swara: (in her mind) I am marrying Sanskar for short time. Then, I would take divorce. I will show them that I am not a puppet at their hands. I will take my revenge. (Releases from hug) Ragu! You will tell mom dad about them ok?
Ragini: so my di is shy!
Swara: (thinks) I cannot spoil her happiness. I will not tell anyone about this deal.
Ragini: ok baba! I will tell. Any other order?
Swara: no.
Ragini: now you will have to take care of your to be husband.
Swara: (shouts) never. (Realizes what she said) you will take care of him. I will not go to him.
Ragini: Ah! I get it. You are trying to avoid it.
Swara: (rolls her eyes) whatever!

At night, both go to home and Ragini informs Shomi and Shekhar. They both get happy and start doing preparations. Swara is sitting in her room. She asks Shomi not to call her when they come. I accept this proposal. She lies down on bed. They come and ask for Swara. Shomi tells them that Swara is not feeling good but she informed that she has accepted this proposal. Sanskar tries to meet Swara but she locks the door and reminds him of her condition. He goes and she sits on bed crying. They ask to do their engagement tomorrow and Shomi and Shekhar agree. Ragini is very happy. After they go, she comes running and hugs Swara.
Ragini: oh God! I am so much happy for you. Ok tell me, what I should wear in your engagement party. (Laughs) you will have no problem because Sanskar jiju will bring your dress tomorrow. How caring he is. You know what? They said that they will keep engagement party in their house.
Swara: (thinks) I have no concern where all the rituals are performed. I am waiting for wedding day when my revenge would be completed. I want to see Sanskar’s crying face when he will get to know that I hate him. (To Ragini) you could wear this dress. (points to brown gown) it is my favorite color.
Ragini: oh yeah! How could I forget this fact! (Goes to press the dress and Swara lies down to sleep. She cries hugging pillow and sleeps. In morning, she gets up late and comes to dining table.
Swara: good morning everybody!
All: good morning.

Shomi: today is your engaegement. Sanskar would be coming any time, be ready.
Ragini: oho di! (Presses her arm) your husband is very much fast! Let me see what he brings for you! (They hear knock on the door. Swara runs inside the washroom. Shekhar and Ragini start laughing.)
Shekhar: I never knew that my daughter is this much shy!
Ragini: she is behaving shyly since yesterday. I feel weird. (Sanskar comes with Shomi) Good morning!
Sanskar: good morning! Actually, I came to give dress, jewelry and other things to Swara. Where is she?
Ragini: oho brother-in-law! You are very much impatient and my sister is very much shy. Give it to me. I will give it to her. (Opens the box and jumps with joy.) Are you palmist? How do you know that her favorite color is brown?
Sanskar: really? I brought this dress because brown is my favorite color. Now, I will take your leave because I have to look after the preparations of engagement party.

Ragini: you are allowed.
Sanskar: (smiles) bye! (Goes from there and Ragini goes to Swara)
Ragini: di! di! See what he brought for you. All things of your favorite color! Have a look.
Swara: I am feeling hungry. (Goes from there and Ragini keeps it on her bed. She does her breakfast. Shomi asks her to wear the dress as they have to go to parlor. She obeys her orders silently. At night, they come to Maheshwari mansion. She is looking stunning in light brown gown with net dupatta and matching jewelry. Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing her. She looks at him in disgust and thinks)
Swara: (in her mind) your happiness is of short time. I promise you that I would fill your life with miseries and sorrow.

Sanskar: I promise you I will fill your life with happiness. (She does not respond and looks down. He makes her sit on stage and talks to her) I came to know that you were not feeling good. How are you now?
Swaraa: fine!
Sanskar: so good to hear you.
Swara: (tries to smile) but I am not feeling good.
Sanskar: so you could have told me. I would have delayed engagement.
Swara: no no, I was joking.
Sanskar: so you are eager to marry me, huh?
Swara: (sarcastically) yeah! Your life will be completely changed after wedding.
Sanskar: how cute! You are planning our future.

Swara: (irritated and thinks) who wants to see you ugly duckling and planning future with you? My foot! (AP comes and greets her. They exchange the rings. Swara is eager to go to house but Shomi and Shekhar are busy enjoying different performances. She gets irked. Sanskar notices it.)

Sanskar: Swara! Are you ok?
Swara: (controls her anger) yeah!
Sanskar: but you are not looking fine. What happened?
Swara: nothing.
Sanskar: you need rest. Mom! (AP comes)
AP: yes, my son!
Sanskar: mom! Swara is very tired. I think we should drop her to house. She is not feeling well.
AP: yeah! You go with her. I will handle the guests.
Sanskar: thank you mom! (To Swara) come (leads her to the car. On the way, he keeps talking to her. She gets irked by his behavior. They reach the house) you know what? This is last time I am seeing you before marriage. After this, a long time separation will be there to bear.
Swara: (thinks about words of DP and gets teary eyed. She thinks that the early this marriage happens, the early she can get rid of him) yeah!

Sanskar: ah! Why are you becoming sad? I will come to meet you secretly. Happy? now stop crying!
Swara: (wipes her tears) no, don’t you remember my condition.
Sanskar: you also become sad thinking of me then why don’t you call off your condition.
Swara: (thinks) I hate you! (To him) no
Sanskar: at least you could say I love you to me.
Swara: (in shock) what?
Sanskar: come on, say.
Swara: (tries to get off the car but he holds her and she tries to free herself. Sanskar is amused) leave me Sanskar!
Sanskar: first say I love you to me.
Swaraa: (frees herself and runs. She locks the door and sits there crying. Sanskar laughs loudly.)
Sanskar: (laughing) so much shyness, I like it. (Jerks his head and drives away.)

Swara: (sitting near the door and crying vigorously) you wanted to hear my feelings for you. Then hear! (Stands up and shouts) I hate you. I hate you Sanskar Maheshwari! I want to kill you. I want to destroy your life. Whenever I see you laughing, I want to snatch all your happiness just as you snatched my happiness. (Screams loudly) I hate you. (She goes and stands in front of mirror. She removes all her jewelry and throws it on the floor. She changes the dress and cuts it with scissor. She collects all things given by Sanskar and sets them at fire. Her anger is on the peak. She collects their ash and flushes it. She smiles sarcastically and goes smirking.) I will seek revenge for my every tear. I will give you double triple sorrow than you gave me. Just wait and watch. (She sleeps peacefully. Their marriage is fixed in next week. In two weeks, she does not give any opportunity to Sohan to talk to her or see her.)

So guys, how was it? What do you think what will happen next?

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