Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 26)


Guys, when Swara fell off the cliff, Neeraj saved her. He brought her to his house and looked after her. His mother developed a good bond with her but Swara lost her memory. So she named her as Anita. This was the name of her dead daughter whom she called Ani. While taking care of her, Neeraj fell in love with her. She found Sanskar’s pic in her locket along with her and got her memory back. She told Neeraj all that happened with her but didn’t told him the name of Sanskar and her real name. She called Sanskar as chatterbox. She did not go to Sanskar because she thought DP will harm her family. She does not know that he is in jail. She stopped believing in God. Sanskar also stopped believing in God. Neeraj did not tell his mom about Swara memory gaining. She still thinks that Swara did not remember anything. So now come to present.
Swara fills her mang and wears her mangalsutrah and recalls her union with Sanskar on the cliff. On the other hand, Sanskar also cuts the cake and cries.
AP comes to Sanskar.

AP: Sanskar! come with me and help me in doing preparations.
Sanskar: (confused and lost) can’t you see I am busy? Today is my first marriage anniversary.
AP: you father has been released from Jail.
Sanskar: (stands up and shouts) how dare you? he is not my father. He is a blo*dy murderer. I can give my life but I will never forgive him. Never! (points finger at her) and you! you also considered her as your own daughter, then what happened. You are not doing justice with me.
AP: I did not do anything. There was no proof against him but still he was kept in prison for one year because of your pressure. He is totally changed. He is regretting for what he did with Swara. Please forgive him. Swara also forgived him, then why not you?
Sanskar: (teary eyes) mom! I could not believe it is you standing in front of me.
AP: (holds his shoulders) Sanskar! I can understand…

Sanskar: (jerks her hand) no! (shouts) you cannot understand, nobody could understand my pain. That man killed my wife in front of me and you are asking to forgive him. Swara had a very big heart but not me. I could fulfil her every wish but not this one. And what were you saying? (humiliating tone) that he is regretting. Huh! Fine. You want me to forgive him. I will forgive him but on one condition.

AP: (smiles) what condition. He is ready to accept your every condition.
Sanskar: I would only forgive him when he will bring my Swara back to me. Why are you quiet mom? Answer me can his all regrets would bring my Swara back? His regrets are of no use to me. Either I will live in this house or him. The choice is yours. Whenever I see him, my blood starts boiling. (drags her out of his room and closes the door on her face. She cries)
AP: (knocks) Sanskar! please listen to me. I could not bear all this in this age.
Sanskar: fine. He can stay in this house but not as my father. Just as DurgaPrasad Maheshwari.
AP: (shocked) what?

Sanskar: don’t expect more than this from me. (looks at pics of Swara and sleeps on floor)
Neeraj: Nitu! At least wish me good luck. I am going for interview.
Nitu: (smiles and turns) ok Neeraj Sharma! Best of luck. I am sure you will get the job because you have a good qualification. By the way, may I know the name of company you are going for interview.
Neeraj: the great Maheshwari industries! Cool na, I would have a chance to work for the topmost business empire of India.
Nitu: (smile fades) what? Maheshwari industries? (teary eyes)
Neeraj: hey what happened?

Nitu: (fakes a smile) nothing. I am surprised.
Neeraj: (keeps hand on her cheek) ok bye! I am getting late.
Nitu: bye. (he rushes from there and she rushes to her room and wonders what to do.) now what is going to happen? What if they find about me? No, it is not possible as Neeraj does not knows my real name and I never told him the name of Sanskar. yes, why am I worrying? Nothing will happen. At least, now I will be able to know how is Sanskar and my family. (Neeraj comes in evening and comes first to Anita.)

Neeraj: (excited) nitu! Hey, nitu! (comes to her and twirls her. She lands in his arms and she starts scolding him)
Nitu: Neeru! What are you doing? I would have fell down!
Neeraj: oh God Nitu! I am here so how could you fall. Anyways, there is a good news for you. first eat this, (feed her one sweet)
Nitu: (laughs) oh God Neeru! You are behaving as if you won world war III.
Neeraj: not less than that. I got the job. And guess what?
Nitu: very good, now at least I would get rid of you for some more time.
Neeraj: you know what? My boss is Laksh Maheshwari. He turned out to be my school fellow. He is throwing a party at his home for new employees and has invited me especially. He wanted to meet my family.

Nitu: (worried) what? He is just your boss, then what is the need of meeting your family? We all are not terrorists.
Neeraj: ah my dear Anita! Calm down. It is just a party and you are coming with me.
Nitu: (shouts) what? I am not coming with you and this is my final decision.
Neeraj: nitu please! My family is my sister and mother. Mom will not be able to go as she is not well and my sister is no more in this world. Remaining option is only you and I consider you as my family. I know you don’t consider me as your family but my boss will feel bad and I could not take this risk. So, please!… (Sarala comes)
Sarla: what happened Ani? Is he again teasing you? I will pull his ears. (goes to him and pulls his ears.) why are you teasing my daughter?
Neeraj: ah Maa! Leave me, it is paining. (frees himself from her grip) look na Maa! She don’t consider us as family.
Sarla: (looks towards Swara and she nods in no) what?
Nitu: no Maa! There is nothing like that. (glares at Neeraj angrily and he starts scratching his head)

Neeraj: then ask from her why is she refusing to go with me. My boss wants to meet my family. And not only me, he has called all his new employees, then, what problem does she have?
Sarla: oh Ani puttar! Please go with him. You know naa I can’t walk too much. Please, for me at least!
Nitu: (teary eyes and thinks) how to tell them why I can’t go with Neeraj. (to Sarla) Maa, I can’t go. Please! I never asked anything from you. for the first time, I am telling you that I can’t go. So please, don’t force me.
Neeraj: (comes and stands in front of her) why? (she is confused) we can force you because we consider you as our family. Right Maa? (looks at Sarla for approval)

Sarla: (nods) yes! We can.
Neeraj: (winks at Swara) so you should get ready. We are going and that is final. Wear any of the dresses that I gifted you. come on, hurry up!
Sarla: (pushes her inside the room) yeah, he is right.
Nitu: (resists) but Maa! Try to understand please….
Sarla: you will get ready or not. Else I will get you ready. (she gets ready on their insistence. She is looking at herself in the mirror and holds her mangalsutrah in her hand and thinks)
Nitu: I should wear this. After a long time, Sanskar will see me. He will feel bad if I don’t wear this. (wears mangalsutrah and puts sindoor in her forehead. She sees Neeraj standing beside her)
Neeraj: Maa will feel weired on your this get up. I mean this sindoor and mangalsutrah.
Nitu: I am married and when married women go to some special gathering, they put on these things. Don’t worry! I will not come in front of Maa in this get up.

Neeraj: I could not get you. if you love your chatter box this much, then why don’t you stay with him? Come, let’s go. (both leave and Swara is worried. In car, she thinks)
Nitu: I don’t know if I am doing wrong or right. What would be reaction of DP. Will he react the same? How will Sanskar react? He would get over excited seeing me. And my family? Why I feel very strange? (He stops the car near Maheshwari mansion. She comes out of trance.)
Neeraj: look, we reached Maheshwari Mansion. It is very big na. I thought you will be surprised but looking at you, I feel like you have lived here. (swara looks at him) just kidding yaar! Now come!

Swara: (teary eyes) yeah!
So guys! How was it? it was a bit longer.

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