Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 10)


Here is 10th part.

Swara refuses to live in one room with Sanskar.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? But why?
Swara: I was living with you in one room because you asked me to not let your parents know about us. But here, there is neither your mother nor father. I cannot do more acting and I need complete peace. Whenever I see your face, my blood starts boiling. I cannot live normally with you. You were telling that you bought this whole portion so we have many rooms. Now get out!
Sanskar: (looks at her in shock) what?
Swara: now I am sure that you are deaf. Whenever I ask you anything, you can’t hear. I said get out! I don’t want to see your face all the time.
Sanskar: (in disbelief) but why?

Swara: (irritated) oh my God! I forgot that great Mr. Maheshwari will feel insult going from there. Let me do one thing. I will go to another room. (goes from there stamping her feet in anger and Sanskar stands there in shock. She goes to another room and talks to herself) is he deaf? Why can’t he hear that I am insulting him? From what thing he is made of? If I would have behaved like this to anyone, they would have kicked me out of their house at the spot but he is insane. He does not feel any insult. If this goes on, how will I get rid of him? It is very difficult to scold him. He does not react. Whenever, I shout on him, he says sorry as if the mistake was done by him. Oh my God! Why is he so good! (she thinks to keep her things in cupboard. She realises that she left her bags in his room) oh God! Now I will again go there and see his silly face. (she enters his room stealthily and picks her bags. She sees him sleeping on floor and goes near him.) I am sorry! But why are you so good. I am scared that I will fall for you if you stay near me. Why are you giving punishment to yourself? (covers him with blanket and goes. He smiles and opens his eyes.)
Sanskar: so Doctor Swara Gagodia is also afraid of something. You only show yourself strict but I know that you are weak from inside. I knew it because your eyes never showed hatred towards me. Now see what I do. She goes to her room and sleeps. Next day, she enters his room like storm. He is dazzled to see her.

Swara: listen Mr. Nobody! Don’t think that I will sit in my room like a good house wife. Ok? (points finger at him)
Sanskar: no no, why would I think like that?
Swara: I want to go out.
Sanskar: for shopping?
Swara: I want to see this city. I want to go to different places.
Sanskar: ok! I will come in just two minutes.
Swara: oh hello mister! What do you think that I would take you with me?
Sanskar: yeah of course! We will go together.
Swara: listen you rascal! I will not go anywhere with you ok! I will go by hiring a cab and don’t spy on me.

Sanskar: but you are new here. You have come here for the first time. Right?
Swara: do you think of me as illiterate. I know to care for myself and I can speak English also you dumb charade!
Sanskar: but it will not be safe for you.
Swara: again your silly lectures. Now enough of your hold. This is not your house that you will force me to do anything. Ok? I will do what I want and you cannot stop me. (points finger at him) mind it. (goes from there in anger and he runs behind her and blocks her way.) you idiot! Leave my way.
Sanskar: (holds her hands and smiles)
Swara: you rascal! Leave my hands.
Sanskar: (opens his wallet and places his three credit cards on her hand) I don’t think that anyone would give lift to you for free and no one will allow you shopping if you will not have money. Take this.

Swara: (open mouthed) what? (very low voice) I can’t understand him.
Sanskar: and don’t try because it will be of no use as you can never understand me.
Swara: (low voice) he is telepathic. Don’t fall in his trap. (to him, rudely) I can go myself. (Turns and goes. She hires a cab and goes. Sanskar calls his detective and orders him to follow her secretly. He asks detective to do nothing when she is in danger but inform him. He talks to himself.) sorry Swara! But I have to do this to make sure that you are safe. (detective informs him that she is in market. She likes a dress and jewellery. She asks for price. They tell her to pay two lacs for it. She is confused and thinks.)

Swara: (to herself) think Swara think! He has given credit cards to spend money but how can I spend two lacs for just a single dress. No, I will not buy. (she comes out and detective informs him)
Detective: sir! Madam was examining a dress and jewellery. It seemed that she likes it but she did not buy it.
Sanskar: what is its price?

Detective: (asks price and tells) two lacs sir!
Sanskar: (thinks) now I understand! She would be confused whether to spend two lacs on that dress or not. (to detective) which market? (he tells the name) ok! You keep following her and keep informing me. (he decides to go and buy it for her. He reaches the market and asks them to pack it as gift. He comes to hotel and sits there. Detective informs him that she is in some lonely place. She is enjoying nature. He thinks it is evening and she is alone. I will have to be with her. He goes there and follows her secretly. He sees her in a lonely place. She is thirsty and goes to hotel to have water. She sits there and sees a bottle without any label. She thinks of it as water and drinks it. Sanskar runs to her. She gets angry seeing him.

Swara: hey you! Why are you behind me? I asked you to not spy on me.
Sanskar: (sees the bottle empty and asks her) did you drink this?
Swara: yeah! Who are you to stop me?
Sanskar: oh shit! What have you done? You got only this to drink?
Swara: why? Do you have any problem?
Sanskar: Swara! It was cocktail.

Swara: what? That is why, its taste was different. (frightened and keeps her hands on mouth) now what will I do? (tears escape her eyes and Sanskar wipes her tears)
Sanskar: don’t worry! I am with you. Before it overpowers you, I will take you to your room. You have drunk it first time, I don’t know how your body would react.
Swara: what if anyone comes to know it. What will they think of me? Oh God! (her vision gets blurred. She holds him.) Sanskar! Sanskar! (cries hugging him. He tries to calm her but in vain) I can’t see anything. Whole world is spinning. I… (falls unconscious and Sanskar holds her. He picks her in his arms and comes to his car. He calls driver and he comes. Sanskar asks driver to drive the car. His wife fell unconscious. He gets on backseat and keeps Swara’s head on his lap. He keeps looking at her. Her body is turning too pale. He is frightened seeing her condition. She starts coughing badly. He rubs her back. She sees him and breathes heavily.

Swara: Sanskar! (holds his hands so tightly that he feels pain but does not tell her. She tries to keep her eyes open) I cannot breathe. It is suffocating.
Sanskar: (cups her face) don’t worry! Take a deep breath. (shouts at driver) call the doctor. Hurry up, her condition is deteriorating. (to Swara) nothing will happen to you. I am with you. Keep patience.

Swara: (breathes more heavily and shouts) ah! Ouch, it is paining. I cannot bear it. I … (cries. Sanskar hugs her. He releases from hug and cups her face.)
Sanskar: (cries and his tears fall on her hands. She notices it and looks at him teary eyed) I am with you. Hold on, don’t let yourself unconscious, ok?
Swara: (crying) yeah! (coughs. After sometime, they reach hotel. Sanskar carries her to their portion almost running. He places her on bed and starts rubbing her feet and hands. She is still struggling to open her eyes and mourns in pain. (he shouts at servant)
Sanskar: call the reception and tell them to send doctor here immediately. Fast! (servant goes running and he talks to Swara) hold on for just five minutes. Please Swara! Open your eyes. (his tears fall on her face and she slowly opens her eyes and sees him crying.)
Swara: (speaks with difficulty) Sanskar! I cannot hold on for long. I am feeling like I will die!
Sanskar: (shouts at the peak of his voice) shut up! Just shut up! What are you saying? I will never let anything happen to you and for that I can do anything. Understand. Just try to keep your eyes open. Talk to me you silly girl.

Swara: (smiles) I…
Sanskar: why are you smiling? Here your condition is deteriorating and you… (doctor comes and he runs to him) doctor! Please do something! She is losing consciousness.
Doctor: yeah! I will try my best. You please go out. I will do her treatment. (he goes and doctor does her treatment. He comes out and Sanskar runs to him)
so guys, how was it? I hope you all like it.

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