Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 24)


Guys! I really don’t have words to say thanks to you all for encouraging me. And yeah I will make Swara comeback as per your wishes. I was amazed as not even one single person wanted any other option than A. just love your dedication and unity. Be always like this. You will have to wait for her comeback. Hope you all like it.
After one year:
Swara: hey you dumb charade! What are you doing?
Sanskar: nothing, just coming!
Swara: I don’t get you man. Hurry up and come fast. We are here for only one month, not on life time stay, okay?
Sanskar: after so much time, you are with me. I am feeling extremely happy.
Swara: (laughs) oh really? I am honoured Mr. Husband. So cute! (pulls his cheek)
Sanskar: stop it Swara! Don’t pull my cheeks.
Swara: (angry tone) ok, as you wish! But listen to me carefully Mr. Maheshwari. You will realise the cost of this happiness when I would be far away from you.
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara! But till you are with me, you can enjoy!

Swara: (jumps in excitement) oh really! How cute. (again pulls his cheeks and he gets irritated.)
Sanskar: (teary eyed) you were right Swara! I realised the cost of happiness. One year has passed but still I feel like it happened yesterday. (keeps the note on table. He is holding the same dupatta that entandled with his shirt when she fell off the cliff. It is stained by blood. He keeps it near his heart and cries. His room is shown occupied fully by Swara’s accessories. All the walls are decorated by pictures of Swara. A very big picture of SwaSan wedding is occupying almost full wall. On one side, their wedding video is playing on projector. His diary is lying on the bed and is full of SawSan pics which they took while trip to Paris and London. He goes and keeps the diary aside. His half body is on the bed and half body hanging freely down the bed. He is wearing a dirty shirt and loose pant. He has grown beard on his cheeks and his hairs are all messed up. A tear escapes his eyes. He utters) ah Swara! (closes eyes and gets flashes of their happy moments together and her confession. He suddenly sits upright and talks to her picture.) Swara! You know what? Today is our marriage anniversary. Everyone is here except you. tumhi ne to kaha tha ke tum mujh se apni life se bhi ziyada love karti ho. Then why you left me alone like this. Why Swara? Tumhein pata hai na that you are my soul, my love, my happiness and my everything. (watches their wedding video) how cute you were looking. I was so happy! Why you left me like this to live without my consent. You know na if you would not have made me swear on yourself, I would not have been alive till now. (He plays another video in which they both are dancing. It is the video when they went to London. He touches the wall showing Swara. He closes his eyes) Swara! It is very difficult to live without you. tum se kiye hue ek vaade ki khatir aisi zindagi jeer raha hun main. I could not die nor can I live. Why Swara? (holds dupatta near his face.) you know what? Is dupattey se aaj tak tumhari khushboo aati ha aur aisa lagta hai jaise tum mere saath ho. (gets an illusion of Swara and runs to her. He places dupatta on her and smiles) Swara! You know how much I had waited for you. finally, you came. I love you so much Swara! Promise me that you will not leave me again. He tries to hold her hand but illusion vanishes and he searches for her hysterically. He shouts) Swara! Swara! Come out. Bohat ho gaya, ab aur intezaar nahin hota. Please! (tries to find her but in vain. A hand holds his shoulder. She is Ragini)
Ragini: jiju! What happened? Why are you shouting?

Sanskar: ragu! Swara was here. Swara came to me. Ragu! (tears flow from his eyes)
Ragini: (teary eyes) jiju! Calm down, no one is here. It was your illusion.
Sanskar: no, she was here only. Swara! Come out. Ragu is also here. Don’t you want to meet your sister. Ragu! She was here. Please believe me.
Ragini: (tear escapes her eyes) jiju! (holds him and make him sit) calm down! Di cannot return. She is dead.
Sanskar: no, she is not dead. She is alive. She is alive in my heart and my soul. She is alive in all my memories. You know what? Today is our first wedding anniversary. She came to celebrate with me. (feels weak and faints. )
Ragini: jiju! Jiju! (he does not respond and she calls doctor. Laksh enters with doctor)
Laksh: (rushes to Sanskar) Bhai! What happened to him?
Ragini: (stern face) get out. (shouts) I said get out. When jiju needed you the most, you were not with him. Your studies is more important to you than your brother, then go.
Laksh: ragini please! Kab tak aise chale ga? Kab tak mujhe ilzaam do gi? Mein tumhari aankhon mein apne liye nafrat nahin dekh sakta, so please!
Ragini: I suffered from biggest loss. I lost my di for ever. Jiju is in this condition. One year has passed but his condition is deteriorating day by day. Saari khushiyan khatam ho gayi hain hamari sirf or sirf tumhare dad ki wajah se.
Laksh: Ragini please! Try to understand…

Ragini: stop it laksh, mujhe tumhari koi bakwas nahin suni. Ok. Apni shakal mat dikhana mujhe aainda warna kuch kar bethun gi mein.
Laksh: but I tried to find bhabi with the help of police but we can’t find her. I am sorry. DP Maheshwari is my father and we can’t deny this fact.
Ragini: (shouts) now stop your melodrama. (goes stamping her feet in anger. Laksh looks on helplessly)
Sanskar is regaining consciousness. He is seeing all the previous accidents in his dream. At last, he sees Swara falling from cliff and her dupatta flies due to air. It gets entangled in his shirt and he runs to save her from falling but just when he approaches her, she falls down and says I love you Sanskar. he shouts and suddenly sits upright.) Swara! (shouts loudly) Swara! (gets down the bed and rushes outside. He meets ragini halfway)
Ragini: (confused) jiju! Where are you going?
Sanskar: to find my Swara. Get aside.
Ragini: (teary eyes) no jiju! Come here. (holds his hands)
Sanskar: (jerks her hands and shouts) leave me. I said that I will bring her. You stay here and wait. (AP comes)
AP: sanskar! did you forgot that one year has passed and she is dead. Accept the reality and come out of your dream world. (shakes him) sanskar! are you listening? (sanskar starts crying)

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