Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 13)


Here is thirteenth part.

Swara falls in her own dug pitfall. Sanskar comes to her and she looks on shocked.
Sanskar: (worried) what happened to you?
Swara: I was placing my luggage in cupboard when this…. (points towards the broken ladder)
Sanskar: what? How can it break? I will not leave the higher authorities of this hotel. How can they be so careless to provide you a broken ladder? blo*dy bastards!
Swara: (recalls when she herself broke the ladder) no Sanskar! You will not say anything to them. I am fine.
Sanskar: ok! Come, (gives hand to her but she cannot get up. He looks at her and says in anger) hmm, so you are fine, huh?

Swara: (confused) no…. yeah….no I mean that I…
Sanskar: (shouts) I was trying to do my work, right? Can’t you take care of yourself? Are you a small child? You say that you can’t bear me for 24 hours but you always do these silly acts and put yourself in problem. That is why I always remain with you.
Swara: (lowers her head) yeah! I know.
Sanskar: you… (cools himself down. He picks her up in his arm and places her on his bed. He helps her in sitting and places two pillows behind her back.) feeling better?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: no, I am not satisfied. Let me call the doctor. I will get satisfied only after his statement. You will never tell me right! (calls the doctor)
Swara: I don’t need any check up!
Sanskar: shut up! (comes towards her and keeps his face near her and points finger at her) shut your mouth because I will not listen to you.
Swara: I am not your servant. Why are you doing all this?
Sanskar: (shouts in his maximum voice) because I love you damn it! (teary eyes) but you will never understand, leave it. (goes towards the door and turns) and yeah! I will have to change this mattress. You cannot sleep on this!

Swara: why?
Sanskar: because you have back pain and you need to sleep on some hard surface.
Swara: what? You are trying to revenge on me?
Sanskar: shut up or I will break your mouth. Think what you want. I cannot change your negative thoughts and I will not give any explanation. I don’t care what you think of me but I really care for you. I don’t need your certificate to prove my feelings.
Swara: but why will you change it when room service is available?
Sanskar: because I don’t know how they will do it. I will not be satisfied. (picks her up in his arms and she struggles to free herself but he holds her more tightly)
Swara: (beating him) leave me you moron, I will not sleep on hard surface. I have never slept without mattress. I will not be comfortable.
Sanskar: stop it Sam! (places her on couch) you and I both know that you can’t even take one step on your own. So let me do it.
Swara: you know what? I hate you!

Sanskar: I know. Did I ever asked you for your love? (swara nods no) I am doing this for your own good. You will get fine very fast. And I can do anything with you as you will not be able to stop me. (gets very close to her and she closes her eyes in fear. He touches her face and whispers in her ear) you know what? I am not that bad. (she opens her eyes. His face is touching her nose and she holds her breathe) you look really nice from closer view. (smiles and moves back. She gives a sigh of relief but he again starts coming close to her. At the same time, doctor enters the room and coughs to make them conscious. He immediately moves back. After checking her, doctor informs him that she will get fine after two days if she applies this ointment. He takes it from him and sees him off. He comes in room and informs her)
Swara: what? Two days. (closes her eyes) oh God! I will have to live like this for two days. I cannot tolerate this pain even for two minutes.
Sanskar: don’t worry, I will apply this ointment and your pain will say bye to you.
Swara: (shocked) oh hello mister! Don’t even try. I know your intentions. Give it to me. (snatches it from him) I will apply this myself.

Sanskar: (raises his shoulder) ok! (goes and starts making a hard surface for her. She tries to apply the ointment but fails. Sanskar is observing it.) may I help!
Swara: no thank you! (tries to apply but feels pain and shouts) ah!
Sanskar: (runs to her and makes her lay on bed) silly girl! (snatches the box from her and keeps her on opposite side to him. She tries to resist but he holds her hands) madam! Stop your irritating behaviour else you will never be able to walk in your life, understood. Lifts her top and she beats him.
Swara: you rouge! I will kill you. Don’t touch me.
Sanskar: you are very stubborn but I will not listen to you. (He has full control over her body. She tries to move back but he holds her tightly. She tries hard and he shouts) stop it Swara! Else I will tie you with ropes and then apply this ointment. I can take advantage of situation then.
Swara: you are very clever. (He applies ointment and goes. She shouts) you opportunistic…
Sanskar: I am doing all this for you!
Swara: I don’t need all this!
Sanskar: oh really! (smiles sarcastically) then I should book my tickets and return to India today itself. You can stay here till you want.
Swara: no, please don’t go.
Sanskar: your bed is ready. (points to hard surface and she makes faces. He smiles and takes her in his arms and places her on bed. She looks at him without blinking her eyes.) are you comfortable?
Swara: yeah!

Sanskar: if you have any problem, you can call me. (Keeps phone in her lap and goes)
Swara: Sanskar! Where are you going?
Sanskar: to punish the people who are responsible for your this condition?
Swara: (shocked) what? (thinks that she is herself responsible) the one who digs pitfall for anyone, he himself falls in it.
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Swara: nothing. I was saying that maybe they don’t know about it. Don’t take any step against them.
Sanskar: you have to bear this much pain and still you are saying that they should not be punished. What kind of girl are you. On one hand, you are punishing me without knowing anything and on the other hand, you are defending them.
Swara: I am feeling hungry!
Sanskar: don’t try to divert the topic.
Swara: (shouts) I will. What would you do?
Sanskar: nothing, I am going to bring food for you. Tell me if you want something special.
Swara: (irritated look) no. (her phone falls and she tries to pick it)
Sanskar: (holds her) you will not bend or move. Ok?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: (gives phone to her) good!

Swara: (recalls when he asked her to pass the phone and she poked fun at him.) thank you!
Sanskar: no need! (goes from there smiling and brings food for her.) Swara! Look what I bought.
Swara: I am sure you would have bought some boiled egg and a bitter soup.
Sanskar: (laughs) oh hello madam! I do not think like you. I bought fried chicken for you.
Swara: what? Good manners. (starts to eat. Sanskar looks at her lovingly.) don’t stare at me like this else I will take your eyes from skull and play tennis with it.
Sanskar: you know what? When you pass comments like this, you look very cute and my heart urges me to do something like this. (moves closer to her and she gulps in fear. She tightens her fist and he observes her amused. He removes a stray of hairs from her face and moves back. He smiles) you cannot resist because of your back sprain and I can do anything.
Swara: (glares at him angrily) don’t even try else I will show you my dangerous side which you have never seen.

Sanskar: (his smile widens) if you wear that dress which I gifted you after coming to Paris, you would look more dangerous than ever.
Swara: (shouts) shut up! When I will get fine, I will make your condition so bad that you yourself would be afraid to look in mirror.
Sanskar: calm down Calm down. (laughs) I was just teasing you. (just when Swara opens her mouth to say something, her phone rings. It is Ragini. Sanskar asks her to pick the call but she asks him to take the call and tell her that we both are fine. He agrees.)
Sanskar: hi Ragu! How are you? And what are uncle aunty doing?
Ragini: I am fine buddy. Mom dad were missing her so much. What about you man?
Sanskar: I am also fine.
Ragini: and what about my di?

Sanskar: (looking at Swara) your di is perfectly alright. You want to talk to her? (gives phone to Swara and she recalls when she did not accept his request of not letting his parents know about his accident. Instead, she exaggerated the matter and tried to hurt his parents. She gets teary eyed)
Ragini: di! Are you there? Hello!
Swara: yeah! I am fine.
Ragini: I know that you will be enjoying very much in the company of my brother in-law. After all, he loves you so much that he will never let you get bored.
Swara: (smiles) yeah!

Ragini: ok! So now I can tell mom and dad that you are fine and enjoying very much with jiju! Bye!
Swara: bye! (ends the call and gives phone to Sanskar. He hands her back)
Sanskar: (keeping phone in her lap) silly girl! You will have to call me in case if you need anything. Keep it with you. Ok? (turns to go and she calls him back)
Swara: Sanskar! Where are you going?
Sanskar: I will be outside.
Swara: and what will you do outside?
Sanskar: nothing. (smiles) I will wait for your call.
Swara: why don’t you stay here with me? You will not be comfortable outside.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? Am I listening right?
Swara: can’t you hear what I am just saying. Now stop your acting and sit here (points to her bedside and he sits) I wanted to talk to you for something important.

So guys, how was it. It was a very long part. I hope you people are not bored. So what do you think why swara wants to talk to Sanskar?

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