Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 22)

Swasan union. Both are hugging each other when Sanskar breaks the hug.
Sanskar: now come with me.
Swara: but where?
Sanskar: to my house. Oops! Our house. So Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! Come.
Swara: (laughs) yeah! (both turn to find DP standing. Smile on Swara’s face fades. Sanskar gets angry but before he could move, DP fires a bullet in swara’s stomach. She holds her belly. Blood comes out and her feet get covered by the blood. Sanskar sees this and gets numb. He is hell shocked. Before he could understand anything, DP fires another bullet on her heart. Her face and clothes are fully soaked in blood. Before DP could fire another bullet, Sanskar snatches the gun from him and pushes him. Just then Swara utters his name.
Swara: Sanskar!…. I….I love you. (tears roll down her cheek and she starts becoming unconscious. Sanskar runs towards her shouting her name)
Sanskar: (teary eyes) Swara! (before he could catch her, she falls in the ravine. Her dupatta gets entangled with Sanskar’s shirt. Sanskar looks on shocked and falls on his knees.) Swara! (closes his eyes and remembers her confession. He remembers her telling that he is her chatterbox. He recalls Swara scolding him several times and finally her confession. Tears are continuously falling from his eyes. DP comes and keeps his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.)
DP: Sanskar! beta she was not suitable for you. you…
Sanskar: (he is enraged and jerks his hand) shut up. (shouts) just shut up! Why did you do all this? What was her mistake? What was her fault in all this? I never thought that you will do all this with her. By taking your life, you have taken my life also. (wipes his tears) no, I will find her. She cannot break her promise. I will go and bring her. Yeah! (tries to jump but DP holds him. He is struggling to free himself)

DP: Sanskar! Sanskar! she will not come. You are not going anywhere. You are coming with me.
Sanskar: (struggling to free himself) leave me dad! I will bring her. (shouts) I said leave me.
DP: (slaps Sanskar) Sanskar! come to your senses. She will not come. She is dead. I myself fired two bullets on her. (shakes him) did you hear me?
Sanskar: (recalls when Swara got bullet on her stomach, then heart, Swara falling and telling him I love you.) dad! You killed my Swara! You killed that innocent girl. (grabs his collar) how dare you? if you wanted, you could have done anything to me but why Swara dad? You knew well about how much I love her. I just…
DP: (stops him with his hands) enough! Zid mat karo aur chalo yahan se.
Sanskar: (pushes him and shouts) wo meri pasand hai, mera ishq, mera junoon, meri duniya sab kuch hai wo. Zid to usey aap ne bana diya.
DP: I am sorry beta! But how to tell you that she was not fit for you.
Sanskar: stop it dad! You destroyed my entire world and my happiness. You don’t love me because if you would have loved me, you would not have done all this. I don’t consider you as my father. You…
DP: that girl has changed your mind. You are not in your senses. What magic has she done on you?
Sanskar: (enraged and stops him signalling with his hands) enough of your drama Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! (shouts) don’t you dare talk rubbish about my wife else I will make you repent for it. you killed my Swara, you are a blo*dy murderer. (pushes him) I cannot live without her but I will not die till I take my revenge. (holds the gun towards him) nothing is left for me to live but I will finish you just as you murdered my wife. (he is about to pull the trigger but AP comes and stops him)
AP: Sanskar! (snatches gun from him) stop it. what were you doing?
Sanskar: this man killed my wife and I was killing him if you haven’t snatched gun from me.
AP: (keeps hand on mouth and cries) Swara! What are you saying?
Sanskar: yes mom, in front of my eyes he fired two bullets and she fell off the cliff. (falls on his knees) and I could not do anything!
AP: (hugs him) DP ji! What have you done? See his condition.
Sanskar: no mom! He is cold blooded. He does not cares for anyone’s emotions. The man who could not bear his own son’s happiness, how could we expect anything from him.
AP: come Sanskar!

Sanskar: no, I will close this chapter now! (takes the gun but AP takes it from him)
AP: Sanskar please! I know you can’t forgive him. But he is my husband. Do you want your mother to live like widows? Please leave him and come.
Sanskar: (tears rolling down his cheeks) not that easily. I will make him suffer so much that he will pray for his death but I will not let him die even.
AP: what would you do?
Sanskar: you will see. (calls police and asks them to arrest DP. AP is shocked)
AP: Sanskar! what are you doing, he is you father!
Sanskar: (shouts) he is not my father. He is just a cause of my birth. Till today, I thought that he loves me but today, I saw his real face. I suffered from biggest loss. I lost my Swara for ever. I will never forgive him for this. Never! (turns to go) my life is nothing without her.
(police arrest DP and he is sent to jail. Sanskar is still in shock and tries to calm himself but in vain. AP enters)
AP: Sanskar beta! Come and eat something. It has been three days and you haven’t eaten anything. (comes and sees Sanskar with the note which Swara left) Sanskar! how many times would you read it? accept the reality. She will never return.
Sanskar: (crying) how to make my heart understand mom? It always thinks that she would come anytime and say: Sanskar! look I came back for you. nothing could separate us not even death. It is very difficult to live without her. I am not that strong. I cannot bear all this. (shouts) I am tired of all this. I am tired mom. (stands up and goes out)
AP: Sanskar! where are you going?
Sanskar: I am going to Swara.

AP: (shocked) what? (blocks his way) no Sanskar! don’t try to do stupid things. I will not let you do it. I have lost a daughter but I do not want to lose you.
Sanskar: my life is nothing without her. It is better to die than to live like a walking dead. (goes and takes a knife)
AP: no sanskar! (goes to him)
Sanskar: leave me! I said leave me. I want to die! I want to…(faints)
AP: Sanskar! (crying badly) Sanskar! (calls the doctor and he examines him)
Doctor: he is suffering from severe mental trauma. Try to make him happy. He should not take stress. He is very close to nervous breakdown.
AP: (cries) what? Oh my god! (holds her head) Swara!
Precap: one year leap……
Hey guys. You have three options. The option with majority would be selected.
A) Do you want comeback of Swara?
B) Do you want Swara’s hamshakal?
C) Do you want second janam?

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