Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 2)


Hey guys! I am here with 2nd part of my story.

AP and DP enter the room.
AP: (crying and hugs him.) my son! Why do you do those things that give us pain? You know I can’t see you like this.
Sanskar: who opened the door? (Shouts) I said who opened the door. I had locked it.
DP: don’t shout as it would be risky for your health. Take some rest.
Sanskar: the hell with my health! (stern face) first give me answer. Who opened the door?
DP: we broke it.
Sanskar: why?
DP: because we were worried for you. Why do you do such things?
Sanskar: I want to be alone for some time. You please go.
DP: AP, you go. I will come in some time!
AP: ok! (Goes from there. DP comes to him and keeps hand on his shoulder. He asks him politely)
DP: Sanskar! What is your problem my son? Tell me, maybe I can help you.
Sanskar: nobody could help me. I am feeling sleepy. (Closes his eyes)
DP: this is not first time. You tried to commit suicide two times earlier. What is the matter?
Sanskar: nothing!
DP: you are lying. Now you will have to tell me truth. Are you…involved in some one? I mean any girl?
Sanskar: (Opens his eyes immediately) girl? (Laughs and hugs him. He starts crying)
DP: hey! Tell me. Don’t cry!
Sanskar: no dad! You are wrong this time; I am not involved in any girl. What do you want? Ok! I will not do such things. Fine? Now leave me alone.
DP: (disappointed) ok, (tries to smile) have rest! (comes out)
AP: did he tell you something?
DP: no, but I think this is the case of some girl.
AP: but how could we find out? He is not willing to tell us anything.
DP: (thinks and gets an idea) why did I not think of it earlier? Oh God! I am so dumb.
AP: what you thought?
DP: we should check his room. We can get some clue from there. And if it turns out to be matter of a girl, I promise you AP that I will put that girl in his life. I can do anything for my son. I will not let his life destroyed at the hands of any girl!
AP: thank you DP ji! (Hugs him)

Swara enters her cabin in a hurry. She is stamping her feet in anger.
Swara: that blo*dy spoiled brat! How dare he?
Ragini: offo di! His condition was already bad and on the top of it, you slapped him so hard that he seemed to lose all his senses. This is against your duty!
Swara: I don’t care! He tried to pull my dupatta.
Ragini: that was by mistake, I saw it. You should have listened to him at least. He was trying to speak with you.
Swara: oh shut up Ragini! What would he tell me? That 17th century love dialogues. I know how to handle these types of guys. He is a goon. I hate him to the core of my heart.
Ragini: goon? But madam let me tell you, if he hadn’t come on time, you would have not been standing here. They had killed you. (Flashback: some guys follow her in a lonely street and try to rape her but Sanskar comes and saves her. She thanks him and goes.)
Swara: why are you taking his side? Don’t irritate me.
Ragini: di! I am not taking his side, think with cool mind. It is the question of his life!
Swara: so it is good. I will get rid of him.
Ragini: but think once, no one does such things for a girl without knowing anything about her, not even your name. He loves you truly!
Swara: (shouts) just shut up! I don’t want to listen to all your rubbish.
Ragini : di! You would regret. Very less people are lucky to get a loving husband wife relationship. Don’t you want to…
Swara: (cuts her) no, I don’t want to see his face. I have seen him beating people (Flashback: a guy badmouths about

Swara in front of Sanskar and he gets hyper and beats him so badly that he gets unconscious. Just then Swara enters and sees him beating that guy. She thinks of him as goon.) He is a heartless guy, then, how can he love me. If I will not live on his wish, he would beat me also. I cannot risk my life.
Ragini: (sarcastically) if he wanted, he could force you but he didn’t. Now what would you say.
Swara: (irked) I don’t want to talk about him. I am going to emergency ward. You stay here. If his parents come, go and check.
Ragini: but di! He is your case, not mine. Ok?
Swara: yeah ragini! But I know it is his plan and I would not let him succeed. (Goes)
Ragini : (to herself) she needs a psychiatrist, seriously! This girl is out of mind. If I was in her place, I would have accepted him. After all, he loves her so much! (Takes a file and starts reading report)
AP and DP come to home and enter the room of Sanskar.
AP: what if we did not find any clue about that girl.
DP: if he loves someone, he will definitely keep her picture or something. We could trace out that girl by her picture.
AP: but where to find her picture?
DP: I will check his cupboard. You check his dressing room.
AP: dressing room? Why would he keep her pic in dressing room?
DP: (glares angrily) just do as I say!
AP: ok! (Goes to check. DP checks his cupboard. Just as he opens the cupboard, he does not find any picture. He removes his clothes and finds whole wall full of pictures of Swara. He is shocked. On the other hand, AP finds 10-15 paintings of Swara. She calls DP.
AP: DP ji! DP ji! Look what I found?
DP: (comes almost running) what happened AP? What did you found? (Looks at the paintings and is shocked.) This girl!
AP: yeah! You were right!
DP: come here! (Takes her to cupboard side and shows her pictures) see this!
AP: why do I feel that I have met this girl somewhere?
DP: this is the doctor who is handling Sanskar’s case.
AP: (shocked) what?
DP: yes, and now we will talk to her.
AP: these pictures are showing that he knows her since two or three months. If he knows her, he must have address of her house. We must check.
DP: yeah!
AP: (tries to open the drawer of side table of his bed but it does not open) this is not opening. What has he kept in this?
DP: I will call kamu. He has duplicate keys. (Calls kamu and get duplicate keys. They open and find papers. He takes a paper and is shocked to see) has he written it with red paint? I don’t know your name but I love you to death! (He smells it and is shocked. He shouts) he has written it with blood. (Takes other papers and checks) all is written with his blood.
AP: what? (Takes papers from him and reads) dream girl! I love you. (Reads other paper) please accept me! What is all this non sense? (Crying) this is the reason for his silly acts. Please do something DP! I don’t want to lose my son.
DP: don’t worry! I will talk to doctor. I hope she understands his condition.
AP: no, first we will have to talk to Sanskar! We will have to make him understand…
DP: (cuts) what will he understand? Tell me! (Shouts) can’t you see his craziness for that girl. He is not able to understand. I will put that girl in his life no matter what I do to make her convinced. I can go to any extent for the happiness of my son!
AP: come, let’s go! (Both leave.)

Precap: revelation of past (swasan first meeting) and helpless sanskar losing hope.

So how was it guys? Please do comment if you liked it. I will wait. What do you think of precap?

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