Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 14)


Swara stops Sanskar and says she has something important to talk. Sanskar is shocked and Swara gets confused.
Sanskar: don’t hesitate! Tell me clearly, I am listening.
Swara: (lowers her head) I am sorry!
Sanskar: (stunned) what?
Swara: (shouts) I said that I am sorry!
Sanskar: (smiles) nice joke!
Swara: (angrily) you think of my words as joke! I never joke with you.
Sanskar: (his smile fades) why are you saying sorry?
Swara: (moves closer to him) for troubling you, for snatching your happiness, for torturing you. I am sorry. I know that I did very much wrong with you and it can’t be forgiven. But see how much shameless I am that I am still asking for your forgiveness. I crossed all the limits of ruthlessness. I was not with you whenever you needed me like you were ill and after that accident. Instead of caring for you, I tortured you. I thought that you will hate me one day for sure but it didn’t happen. I tried very much but you never talked to me angrily.
Sanskar: (holds her) no need…
Swara: no, I am so bad. I have fallen in my eyes after what I did with you. (cries loudly)
Sanskar: (smiles) hey! Control yourself. I never felt bad. I am saying truth. You are not bad.
Swara: (crying) why are you so good Sanskar? Ok, tell me one thing!
Sanskar: yeah!

Swara: why do you love me so much? Why can’t you hate me? What is in me that you cannot love anyone else?
Sanskar: (smiles) Swara! For loving someone, we don’t need any reason. I don’t love your one thing. I love your soul, I love your style, I love your thoughts. Love is respect and I respect you just as I respect my parents. This is why I always say that I love you. I have told you so many times that I can never hate you. it is not in my control. I don’t need any reason to love you. love happens only once and I have fallen in love with you already. Love does not allow us to ask our beloved ones whether they will be able to love in return or not. There are so many girls in the world but you are the only one whom I love and nobody could take your place. Never
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar!
Sanskar: hey don’t cry! I said I never felt bad! (hugs her and she hugs him back. He closes his eyes and she cries more loudly.) hey! Your health condition will deteriorate. Now stop crying. Please!

Swara: (holds his hands and releases from hug) Sanskar! I did not do this to hurt you. I wanted to tell you that I do not love you. love could not be forced. Relations could be made forcefully but nobody could control our feelings.
Sanskar: (disappointed) yeah! I know. (turns to go)
Swara: I am not that bad. Please sit here. I am tired of this loneliness. (Sanskar sits there with stern face.) you know what? My mom always used to say that never judge a person without knowing anything about him. I always used to disagree with her because I thought that we could know about nature of people in one meeting. But I was wrong and I had practical experience with you. When I met with you, I always felt angry and that was the sole reason of my all misunderstandings. But when I spent time with you, I came to know that you are a very nice person and very good at heart. My mom says that whenever we find a person good at heart, we should make friends with that person because there are very less people in the world who can feel pain of other people. So, would you become friend with me? (extends her hand and he looks at her teary eyed) hey! What happened? I know that I never did anything good for you, but I promise that I will be a very good friend of you. don’t you trust me?
Sanskar: I can trust you closing my eyes. Do you need proof?
Swara: (laughs) no no. I can understand why you don’t want to be friends with me.
Sanskar: I did not say that I don’t want to. So, friends from now on? (extends hand and she shakes)
Swara: ok, friends!
Sanskar: no no, you are not my friend.
Swara: (smile fades) what?

Sanskar: yeah! (looks at her amused) actually, you are my best friend. I will call you my bestie from now onwards. Ok?
Swara: (gives a sigh of relief) hah! You scared me idiot! If I did not have back pain, you would have got beatings from me.
Sanskar: tension not my bestie! You can fulfil your wish after becoming fine. I will present myself.
Swara: (laughs) oh really! Actually, I never made any friends. You are the first person whom I made friend. You are my best friend. And… I will call you chatterbox because you always keep on blabbering something every time!
Sanskar: I think opposite because you always keep talking nonsense but for you, I will not mind. So bestie! Tell me what would you like to have? Oh yeah! I want to celebrate this occasion.
Swara: but I cannot even move from my place.
Sanskar: so what? I can pick you in my arms and go to a restaurant. Ok?
Swara: (glaring at him) Sanskar! Are you out of mind? I mean it will be very embarrassing for me. No, I can’t.
Sansar: oh come on Swara! What is the problem? Ok, I will book special place for us. There will be no people around us and still if anyone tries to bother you, just tell me. I will break his mouth.
Swara: Sanskar, please try to understand.
Sanskar: did you called me your best friend?
Swara: (irked) what?
Sanskar: just answer in single word, yes or no?
Swara: yes!
Sanskar: don’t you have trust on me?
Swara: no, there is nothing like that…
Sanskar: there is something like that. I think you don’t consider me as your true friend. (looks away disappointed)
Swara: (turns him towards her) hey! There is nothing like that, I swear! Ok! I trust you and I will come with you. ok, but my full responsibility would be on you.
Sanskar: never mind mam! (laughs and she stares at him continuously) I will call some makeup artist. She will prepare you for the dinner. Ok?
Swara: there is no need. I can prepare myself.
Sanskar: do you forgot your back sprain?
Swara: oh yeah! Ok, do what you want.
Sanskar: (patting her cheek) that’s like my true friend. I will come in half an hour.
Swara: what will I do here alone?
Sanskar: you can watch TV or play games on your cell phone. You can call room service if you find any difficulty.
Swara: (smiles) ok, bye!
Sanskar: bye (kisses on her forehead and she pushes him)
Swara: don’t try to flirt with me. I am your friend, not girlfriend. Ok? (points finger at him and he smiles)
Sanskar: I know that you will not be able to beat me in this condition otherwise I can’t dare to do such things. And secondly, no one has the opportunity to flirt with his own wife. So let me utilise this opportunity. (runs from there and she laughs at him)
Swara: (laughing) you freak! How silly. Opportunistic! (jerks her head and he observes her. Tears start flowing from his eyes)
Sanskar: (to himself) I am so happy today. Your all misunderstandings got cleared today. Thank you Swara! At least you considered me as your friend. (he calls a restaurant and gets all arrangements done.) I feel very good seeing you happy. Now, I could live peacefully.)
So what do you think of this chapter? It was an ideal chapter as all misunderstandings of Swara removed and their friendly relationship. Hope you all would like it. those who wanted to get Swara’s misunderstanding cleared would be very happy. It is the beginning of love.

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