Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 25)


Guys, I am sorry for the previous mistake as part 22 was posted as 23 and part 23 got posted as 22. Here is 25th part.

Sanskar cries and runs inside and locks the door. AP continuously begs him to open the door but he does not. Ragini tries to calm her.
Ragini: mom! He will not open the door. Come…
AP: (crying) how can I leave him like this? He can do anything.
Ragini: he will never harm himself. He loved di very much and will never break his promise made to her.
AP: (wipes her tears) yeah! (both go and Sanskar sits near the wall where video of Swara is projected. He cries bitterly and takes his diary and starts writing.
Dhunde tujhe mera man saaware (my heart finds you every where)
Mere naina hue hain baaware (my eyes have got tired)
Remembers his first meeting with Swara and their marriage.

Dil merey ney tujhe dilruba maana (my heart considered you as my true love)
Ho gaya ishq mein tera deewana (I got crazy in your love)
Remembers Swara falling off the cliff.
Tere bina jee na lage (my heart does not get peace without you)
Mushkil sa ab jeena lage (it is very diificult to live here for me)
Remembers himself promising to her that he would never try to take his own life.
Tere bin yeh zindagi, zindagi na lage (this life does not looks life without you)
Chandni, chandni na lage (twilight does not seems to be twilight)
Dilkashi, dilkashi na lage (beauty of anuthing does not seems beauty to me)
Remembers their trip to Paris and London
Saanson ke har phere mein (you are in my every breath)
Tu hi basa mere mein (you live in my soul)

Khwabon khayalon mein (in my thoughts and dreams)
bhi bas tu hi samaaye (you always live in all these)
picks up her photo and closes his eyes trying to feel her with him.
Teri jo khushboo na jage (when I don’t find your scent)
Dil kahin bhi na lage (my heart goes restless)
Tere bin yeh zindagi, zindagi na lage (this life does not looks like a life to me without you)
(tears roll down his cheeks and he lays down. After some time, he goes to dressing room. He has kept her paintings all
over. Ragini knocks at the door)
Ragini: jiju!
Sanskar: (opens the door) yes!

Ragini: what were you doing?
Sanskar: come with me. (she follows him to dressing room and sees Swara’s paintings.)
Ragini: (teary eyes) jiju!
Sanskar: (tries to smile) hey! Don’t cry else Swara will feel bad. She said that I would have to take care of you. I don’t want to get scolded by your sister. (Ragini smiles) good. One year has passed but still I can draw her face with closed eyes.
Ragini: yeah! You love her very much.
Sanskar: (his smile widens) yeah! More than everything.
Ragini: (hesitating) then why don’t you act upon her advice.
Sanskar: what advice?
Ragini: that…. You….you should marry some good girl.

Sanskar: (smile fades on his face and his face becomes red. His eyes become wide with anger and she freezes with terror. He tightens his fist and hits the mirror. It breaks and his hand becomes red with blood. Ragini cries)

Ragini: jiju! I am sorry. I am really sorry. (Sanskar jerks her hand)
Sanskar: if someone else was in your place, I would have murdered that person. How dare you think like that? She said this because she hoped that I will live like normal people. Only I know how am I living. Every moment is a punishment for me. Just her promise is keeping me alive. If I was not bound to that promise, I would have gone to her a long time ago. I died the day when Swara died. This is just a lost Sanskar Maheshwari who is trying to fulfil the last wish of his love. Do you want to know how much I love her? I love her more than my this pain. (drags her outside and opens his study cupboard. He throws books outside and all books contain different pictures of Swara. He opens the drawer and brings accessories of Swara. He shows her bangles of Swara, her vermillion box and dupatta.

Ragini: (frightened and crying) I am sorry jiju! I am sorry. Please don’t do this.
Sanskar: (shouts) shut up! You wanted to see, then see na. this! (holds the dress which he first time gifted Swara) I have seen her wearing this dress every day. (picks up her jewellery) and this. Whenever I am sad, she comes wearing this jewellery and says I love it. and… (holds her shoulders and turns towards the front mirror) whenever I look at myself in this mirror, I don’t see my face. I always see her instead of me. She is in my every breath. She is in my soul. I can never forget her. We forget persons when they are far away from us but she was very near to me. I have felt the warmth of her breath. She was never far from me. Don’t you dare talk to me about this topic again else I will forget that you are her sister. Don’t wake animal in me else I will burn whole world in my love and hatred. (shouts) now get out.
Ragini: (shocked and cries) what?
Sanskar: (comes to her in the way as she will murder her right now and holds her shoulders so tightly that it starts paining. He drags her outside his room and closes the door on her face. He goes and sits on floor crying and recalling sweet memories with Swara)
A boy is seen entering the house and a lady calls him.
Lady: ah my Neeraj puttar! Thank God you came. See all preparations of puja are done. (the lady is Sarla and mother of Neeraj)

Neeraj: great maa! But where is Nitu?
Sarla: you know about her. She never comes in any puja. She will be busy in her art room. Don’t know why Ani is like that. (guys! Actually her full name is Anita but Sarla calls her Ani and Neeraj calls her as Nitu)

Neeraj: (chilled) don’t worry maa, I will see her. Ok! (goes upstairs and knocks on room.) Nitu! Nitu! My dear! Open the door please! (after sometime, she opens the door and he hugs her) ah Nitu! You scared me.
Nitu: leave me. You know I don’t like it. I am a friend of yours. Not sister. Ok?
Neeraj: ok. You know how I consider you.
Nitu: Neeraj please! Don’t start again. I know that you love me but I just consider you as a friend.
Neeraj: ok baba! No more lectures. Now don’t spoil your and my mood. By the way, why you always keep your art room locked and never let anyone enter it?
Nitu: neeraj! I could not tell you and I don’t want to lie.

Neeraj: ok! Let’s go for puja.
Nitu: (tries to control her anger) Neeru! Don’t cross your limits. You know very well that I don’t believe in all this crap.

Neeraj: why you always get hyper like this. It is just a faith.
Nitu: (teary eyes. She talks in humiliating tone) hunh! Faith. I have more faith in all this than you but what happened with me. It cannot give anything but pain. (walks from there)
Neeraj: Nitu! I know you gained much pains but that does not mean that you stop living your life. Everything happens for our own good.

Nitu: shut up! There was nothing good when I got separated from my san… Chatterbox.
Neeraj: ok fine. You go to your room, I will go and help maa.
Nitu: (tries to smile) fine! (turns to go when Neeraj holds her hand.)
Neeraj: and… I am sorry! I know I hurt you but I did not did it deliberately.
Nitu: it is okay neeru. Be careful from now onwards.
Neeraj: thanks. (goes from there and she again enters the art room and locks it. paintings of her and Sanskar are seen all over scattered. She takes their marriage photo and talks to Sanskar.) guys, she is definitely our bubbly Swara.

Swara: chatter box! Today is our first marriage anniversary. Happy anniversary! (cuts the cake and cries) I know that you will be remembering me. I also miss you. it is very difficult for me to live without you. (hugs his picture) I am sorry Sanskar!

So guys how was it? I ensured Swara’s come back without any memory loss. So guys, what do you think why she is living like this and what is the mystery of Neeraj. I kept the name Neeraj because I love this name. what do you think of this name? and please do comment how was the poetry?

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