Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 3)

Chapter 3
Hey guys, so here is third part.
Ragini comes to sanskar.
Ragini: Sanskar maheshwari!
Sanskar: (turns to her) yes! (Shocked) you!
Ragini: don’t get up, I am Ragini Gagodia. Swara calls me ragu sometimes
Sanskar: swara?
Ragini: yeah! My sister which you had crush on.
Sanskar: what? I could not understand what are you saying?
Ragini: the doctor who is handling your case, you love her.
Sanskar: oh yeah!
Ragini: the name of that doctor is Swara. I am her younger sister and student in 2nd year of medical
Sanskar: I can’t do anything because she hates me.
Ragini: you were going to take your life for her?
Sanskar: she can’t live with me and I could not live without her.
Ragini: even if she slaps you. You can see stars in day itself by her this act.
Sanskar: (tries to smile) yeah!
Ragini : this is not the way. I tried to talk to her but in vain. I hope one day she understands you. Now you take rest, I will send her.
Sanskar: (excited) really!
Ragini: she did your bandage when you were unconscious. She is handling your case. When she will be with you, her misunderstandings would get cleared.
Sanskar: ok!
Ragini: (smiles) bye and take care! (Goes)

Sanskar: Swara! You are my Swara! Love you.
After sometime, DP and AP come to hospital and go in Sanskar’s room.
Sanskar: (irked) I said I will not do it again.
DP: you always say this and find new ways.
AP: we said that we have no problem with your choice. We just want you to be happy, but you didn’t tell us.
Sanskar: (irritated) I want to rest.
DP: (shouts) you think of us as fools? What did you think? That you will do anything and we will not get to know about that?
Sanskar: what are you trying to say? Say it clearly!
AP: do you know doctor Swara?
Sanskar: yeah!
DP: with what reference?
Sanskar: I don’t want to discuss it!
AP: do we look like strangers to you? Would you not tell us?
Sanskar: (angry and shouts) yeah! I love her. I love her to death. She is my life. I can give my life for her but she doesn’t love me. She hates me dad! Got your answer, happy?

DP: we can talk to her.
Sanskar: no dad!
AP: but why my son? We can do anything for your happiness.
Sanskar: this is one-sided love. It is not necessary that if we love someone, he should love us in return!
DP: then why you attempted suicide?
Sanskar: (teary eyed) dad! (Flashback: Sanskar is walking behind Swara. He expresses his love to her but she makes fun of him.
Swara: and now you would say that you can give your life for me. (Laughs)
Sanskar: yeah!
Swara: so come on, we should not get late in doing good things. (She goes from there)
Sanskar: (in tears) I love you dream girl! Flashback ends.) DP shake him.
DP: what is wrong with you Sanskar?
Sanskar: leave me alone!

DP: what?
Sanskar: (shouts) I said leave me alone!
AP: DP ji! Come with me. (Takes him with her and Sanskar lays down and closes his eyes. He remembers his first meeting with Swara. (Flash back: one month ago
Sanskar: oh yaar! Why are you taking me to hospital? I mean is it necessary? Hey you, I am talking to you my brother lucky.

Laksh: listen Sanskar bhai! I am on practice and I need your help.
Sanskar: you got only me for taking help?
Laksh: just half an hour! See, we reached. (Both get off the car and enter hospital. Laksh goes and calls Swara. She is his partner in seeing patients of ward C.) Doctor! Come here,
Swara: yes Laksh!
Laksh: he will be with you till I come back.
Swara: (looks at Sanskar from tip to toe) this guy!
Laksh: yeah! Look you are my senior and I need your help. (Goes from there. Sanskar is lost in her)
Swara: (irritated) oh hello Mister! What are you staring at, man? Look, I don’t have further stamina to tolerate you. Go and bring water. Flashback ends)

Sanskar: that was the day when I fell in love with you. From that day, I am struggling to convince you but I can’t do that. Why can’t you understand my love? (Closes his eyes. A drop of tear escapes from his eyes)
AP and DP are standing outside.
AP: DP ji! You saw his condition. He was looking lifeless. If this state continues, we will lose our only son. Please do something.
DP: love is the enemy of men. It eats them and same is happening with our son. That girl will finish our son and I would not let her do that. My son would not face failure in love.
AP: what would you do?
DP: I will talk to her.
AP: and if she does not agree?
DP: she has to agree else there will be no other option for her. I need to go. (He goes and she stands there confused. He goes to senior doctor and demands to meet Swara. Swara comes and greets him. Doctor goes and he asks her to sit.
DP: actually, I wanted to talk to you about my son.
Swaraa: yeah! His condition is better than earlier.
DP: no, I want to talk about the reason for his condition. The person responsible for his condition…
Swara: I could not understand.
DP: actually, he loves a girl but she is not accepting him. I could not see him like this.
Swara: you should make him understand…
DP: he could not understand because he could not live without her. The name of that girl is Swara Gagodia.
Swara: (shocked) what?

DP: don’t act innocent. I know you are responsible for this condition of my son. Now you have to accept him.
Swara: no sir! You can’t force me into relationship with your son.
DP: (angry tone) look, I only know that you can make him old Sanskar. I cannot see my son in pain.
Swara: (angry) you don’t care about others’ pain.
DP: you will have to marry him.
Swara: (shouts) never!
DP: then I would have to destroy your sister’s career. Oops! Her life would be destroyed.
Swara: (cries) no!
DP: then you would have to accept my offer.
Swara: never. I will show your real face to whole world.
DP: I am just asking for my son’s happiness. You don’t know what I can do. I can kill your whole family.
Swara: please don’t harm my family! I am ready to do as you say.
DP: (smiles) good girl. This marriage will be like normal marriages. Now go and tell Sanskar that you are ready to marry him without any pressure. Go! (She goes from there and cries in corridor. She wipes her tears and goes towards Sanskar’s room. AP sees her and gets aside. She goes inside the room. Sanskar sees her and looks outside.

Sanskar: if you came to give me injection, let me tell you that I am fit and fine. You don’t need to…
Swara: (comes and sits near him) Sanskar! I came to talk to you!
Sanskar: (gets happy and smiles) really?
Swara: (tries to smile) yeah. Actually… I wanted to say that I …I…
Sanskar: what do you want to say? Say without hesitation.
Swara: I am ready to marry you.
Sanskar: what? Are you joking? Say once again.
Swara: (teary eyes) I… am ready to marry you!
Sanskar: (gets happy and hugs her) oh Swara! You gave me happiness of world. I have never felt this much happy! Thank you! But tell me one thing (releases from hug) are you under pressure?
Swara: (recall her conversation with DP) no, why?
Sanskar: because your face is telling that you are not happy. Am I right?
Swara: (thinks) is this psycho telepathic? How come he knows what I am thinking (to Sanskar) no, I am very happy? I realized your love for me. But I have a condition.
Sanskar: I have accepted your all condition without hearing!
Swara: (shouts) Sanskar Maheshwari! Be serious!
Sanskar: I am serious yaar!

Swara: you will not talk to me or come to meet me till the day of marriage.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? You are very cruel. How will I live without seeing you?
Swara: that’s your choice. You want to see me for some days or your whole life.
Sanskar: (sad face) ok! I choose you for my whole life. Now happy!
Swara: (gets up and starts going when Sanskar holds her hand)
Sanskar: I love you! Can I call you by your name!
Swara: (tries to free her hand. Sanskar enjoys seeing her struggling) leave my hand!
Sanskar: (smiling) I never knew that you are this much shy. At least you can say I love you.
Swaraa: never! (Succeeds in freeing her hand and runs from there. Sanskar laughs seeing her condition)
Sanskar: (to himself) this much shyness? Silly girl! (Gets sad) now I will see her on wedding day!
Swara comes out and cries vigorously. AP goes inside and is shocked to see Sanskar happily singing.
AP: Sanskar! What happened?
Sanskar: mom! You are not going to believe it. (Hugs her) I am so happy mom.

AP: what happened?
Sanskar: mom, Swara came and told me that she is ready for marriage! I can’t believe it.
AP: (shocked) what? How can it happen?
Sanskar: offo mom! Don’t concentrate on how it happened. Concentrate on our marriage preparation.
AP: yeah! (Goes from there and thinks how she agreed in less time. She thinks to ask DP. He comes.) DP ji!
DP: yeah!
DP: you know what? Swara came and said that she is ready for marriage.
DP: that’s good. Now our son would be happy!
AP: did you talked to Swara?
DP: yeah and she agreed.
AP: did you force her in this decision?
DP: no, not at all. I am not that bad.
AP: (not satisfied) ok! (Goes and orders servants to decorate their house. DP goes to Swara.)

So guys, how was the revelation of past and SwaSan moments. Hope you all would like it.

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