Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 19)


Chapter 19:

Swara is confused how to convey her feelings. She stands behind him and he sees her in mirror and smiles. He sees her holding his coat and tie.
Sanskar: hey! Am I dreaming or what? I mean you are helping me like typical wives. Are you ok? (opens the drawer and sees vermilion box. He holds it and turns to Swara.
Swara: (acts as she did not listen to him and starts tying tie around his collar. He is boggled) stand still else tie will get curves. (collides with Sanskar and vermillion falls on her face and head filling her mang) (completes tie and makes him wear coat. He is observing her carefully)
Sanskar: oh! I am sorry! (Swara sees herself in the mirror and looks at him shocked. He holds her and makes her stand in front of him. He raises his hand to clean her mang) I am so sorry Swara. I did not do this intentionally. I will erase it. Swara: (holds his hand) no. you will not clean it.
Sanskar: any problem?
Swara: what?
Sanskar: please Swara! If you need any favour, then tell me. You know that I can do anything for you and you don’t need to do all this.

Swara: (jerks his hand) what do you think of me that I am doing this for your favour. Aa gaye na apni asli auqaat par! No Mr. Maheshwari! This time you are wrong. I am doing what is in my heart and nobody could stop me.
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Look, I am sorry. But you are behaving very strangely since these few days. So I thought… (she goes and brings his bag and wallet)
Swara: you are getting late. Come, I will see you off.
Sanskar: ok! (both go and she bids him bye.) bye! (comes back and touches her face fondly) you know what? You look really very cute when you take care of me like this. (goes from there and she touches her face and runs inside. She bolts the door and starts jumping with joy. In office, DP decides to talk to Sanskar. He goes to cabin of Sanskar but he ignores him. He turns Sanskar towards him and starts shouting)

DP: Sanskar! Why are you doing all this?
Sanskar: (calmly) what am I doing?
DP: don’t act before me. You know very well what I am talking about. Why are you ignoring me? You are avoiding me. Right?
Sanskar: yeah! Now got your answer?
DP: no, you need to explain me. (Swara is calling Sanskar but phone is on silent. Sanskar gets hyper and hits the table. His hand accidently touches screen of mobile and her call is attended. She starts listening their conversation.)
Sanskar: (hits on table) what do you want to say dad?
DP: I want to know the reason why are you avoiding me. Whenever I come during breakfast, you go without talking to me. You have not talked to me since past three months. Why? What have I done?
Sanskar: oh, do you have short term memory loss Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari? Do I need to remind you of your previous deeds?
DP: yeah!
Sanskar: (shouts) ok fine, then listen! I am doing all this because I hate you. I hate you to the core of my heart. I hate you because you snatched my happiness.
DP: what? You are mistaken. I was the one who gave you the biggest happiness of the world by marrying you with your love. What are you saying my son?
Sanskar: don’t utter my name from your blo*dy mouth. I am not your son because if you considered me as your son, you would not have done this to Swara. What was her fault in all this? I promised you that I will never attempt suicide then what was the need of all this? You don’t love me. You only wanted to show me that you love me very much and you have no objections on my choice. You wanted to show that how great are you. you were faking your love. Nothing was real. That all was a lie.

DP: no Sanskar! I…
Sanskar: (cuts) I said that I will not harm myself. Did I said it or not?
DP: yeah but I…
Sanskar: no long speech, only one word answer. Either yes or no!
DP: yes!
Sanskar: (shouts) then what was the need of all this? If someone would have done this with me, I would not mind but I will not compromise on Swara.

DP: who told you all this? That girl, right? She has no class and she is not eligible for you.
Sanskar: (shouts at the peak of his voice) don’t you dare speak a word against her else I will forget your relationship with me. Just because of you, she hated me. Just because of you, her life was ruined. But God does everything for our betterment and now we are good friends. I will free her from me soon and then she will start a new life. A life where nobody would interfere in her life. She will do what she wants and I will be there for her always as her best friend. I will support her everywhere and if you try to become hurdle in her way, I will ruin you too. I love her and I want to see her happy. And if her happiness lies away from me, then I would free her from this relationship.
DP: for one girl, you will forget your father?
Sanskar: I don’t consider you as my father.
DP: are you crazy?
Sanskar: (shouts) yes, I am. She is my life and I can do anything for her. Understood? Any other questions? If not, then you could go.

DP: you will regret one day. You will regret Sanskar!
Sanskar: then that is my problem. (DP goes out and Sanskar hits the table with full force. Swara cuts the phone and sits on floor crying. She recalls Sanskar telling DP that he will soon free her. She is determined to convey her feelings to him as soon as possible. DP comes home earlier and goes to Swara. He forces her to ask for divorce from Sanskar.)
DP: hey you! listen to me carefully. You will ask for divorce from Sanskar tonight. Got it?
Swara: but why? What have I done?
DP: what magic have you done on my son. He can’t see anything except you. He hates me just because of you and I will not tolerate it. you need to be out of this house and his life.
Swara: I am not a puppet at your hands. I am a living human and I have feelings. I will never divorce him. He is my husband and you cannot separate us.

DP: I am not interested in your rubbish talks. You have just 8 hours’ time and if you don’t ask him for divorce tonight, you will regret. I will make him to throw you out of his life and this house.
Swara: you can never do that because he loves me more than his life.

DP: (shouts) I will see to it. (goes out and she sits there tensed. Sanskar comes and finds her lost. He asks her but she does not reply. She fakes a head ache and lays down. She is thinking how to tell him her feelings. Suddenly, she recalls DP telling her that she has 8 hours’ time. She is thinking what will he do after eight hours. She sleeps. In the morning, they both come down. He sees DP siting and goes out saying he has some urgent work. She sees him off and does her breakfast. She is in her room thinking about the next move of DP.)

Swara: (pacing to and fro in her room) eight hours are passed and Mr. DP has come to know that I did not asked for divorce but he did not react. How could this happen. I am sure he is planning something big but what? I need to inquire but how? (AP comes and informs her that she and DP are going to park to enjoy the weather. She refuses to come so they go. Now she is alone at the house and thinking about the words of DP.) I am sure if I tell my feelings to Sanskar, he will never divorce me even if whole world forces him. But how to tell him. Think Swara think! Now he is your only hope. Only he can save you from DP. (she hears knock on the door) why do mom dad come back so early? (opens the door and is shocked)

Precap: new entry! Guess who?????

How was it guys? Hope you all like it.

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  9. Maryam

    Hey Sam. .Great Episode….
    I just have a humble request that if u want to add a new character in ur ff as swara’s lover make it Karan Tacker…

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  15. Mica

    waaa… now it ‘s Swara turn to have unconditional love to Sanskar!!!!
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    Swara ask divorce being blackmailed, Sanskar gives divorce in the name of love
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