Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 12)


here is twelfth part.

SwaSan are in car going towards hotel. Swara is determined to make him hate herself.
Sanskar: (sees her lost in thoughts) Swara! What are you thinking?
Swara: why are you inquiring like detectives? Why should I tell you what am I thinking? Stop behaving like possessive husbands. You are my husband only in front of the world. You and I know very well that I will never accept you as my husband. Understood?
Sanskar: (keeps staring at her)
Swara: (shouts) what are you staring at man? What is wrong with you?
Sanskar: I am sorry if I hurt you.
Swara: just keep quiet. I hate your voice. (They come to their room and he asks her to take medicines.) don’t act concerned.
Sanskar: will you take medicines or not? If you want to scold me, I will be right there for you. You could scold me as much as you can. I am not running anywhere but first take medicines.
Swara: (rolls her eyes) ok! (Sanskar gives her medicines. She lays down and he sits on couch. When she sleeps, he comes and checks if she has fever or not. He is relieved to find her all fine. She is observing her secretly. Sanskar talks to her thinking that she is sleeping.)

Sanskar: I have to look after you when you are sleeping because you would get angry if you wake up. You will think that I am showing fake care towards you. (next day, they go for outing. Swara behaves rudely as usual. While coming, she asks him to go by a separate car as she has to do shopping. He agrees. She goes to shopping. His car meets an accident. She receives the call from hospital and reaches there almost running. She sees him lying unconscious on bed and his clothes are soaked in blood. He gains consciousness and sees her. He gets happy and smiles.
Sanskar: by seeing you, I became alright!
Swara: (angry) I know it is all your plan. Listen mister, I will not let you succeed in your intentions. Ok?
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Swara: don’t act innocent. You did this intentionally to prolong our honeymoon duration so that you can spend more time with me. You idiot! I will not spare you!

Sanskar: (teary eyed) Swara! How much you think bad of me.
Swara: shut up you rouge! I will teach you a lesson for this when you will get fine. (Doctor comes and she inquiries about his condition. He informs her that he got a leg and shoulder fracture. He will not be able to walk for a month. He goes and she again scolds him.) all this happened as you wished!
Sanskar: no, this is not the truth.

Swara: who made you judge to decide it is true or not. Have some rest and enjoy. (goes stamping her feet in anger and he looks on shocked. She comes out and cries. She talks to herself) I am sorry Sanskar! But I have to do this to make you hate me. Till when you will bear my ruthlessness? One day, you will say that I hate you Swara and that day, I would ask you for divorce. I will make you hate me so much that you will hate my face, my name, my voice and everything related to me. (she goes from there and asks nurses and ward boy to take care of him. She goes to buy something to eat for him and gives it to nurse. He refuses to eat and she goes inside)
Swara: (to nurse) you can go now!
Nurse: ok mam! (goes from there)
Swara: what do you think of yourself? What do you want to prove?
Sanskar: why are you behaving like this?
Swara: (shouts) listen mister! I am telling you that I will not stay here for a minute above one week. So you have to recover soon. Now have this. (gives him food and he eats it) and if you do not recover before one week, I will go alone leaving you. Understood?

Sanskar: Swara! Nobody behaves like this even with a stranger.
Swara: (shouts) I would have behaved nicely if some stranger was in your place but you, I hate you and it is impossible for me to behave nicely with you.
Sanskar: why do you hate me? What have I done?
Swara: I don’t want to spend my energy in replying to your rubbish talks. (goes from there leaving Sanskar in tears)
Sanskar: (to himself) I wish I was dead! I wish I was dead. (cries bitterly and closes his eyes. After some time, he sleeps and she comes inside. She covers him with blanket and checks if he has fever or not. She is relieved to find that he did not got fever. She sits beside him and looks at him.)
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar. But I need to show you that there is no humanity for you in me then how can love develop in my heart for you. I know I am hurting you but it is for your own good because if you hate me, then you will not feel pain when I leave you. You will hate me and will feel happy that I got away from your life. At first, I used to hate you but when I lived with you, I got to know about good side of you. I was wrong, you are very good and I am very bad. Now I feel that I never hated you because for hating someone, love is must and I do not love you, then how could I hate you. Why can’t you understand that I can never love you? (goes and sleeps on bench. He opens his eyes and sees her. He smiles and thinks)

Sanskar: (to himself) I knew that you could not be heartless. Ok! I understand that you cannot love me and I will always keep it in mind. I will never ask for your love. I am happy that you are thinking about me. (at night, she also scolds him and behaves rudely. She sits on bench and looks outside. His phone rings and he tries to pick it up but could not due to fracture in shoulder. Swara looks at him but ignores intentionally.) Swara! Please pass me the phone!
Swara: oh, so much manners but listen you freak! I am not your servant, ok? (goes out and he looks on shocked. He again tries to pick it up but falls down and whither in pain. She sends nurse to him and enters after a while. To nurse) you can go now! (nurse goes and she takes the phone from him) oh my dear mom is calling you. How sweet!
Sanskar: attend the call and please don’t tell her about my condition. She gets tensed for no reason. That is why I didn’t informed her about your illness.
Swara: is it a request or order?
Sohan: request!

Swara: (stern face) so your request is rejected Mr. Maheshwari! Sorry. (smiles) my heart gets peace seeing your face troubled. Whenever I see you crying, my heart urges me to jump with happiness! How cute you look with these boggled expressions, (smiles) I love it!
Sanskar: no Swara! Don’t do this.
Swara: now my good time has come. I also pleaded DurgaPrasad Maheshwari in same way even I fell on his feet but he did not pay heed. I will feel happy to hurt your loved ones. I am taking my advance revenge when my family would be hurt due to our divorce. (attends call) hello mom! How are you?
AP: I am fine. I was missing you very much.
Swara: (fakes crying) I was also missing you mom! You don’t know what has happened here?
AP: why? What happened? Why are you crying?
Swara: mom! Actually… (Sanskar signs her not to. She smiles to him and acts like worried) Sanskar met with a very dangerous accident. His legs and arms are fractured. Mom, I am very much worried for him. What will happen now? Mom! Doctors are saying that his condition is very critical. (puts on the loud speakers of phone)

AP: what? (cries loudly) my son! What will I do if something happens to him. Oh my God! DP! DP ji! Sanskar met with an accident. His condition is very critical. Ah my son! I am telling you DP if something happens to him, I will not be able to live! (DP tries to calm her but in vain.)
DP: (to Swara) is he serious? Should I come?
Swara: (looks at Sanskar amused) no no uncle! I mean dad! I am here with him.
DP: thank you swara. AP is becoming out of control; I have to handle her! (ends call and Swara looks at Sanskar smiling)
Swara: so what would you do now, your mom! Ah, I am feeling very bad for her. Poor Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! I wish I was there to see their crying faces.
Sanskar: I know you are angry on me but please don’t make my parents suffer. I beg you.
Swara: (stands up and goes near him) so Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari never forgets his manners. Right? Good! Very good! (sits again) I am feeling hungry. I will come after having my dinner. Bye hubby!
Sanskar: (teary eyed) you are not doing right and you will regret one day for sure! You can do anything with me but don’t try to hurt my parents.
Swara: (gets out of the room and is shocked) what is he made of? How can he remain calm after my this much ruthless behaviour? I have doubt that he is not their real son. (goes from there. Two months are passed. He has recovered and they are now going towards London. In these two months, she continues her rude behaviour but Sanskar never talk to her in loud voice. He always respects her and does not abuse her. She is irked with his behaviour. He once gifts her a perfume and make up kit. She rejected it but he kept it in her luggage. Now they are in flight for London. The flight takes off and she gets terrified and holds his hand. He smiles and looks towards her.)

Sanskar: frightened?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: why? I told you nothing will happen. It is normal when flight takes off. Should I offer some water to you?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: (calls air hostess and orders water for her and gives it to her) have it. You will feel better.
Swara: (looks at him in disbelief and thinks) he still cares for me? Is he crazy? I tortured him so much and he is still caring for me? He has no brains.
Sanskar: my brain already stopped working when I first time saw you. (looks at her and smiles)
Swara: (looks at him open mouthed) how do you know it without looking at me?
Sanskar: I told you I will never need words to understand your feelings. I know that you don’t love me and you never will. I will never ask for your love but this does not mean that I stopped loving you. You are my life and nobody can take his own life. I can never hate you even if you take my life. I will always look after you when you fall ill, I will be always with you when you feel frightened, I will always be there for you when nobody is there to support you. (takes glass from her and drinks the rest of water.) don’t worry! We will land after two hours. I know you are claustrophobic but think of something else.

Swara: (lowers her eyes) I know all this. I feel safe with you.
Sanskar: (smiles) and I feel that time stops when I am with you.
Swara: (laughs) really?
Sanskar: (nods) yeah! You know what? After so much time, I am seeing you laughing with heart. You look really cute.
Swara: (puts headphones on her head) and I cannot hear you more. I am listening to songs. When flight lands, wake me up. (closes her eyes)
Sanskar: ok! (he keeps looking at her for the whole two hours. Although she has closed her eyes but still she knows that he is looking at her.
Swara: (thinks) why he loves me so much? What is in me? (flight lands and he wakes her up)
Sanskar: (touches her face) Swara! Wake up! We need to go now!
Swara: (opens her eyes and jerks his hand) I have told you many times that…
Sanskar: (cuts) stay away from me, right? (smiles)
Swara: (laughs) you are very stubborn. Now come, let’s go! (they both reach hotel and take key of their portion. She goes to her room. She has to place things in cupboards but they are on a height. She goes to Sanskar.
Sanskar: (sees her) oh Swara! Come, have a seat please. Everything ok? I mean if you need anything, you can ask me.

Swara: actually, I wanted to keep my things in cupboard but it is on a height and I need ladder to…
Sanskar: (cuts) leave it on me. You go and rest, I will place your luggage in your cupboard.
Swara: (goes from there and stands in her room) he is acting as if he knows all work. I will teach him a lesson. (she calls room service and asks for a ladder. They provide it to her and she breaks it secretly and places near the cupboard. She smiles) now when Mr. Maheshwari will come and place his feet on this, he will fall badly. Then I will show him that he could not do my work. Yes! (raises her hand in her signature style. Sanskar gets a call from his colleagues and he rushes there. He comes in her room.)

Sanskar: Swara! Swara! I am sorry. Actually my colleagues are here and they are calling me. I don’t know how much time, I will be there so please do it yourself. Ok?
Swara: yeah! (he goes and she sits on couch and reads a magazine. She comes and places her feet in ladder. She has completely forgot about her plan. When she reaches to maximum height, ladder breaks and she falls very badly.) ah! Ouch! It seems like I will have fracture on my back. Oh God! I can’t even get up. How could I forget that I had set a trap for Sanskar. I will not spare him. (tries to get up but in vain. She tries to call someone but as they have bought whole portion, so nobody was there. She is tensed and cries. I will die with this much pain. Where is my mobile? In the luggage. (tries to crawl but fails. She cries hardly. After sometime, she faints. Sanskar is still in the party of colleagues. He thinks to call her. He calls her but she does not pick. He gets tensed and thinks)
Sanskar: why is she not picking my call? Is everything alright there? I need to go. (he excuses himself and his colleagues make fun of him)

1st colleague: oh God Sanskar! You are behaving as if you are her caretaker.
2nd colleague: maybe she is busy in visiting different places.
3rd colleague: don’t be over protective about her. She will be fine, come let’s enjoy!

Sanskar: (shouts in anger) shut up! Just shut your faces ok? Keep your advices with you. If she is not picking my call, maybe something is not fine. You stay here and enjoy. I cannot leave her. Understood! (rushes from there in anger. He reaches hotel and runs to her room and shouts her name.) Swara! Swara! Where are you? (sees her lying on the floor and runs to her) Swara! What happened? Swara! (pats on her cheek and realises she is unconscious) please open your eyes. Talk to me! Scold me but please don’t stay like this. (his tears fall on her face and she becomes conscious and coughs) Swara! (forces her into a bone crushing hug. She is shocked) I was afraid that if anything happens to you, what will I do. Thank God, you gained consciousness. (tears fall from his eyes and she looks at him dumbstruck.)

So guys how was it. this chapter truly shows the unconditional love of Sanskar towards Swara no matter how much badly she treats him. So what do you think guys?

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