Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 27)”last”


Swara and Neeraj reach MM. Swara is worried and wants to go away but Neeraj forces her inside. She sees the dining hall decorated for the party. Her eyes are searching for someone familiar but there is nobody familiar. She gets teary eyed. Neeraj notices it.
Neeraj: nitu! I brought you here so that you could enjoy. I knew that you would not set your feet out of house till we insist. Try to enjoy the party.
Nitu: where is your boss?

Neeraj: don’t know! I am going to my colleagues and please enjoy yaar! (pats on her shoulder and goes. She walks past the hall and reaches in family hall. There is a big picture of her with garland hung over it as they consider her dead. A tear escapes her eyes. She thinks.
Swara: (to herself) before anyone sees me, I should talk to Sanskar.
On the other hand, Ragini is sitting with Sanskar. She takes the bottle from him.
Ragini: jiju please! Don’t drink this much else it will not be good for your health.
Sanskar: don’t worry Ragu! I am not that lucky. I will not die because of given promise to your di. And this wine! (takes the bottle from her and talks in humiliating tone) ha! It is of no use. I drank two bottles but I am still in full my senses. It’s intoxication does not happens to me.

Ragini: (keeps hand on her mouth and cries) jiju please! Why you always talk about your death? I know you loved di very much but please! Make her memories your power, not your weakness. (runs from there crying. Swara has overheard their conversation and cries silently. She gets inside Sanskar’s room. She sees her pictures all over the room. Their wedding video is played on projector. A diary is lying on bed. She starts reading it. she reads all the stuff written by Sanskar and cries. She sees Sanskar sitting on balcony. He is talking to himself and drinking.
Sanskar: (crying) this is third bottle. Why don’t I die? I drink daily so that my life ends soon but I have a very bad luck. I hate myself because Swara is dead and I am alive. I wonder how could this happen. Why am I breathing when Swara is no more? I hate God because he snatched the reason of my life. (pointing to sky) did you listen? I don’t believe in you. I never asked anything from you. I only wanted to spend my life with my love and you could not even fulfil my one wish. (senses someone’s presence and turns. He is shocked to find Swara standing. He finds it difficult to believe) Swara! (thinks) is it my illusion? Am I hallucinating? Yeah, I see her face everywhere. (turns his back to Swara) employee’s party is going on in hall. You can go.
Nitu: Sanskar! (cries)

Sanskar: (realises it is not his illusion and turns suddenly. All their previous moments flash in his head and he cries unknowingly.) Swara? Is that you? I can’t believe it… (smiles) I am sorry but I have seen you every day in this room as my imagination. So I thought that I am imagining. You are my Swara! Where were you all these days? Why you went like this? All thought that you are dead but my heart always said that you are alive. When I am breathing, how could your breath stop? I can’t explain in words how I felt without you. (touches her face fondly) but now you have returned. (takes her hand and keeps it on his heart) see, how my heart started beating seeing you. I am so happy that… I don’t know what to say. I am confused what to do? (scratches his head and turns back) Swara! My everything is related to you. my life was not life without you. I was living like dead people. Thank God you are safe. I am still not able to believe that you have returned. It looks like a dream to me that when I will open my eyes, you will vanish. (turns to find her gone) Swara! Swara! Was that my imagination? No, she was here only. I… I touched her face. Yeah (smiles) she is back. She is back for me.

But where did she go? I know she is teasing me. (goes out searching for her. Swara is running through corridor and crying. On the way, she hits Neeraj)
Neeraj: nitu! God, you scared me. (notices her crying) hey why are you crying? Did anyone say anything to you? (she runs from there and he sees Sanskar and follows him. Sanskar reaches family hall and looks at Swara’s picture. He removes the garland and shouts) I love you! (Neeraj freezes on his position. Sanskar goes out searching for Swara and Neeraj enters his room. He is shocked to see Swara’s pics everywhere. He also watches their wedding video.)
Neeraj: chatter box! (a tear escapes his eyes. Just then Sanskar enters.)
Sanskar: who are you?

Neeraj: I am Neeraj Sharma! The new PA of Laksh Maheshwari.
Sanskar: what are you doing in my room?
Neeraj: I forgot my way. By the way, who is she?
Sanskar: my wife! Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. We all thought she died one year ago but she came here a while ago. Don’t know where she went.
Neeraj: don’t worry, she is with me. Come with me.
Sanskar: really, thank you so much dude! (hugs him) she is my life. But how do you know her?
Neeraj: I found her in the jungle. She was injured badly so I took her to my house. My mother took care of her and she is fine now! (both go downstairs and Neeraj goes to his car. He sees Swara standing. He goes near her. Sanskar is watching from distance. Swara is crying bitterly and hugs him.)

Swara: why? Why Neeru! Why you brought me here?
Neeraj: nitu! (cups her face) be brave! Tell me what happened?
Swara: neeru! I always told you about my chatterbox. His name is Sanskar Maheshwari. And my name is Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. You asked me that why was I getting ready like this? For Sanskar Maheshwari.
Neeraj: (wipes his tears) hey! You will be always Nitu for me. And don’t feel guilty. He loves you very much. I have seen love for you in his eyes. You beared punishment of separation from him for one year and that is enough. I can’t see my Nitu suffering. Now! (wipes her tears) no more crying. Go to him, he is waiting. (She looks towards Sanskar and runs to him and hugs him so tightly. They both are crying. Just then whole family comes and get happy seeing Swara. Ragini hugs her. All are crying. DP comes and Sanskar faces away from him. AP holds his hand.)
AP: Sanskar! you said that you will forgive him if Swara comes back. Now she is back, would you not…

Sanskar: mom please! Ask Swara, if she forgives him. I will also forgive him. (Swara forgives him and they all get inside. Neeraj leaves saying he has tell all this to his Maa. Swara holds his hand.
Swara: Neeraj! I am sorry Neeru.
Neeraj: you don’t need to say sorry. I knew that you are married. But I am happy that at least you got your real happiness.
Swara: (teary eyes) you always said that why I didn’t allowed anyone to enter my art room. (keeps keys on his hand) take this. I have kept my memories there and saved them from every one’s eyes. Go and see yourself. And yeah! We are good friends and will remain always. Ok?
Neeraj: (teary eyes) ok. (smiles) thanks for trusting me.

Swara: and I will come once in every month to see Maa.
Neeraj: (his smile widens) yeah! And I need to go now. Bye! (bids bye to all and goes. Ragini and Laksh also unite. SwaSan are in the room. Swara is sitting on bed when she feels a warm breath on her shoulder. Obviously guys, it is our hero Sanskar.)
Sanskar: I never thought that you will be this much near to me and I would touch you. (touches her face and smiles) and you would not slap me.
Swara: (turns towards him) what? (both burst out laughing.) Guys, do you remember when Sanskar accidently pulled her dupatta and she slapped him so hard that he lost all his senses for some time.)

Swara: (burries her head in his chest) ah Sanskar! that was just a reflex action. I suffered from much jactitation when I was far away from you.
Sanskar: if you would not have made me promise, I would not have been alive by now.
Swara: (shouts) shut up! Don’t speak like that ever.
Sanskar: promise me, promise me that you will never leave me again.
Swara: I should not have come if I have thought to leave you. (both hug each other and consummate their marriage.)

In this way, Sanskar finally got his true love. His love was pure like the holy gangajal and unconditional. This shows that whenever you love anyone truly, you one day will surely get your love. So this was the end of my ff. but I want to continue. So guys I am giving you options about which story would you like me to write as fan fiction. The option with majority would be accepted.

A) Abhay and piya from Pyaar ki yeh ek Kahaani
B) Soumya and Harman from Shakti
C) Twinkle and kunj from Tashn-e-ishq
D) Rhitik and shivanya from Naagin
E) Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya
And yeah guys! Please pray for me as my exams are near. Wish you all the best.

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