Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 16)


Swasan friendship celebration. Sanskar prays for her happiness and she becomes emotional.
Swara: (tears flowing from her eyes and cries loudly)
Sanskar: hey what happened? Did I say anything wrong? I don’t want to be the reason of your tears. I am sorry. (she does not stop crying) ok, you can punish me, scold me, beat me but please speak to me. Say something Swara!
Swara: (hugs him tightly and cries)
Sanskar: hey, what happened?

Swara: (hugging position) you know what Sanskar? You are very caring.
Sanskar: (confused and releases from hug) then why are you crying?
Swara: I am very bad. I always scolded you, misbehaved with you. I never supported you instead I tortured you at every step but still you cared for me. You are so good Sanskar. Nobody has never cared for me this much. In fact, when I and Ragini fought, she did not spoke to me for three to four days. You always keep me happy and bring smile on my face. You always care for me. I never thought about you. I am very selfish.

Sanskar: (smiles and cups her face) hey! I understand your feelings. You were doing all this because you had misunderstandings about me. If I was in your place, I would have done the same thing and how can you say yourself selfish? You are not selfish. I know it and I trust you. If you were selfish, you would not have felt sorry or befriended me. And please don’t cry. Smile please! If not for you, then for me, please!

Swara: ok! (smiles)
Sanskar: that’s like my girl. This is our celebration party. So bestie! Tell me what would you like to see.
Swara: (feels pain) ah! (controls her voice and tries to smile) nothing Sanskar! You are in front of me and it is enough.
Sanskar: (understands that she is having pain) come Swara! You are not fine. You need rest.
Swara: no no, I am not having pain. I am fine.
Sanskar: (glares at her angrily) oh really, then come dance with me.
Swara: (shocked but composes and tries to smile) ok, but you will have to hold me.
Sanskar: (open mouthed) what? (thinks that she is not telling me. She cannot even move then how will she dance. He gives her hand and she tries to stand up. He helps her and she moves with great difficulty. Sanskar thinks to ask her to rest but suddenly she falls on him and he is misbalanced. They both fall and she falls on floor with full force. She withers in pain and shouts loudly.)
Swara: ah! Ouch! Sanskar! I can’t bear this pain. (he comes running to her and picks her up in his arms. He is in tears)

Sanskar: Swara! I am sorry! I am sorry Swara! Please forgive me. (helps her sit on chair)
Swara: (painful expression) I am sorry! I lied to you.
Sanskar: no Swara! You did this for me. You know what? You are silly girl. What was the need of it? why you don’t care for yourself.

Swara: I was just…
Sanskar: you were just what? Tell me! If I say something, it is your right to decide whether obey me or not. Don’t you have tongue in your mouth? At first, you used to scold me and now what happened with you. you were saying that you are selfish. No Swara! It is the proof that you are not selfish. This is not you Swara! This is not you!
Swara: (stands up with anger) hey you chatterbox! Just shut your face. I will break your mouth. Enough of your rubbish talks. (shouts) what do you think of yourself. (goes and throws spoon on him) I will kill you. (Sanskar smiles and she gets angrier) there is nothing for you to enjoy. I will break your mouth and keep your broken teeth in your hands. (removes the stray of hairs from her face) you are shameless.

Sanskar: (goes near her and caresses her hairs. He smiles) Swara! Look, you are fine.
Swara: (confused) what?
Sanskar: your back pain! Look, you are standing on your own feet without any support.
Swara: (looks at her feet and walks to him. She gets happy and starts jumping) Sanskar, see I can walk, I can jump also. Yes, I am fine. (hugs him) thank you so much Sanskar. You are my true best friend. Thank you!
Sanskar: (releases from hug and raises his hand in signature style) never mind madam! Anything for you! and anything could mean anything.
Swara: (laughs sarcastically) now I can dance.

Sanskar: yeah, of course! (they both start dancing) this celebration brought good luck for you. (they enjoy the celebrations and come to room. Swara is looking very happy. She yawns.)
Swara: Ah! I can’t wait dude! I am feeling sleepy. (gets on bed and he goes towards couch) hey chatterbox, where are you going now?
Sanskar: I am feeling sleepy.
Swara: (sits upright) come here! (he comes to her and she holds his hand) sleep here!
Sanskar: (shocked) what?

Swara: look, you are my best friend and I can’t see my best friend sleeping as servant. This bed is very big for me so you can sleep on corner. (brings a blanket and pillow. She keeps pillow in between the bed.) this is my side and that is your side! (smiles) I am living with you for three months. I trust you completely. (he looks at her blankly) hey! What happened? (shakes him)
Sanskar: (comes to his senses) no, nothing. I am feeling sleepy.
Swara: me too. (they both sleep and he faces away from her. She feels weird. When she sleeps, he faces towards her. He looks at her emotionally. He thinks)

Sanskar: (to himself) what if you start loving me. What if you start feeling for me the same way as I feel for you? I am thinking about silly things. I know that you cannot love me. I have seen in your eyes that you just consider me as your friend and nothing more. I am sorry but my heart is not under my control, it always thinks about silly things. (Jerks his head) But I am happy that at least now you will have good memories with me. When you will remember me, there would be no pain in your eyes but a sharp brightened happiness. I will do anything for your happiness. (closes his eyes. Next day, he gets up and looks at her. She gets up and starts scolding him.)
Swara: hey! What are you staring at man? Be in your limits! What happened?
Sanskar: no, I am fine. How are you feeling now?
Swara: why are you behaving as if you are meeting me after a long time?
Sanskar: I am sorry! (turns to go.)
Swara: (looks at him amused and holds his hand) oh hello Mr. Maheshwari! I was just teasing you but you took it serious. Let me tell you that you are not my slave. You are my best friend and if you don’t like anything about me, you can tell me. You can fight with me and tell that I am wrong. I know I will not be right always.

Sanskar: (gets happy and smiles) really? Thank you Swara! Now I will be at peace that you consider me as your best friend from your heart.
Swara: yeah! From heart. (smiles) I want to visit the city. I am bored lying on this way and now I am fine also.
Sanskar: ok! I will tell the driver.
Swara: (glares at him) what?
Sanskar: (confused) now what do you want?
Swara: you silly guy! I want to go with you. I want to make good memories with you. can’t you understand?
Sanskar: ok bestie! Get ready, I will come after some time.
Swara: but I am ready. I don’t need all that crap!
Sanskar: I know but I want you to wear that dress which I gifted you first. It has all things with it and the best thing is that you like it.

Swara: wow! You know everything about me.
Sanskar: (sarcastically) after all, whose husband I am? (raises eyebrows)
Swara: (laughs) mine! (hugs him but then comes to senses and her smile fades. Sanskar notices this) you! I already told you that I don’t consider you as my husband. Ok?
Sanskar: (trying to cheer her up) hey what happened? Would I know the likes and dislikes of my neighbour’s wife? Of course I would know only about you. don’t worry! Get ready.
Swara: (smiles)yeah! (goes from there and Sanskar gives a sigh of relief.)
Sanskar: although for a moment but at least you considered me as your husband. Thank you. (smiles and goes. They go and Swara enjoys very much. Sanskar looks after her everything. He cares for her diet and rest. They come to their room late and sleep. They live there for one week and their bond of friendship becomes stronger day by day. They return back.)

So guys how was it. I know it is longer but may be I will not be able to post tomorrow. So… how do you like SwaSan moments. Keep reading!

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