Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 11)


here is eleventh part.

Doctor comes out and Sanskar goes running to him.
Sanskar: what happened doctor? Is she fine? She only drank cocktail but reaction of her body was much severe.
Doctor: it was expired so it was poisonous. You can say that she drank poison is high quantity.
Sanskar: what? (runs to Swara and sees her lying on bed. Her body is bluish. He gets teary eyed and grabs collar of the doctor and shouts) I asked you to do anything to save her and what you did. If anything happens to her, first I will kill you. Then I will burn this room along with me. I will not leave you.

Doctor: look Mr. Maheshwari… (Sanskar takes his gun from his luggage and points towards him. At the same time, Swara opens her eyes due to their noise. She is shocked to see gun in Sanskar’s hand)
Sanskar: you are doctor and your work is to save lives. If you cannot save the life of my wife, you have no right to live. Good bye doctor. (just when he is about to shoot him, Swara shouts)
Swara: Sanskar Maheshwari! What are you doing? (gets down the bed and doctor gives a sigh of relief. Sanskar runs to her and looks at her from head to toe.)
Sanskar: (tears falling from his eyes) are you fine?
Swara: (looks at him coldly) what were you doing with doctor? He saved my life and you…
Sanskar: I was… (Swara stops him with her hand)
Swara: enough of your drama! Now, it is proved that I was right. You are a goon.
Sanskar: (turns to doctor and goes to him and hugs him) thank you doctor! I was afraid that I will lose her.

Doctor: (to Swara) mam! Your husband loves you very much. He was ready to do anything for you.
Sanskar: could you leave us alone, please?
Doctor: yeah sure! (he goes and Sanskar sits on Swara’s feet.)
Swara: (shouts) now stop your over acting! What were you doing? This means if I would not follow your orders, you will shoot me also?
Sanskar: what? How could you even think like that? I cannot hurt you even in my dreams. When you cry, my heart sinks.

Swara: enough of your dialogues. So you would shoot me? Shoot me. (holds gun and points on her head) come on, shoot me. I said shoot me. (holds his hand on trigger and tries to press it. He holds her hand and places gun in her hand. He turns its direction towards his forehead. She looks on shocked)
Sanskar: nobody could kill his love. You hate me, right? So shoot me. You will get rid of me.
Swara: you are very clever. I will kill you and then go to jail. No ways. (throws the gun) your plan flopped. (feels pain in head and holds her head) ah!
Sanskar: what happened? You are not fine. Lay down. (tries to hold her but she stops him.)
Swara: I am fine and I can take care of myself. Don’t try to touch me! Stay away from me. (she lays down and sleeps. Sanskar looks at her teary eyed)

Sanskar: when will you understand me Swara? I love you, can’t you understand this small thing? But no, you will always think that I am wrong. You can misunderstand me but I can’t hate you for this. Because my heart never listens to me. (touches her face and feels warmth) oh my God! You have high fever. (goes to a corner and calls the doctor. He prescribes some medicines for her and he goes to buy them. After some time, he again enters the room with medicines. He takes a bowl and puts cold water in it. He keeps the cloth soaked in it and then keeps on her forehead. After some time, her fever lessens and she gains consciousness.)

Swara: you! What are you doing here? Get out.
Sanskar: swara! You are not fine. You have to take medicines. Look, all these are for you. (shows her the medicines. She sits there annoyed and he prepares her medicines. She haves it and sits.) are you fine?
Swara: yeah! Tell me one thing. What happened when I drank that cocktail?
Sanskar: you fell unconscious and I brought you here. Doctor told me that it was expired and poison spread in your body. I will not leave that restaurant owner. How can they put anyone’s life in danger? I will do legal action against them.
Swara: I am fine now and I want to go to my room.
Sanskar: you are here with me till two days and you will live here until you get fine completely.
Swara: you cannot force me.
Sanskar: (smiles) I can force you because it is the matter of your life and I cannot take risk.
Swara: again over acting! Now leave, I want to rest.
Sanskar: do take your rest but after having breakfast. He orders precautionary dishes for her and leaves. Waiter comes and serves her.
Waiter: mam! You are very lucky to get such a loving husband.

Swara: oh really?
Waiter: yeah mam! Sir did not eat anything till now. He looked after you for the whole night.
Swara: (shocked) what? Ok! Send him to me.
Waiter: yeah! (goes and tells Sanskar that Swara is calling him. He goes and sits with her)
Swara: I came to know that you did not eat anything till now. When will you end all your fake drama? Tell me.
Sanskar: you are…
Swara: (mimics) misunderstanding me. Ok! Now stop talking and have your breakfast. (he does breakfast with her silently. She keeps looking at him in anger) now leave!
Sanskar: (shocked) what?
Swara: you are really crazy. Can’t you hear what I said? I feel suffocated when I see your face. Now get out.

Sanskar: I am sorry! (goes from there)
Swara: he is saying sorry as if it was his mistake. I know that I am wrong but I have to treat him like this to get rid of him. He is really nice.
He comes at lunch time and she acts as angry.
Swara: you came again?
Sanskar: (gives phone to her) mom was missing you.
Swara: you told her about my this condition?
Sanskar: no, she will get tensed.
Swara: (to AP) hello mom! How are you?
AP: I am fine? Tell me about your condition.
Swara: I am all fine. What about dad!
AP: he is also fine. But I don’t think that you are fine.
Swara: why mom?
AP: your voice is weak.

Swara: oh! Actually, I got up late, so that’s why. Sanskar will talk to you. (gives phone to him and she talks to him. After some time, he ends the call and orders lunch for themselves. They have their lunch and she sleeps. Sanskar sits on couch and keeps looking at her. He takes his diary out and starts writing. He remembers their first meeting.

Raat yun dil mein teri bhuli hui yaad aayi (at night, my heart remembered you like this from where I forgot)
Jaise viraaney mein chupke se bahar aa jaye (like spring comes to a lonely and barren place)
Jaise sehraon pe hole se chale baad-e-nasim (like a cool breeze blows in the desert)
Jaise bimar ko who wajah-e-Qarar aa jaye (like some ill person gets the peace of his heart. Smiles and looks at her)
Aap baithey hain Baalin pe meri
Mot ka zor chalta nahin hai (I do not have power on death)
Mot mujh ko gawara hai lekin (I can bear my death but)
Kiya karun dam nikalta nahin nahin hai (what can I do, death does not come to me)
He remembers her in bridal attire and their engagement day. Tears escape from his eyes and he recalls her refusal on wedding night. He remembers her hatred.
Mere naalon ki sun kar Zabaanein (hearing my painful complaints)
Ho gayein mom kitni chatanein (very big rocks melted)
Mein ne pighla diya patharon ko (I made stones melt also)
Ik tera dil pighalta nahin hai (only your heart does not melt)

He keeps pen in his diary and sleeps with a sad expression plastered on his face.

In morning, Swara wakes up and shouts.) Mr. Maheshwari!
Sanskar: yes!
Swara: for how much time, I would live like prisoners. I am bored. I want to visit the city.
Sanskar: ok, we will go. You get ready! Oh yeah! I forgot that I bought gift for you. Actually I wanted to give it on previous night but you fell ill so I completely lost my mind. I will just come. (goes and brings the box. She looks at him irritated)
Swara: again gifts! I already told you that I have no interest in you or your gifts.
Sanskar: at least have a look at it.
Swara: ok! (snatches box from him in anger and tears its outer cover. She is shocked to find the same dress which she liked in the market. The jewellery is also the same. She looks at him in disbelief) do you spy on me?

Sanskar: no, not at all! I chose this because I thought you would like it.
Swara: (throws box at him) keep this with you.
Sanskar: it is now yours.
Swara: you blo*dy idiot! (snatches box and throws it in the attaché case because he will not move till she accepts.) I accepted your gift. Now can I go?
Sanskar: you will not go alone; I will be with you.
Swara: shut up! I cannot bear you for 24 hours!
Sanskar: Sam! It is the matter of your safety and I cannot take risk.

Swara: alright! (goes stamping feet in anger. They visit different places and he cares very much about her. He does all her work. He gives his support to her while walking. At night, they are sitting in car. She looks at him with dreamy eyes. She thinks) why are you so good! I always scold you to show how much heartless I am. I want you to hate me so that I can get rid of you easily but you always act opposite. Why are you doing this. I know you also feel bad when I scold you. If I was in your place, I would have killed you but you still care for me this much. Why? I am becoming weak in front of your love. (jerks her head) no, what am I thinking. I will be the dumbest girl of the world if I fall in love with him. I will show him the peak of my cruelness. (sanskar looks at her and thinks what is she planning)

So guys how was it. now, I have started building a soft corner for sanskar in swara’s heart. And yeah please tell me how was the poetry portion (aap baithey hain baalin pe meri)? Hope you guys like it.

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