Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 20)


Swara comes to door thinking mom dad came early. She opens the door and is shocked. She utters his name.
Swara: you are Sahil, right?
Sahil: right, (smiles) and you are Swara. What are you doing here?
Swara: I am married to Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sahil: oh congratulations! You would not invite me inside the house.
Swara: (confused) yeah sure! (he enters inside) by the way, what are you doing here?
Sahil: Mr. DP called me for some work. Is there nobody home?
Swara: no
Sahil: good!

Swara: (suspicious and thinks) is he a part of dad’s game? I should throw him out. (to Sahil) what do you mean?
Sahil: I mean I wanted to talk to you. so, as you know I had a crush on you, still you married Sanskar. Why?
Swara: (stands up and shouts) who are you to ask me this question. Sanskar is my husband and I love him so much. I never liked you even in the college. You have no right to talk rubbish in my house. (shouts at the peak of her voice) get lost and ever come back else I will break your mouth.
Sahil: if you can’t be mine, I will not let you to be of any other person. (walks towards her)
Swara: (shouts) stay away from me you blo*dy bastard!

Sahil: (clutches her hand and she struggles to free herself but in vain. She starts crying and he is trying to rape her. She is continuously shouting for help) no use of crying. I will teach you a lesson now! (throws her on sofa with full force and it hurts her head)
Swara: ah! Ouch! Please let me go. Please! (he comes near her and just then a hand clutches his neck and in few moments, he is lifted up in air. Swara shouts) Sanskar! Thank God you came on time. (goes and stands behind Sanskar. Sanskar is at the peak of his anger and starts beating him badly. AP and DP come and try to cool him down but he is enraged. DP clutches his chest but he is still shouting) you blo*dy moron! I will not leave you. I will kill you. How dare you touch my wife. I will not spare you rouge. Swara is crying hardly)

DP: this girl was betraying you my son! Nobody was at home and she called his boyfriend here. You should teach her a lesson.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? What are you saying dad!
DP: yes, my son! She is only behind your money. She has several relationships like this. She is characterless. Throw her out of house now!
Swara: (comes and stands in front of him. Tears are flowing from her eyes. She nods in no and falls on her knees and cries bitterly)
Sanskar: stop it dad! She cannot do all this. I know her.
DP: she is trapping you. don’t fall in her trap.

Sanskar: (shouts) shut up! I would not fall in your trap. I love her and I trust her more than myself. She is not characterless. (shouts) did you listen? She is not characterless. (holds her shoulders and makes her stand and side hugs her) she is the biggest reality of my life and you cannot lay serious allegations on her just like that. I will not believe in your words even if you bring thousands of proofs in front of me. You cannot break my trust on her. Never! I know it was your conspiracy but I will not let you succeed in your bad intentions. You tried to make her fall in my eyes but you forgot how much I love her. And I will never let her fall in anyone’s eyes. She is my responsibility till she is here. She is my respect and respect of this house. If anyone badmouths about her, I will set his brains right. I don’t want to listen all your rubbish. Come Swara! (they both go inside the room and he bangs the door. He makes her sit on couch and sits beside her. He wipes her tears) hey Swara! I know you are innocent. Now stop crying. I trust you completely. I am sorry for what dad said downstairs.

Swaraa: (cries bitterly and hugs him) he is not my boyfriend. I did not do all that. He came and said that dad has called him for important work that’s why I allowed him inside. I did not know about his intentions. He… he (starts crying and Sanskar tries to calm her.)
Sanskar: hey, (cups her face) stop crying. I said I trust you completely and I really mean it. you don’t need to give explanations for this. Ok?
Swara: (she again hugs him. He notices her wounds)

Sanskar: that blo*dy bastard! How dare he hurt you. let me take first aid box. (goes and brings first aid box and does her bandage. He is continuously talking to her but she does not respond.
Swara: (to herself) so this was his plan. I can’t believe that he can go to this extent to revenge on me. What was my fault in all this? First he forced me into this relationship and now when I have accepted this, he is forcing me to leave Sanskar. I am not a puppet at his hands. I have right to live my life according to my wishes. (feels weak and faints. He lays her on bed and sits beside her head and caresses her hairs)

Sanskar: Swara! I know that it is a big shock for you but I promise I will be always with you like shadow. You have full right to live happily. (Swara gains consciousness at night. Sanskar tries to speak to her but she does not respond and looks blankly at him. At last, he loses his temper and shakes her vigorously) Swara! Do you hear me? I am talking to you. are you deaf? Swara! (Swara does not respond and he gets tensed) I am sorry! Please speak something. Speak to me, scold me, fight with me but please react. Swara! (she is looking blankly at him and he holds her shoulder) I don’t want to lose you. (tears roll down his cheeks and seeing him crying, she also gets teary eyed. He hugs her and tears fall on his shirt. He feels it and releases from hug. She is crying silently. He cups her face) hey! What happened? Tell me. (he tries his best but she does not respond. He calls doctor and he examines her)

Doctor: sir! She is in deep shock. She can hear you but is unable to respond. Keep trying to wake her up and compel her to react but not now. Here is the list of medicines which she has to take. Ok, I will take your leave now!

Sanskar: (disappointed) well! (doctor goes and he starts shouting at AP) you are seeing, what is the condition of Swara and this all is due to your great Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari. I am telling you if she does not recover in one week, I will set his brains right. What does he think that he could control every one’s life? He alleged her and she could not bear it. I know her completely; she cannot do all this. He does not have any right to play games with us.
AP: I know Sanskar! She is like my daughter and I know she cannot do anything wrong.
Sanskar: I don’t know anything. I just want my old Swara back. First, he forced her into relationship with me and now all this. He can do anything with me but I would not tolerate if she has to suffer just because of him. (goes out and she sits beside her)
AP: I don’t know whose bad eye fell on our house. Please Swara! Get well soon so that this house becomes a happy family. (goes out. After some time, Sanskar comes with her medicines and feeds her. He talks with her.)
Sanskar: (holds her hands) Swara! You considered me as your best friend, so please get well for your best friend. I know you can hear me, you can understand what I am saying. Please Swara! (gets teary eyed and goes towards the door. She wants to stop him but is unable to call him. He goes out. He comes late and sees her sitting on bed in the same way she was sitting few hours ago. He smiles towards her) you are still awake?

This is not good for your health. Lay down! (makes her lay down and covers her with blanket) now close your eyes. (keeps his hand on her eyes and she closes her eyes) good girl! (tries to kiss her forehead but stops and smiles) I love you. (switches off her side lamp and goes to sleep on another corner. Next day, he brings breakfast in the room and feeds her. He then feeds her medicines and talks to her nonstop.)

Sanskar: hey! I know you don’t want to go out, that’s why I brought your breakfast here. It is very tasty. You know what? I first time prepared food for you. (Swara looks at him blankly) hey! Why are you staring at me like this? I did not add chillies in it. (laughs but Swara remains silent. He recalls advise of doctor that they should compel her to react. He wonders what to do.)

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