Unconditional love: swasan (chapter 1)

Hey guys! I am new here and this is my first fan fiction. I was a silent reader but I decided to write something for you. please read it and do comment how was it. now introducing characters.
Swara Gagodia: medical student in practice. She has serious attitude and emotional. She is very caring towards her family.
Ragini Gagodia: smaller sister of swara in 2nd year of medical
Shomi: mother of swara and ragini
Shekhar: father of swaragini and a loving husband
Sanskar maheshwari: fresh business graduate who has recently joined his family business
Laksh maheshwari: ragini’s classfellow but he got scholarship in Canada. He is sanskar’s smaller brother
Anapurna: mother of sanskar and laksh
Durgaprasad: father of sanskar and laksh but loves sanskar more.
Location: room of a big mansion. A boy is shown lying on the bed. His one hand is hanging down the bed. Very loud music is playing (when a man loves a woman) and he is humming along with it in semi-conscious state. He is wearing a T-shirt and a lose pant. After some time, he goes unconscious. A woman knocks at the door but gets no response. She bangs the door repeatedly and shouts…
Woman: sanskar! sanskar Open the door. Don’t you have manners; whole house is vibrating with your stereo. I said open the door. (A man comes) Mr. prasad! He is not opening the door. I am afraid if he is doing something wrong.

DP: listen to me carefully AP, don’t worry! We will handle the situation. Maybe he is sleeping!
AP: how could anybody sleep in such a loud music? (Crying) don’t know whose evil eye fell on our son. (shouts) sanskar! sanskar!
DP: have patience. I would call body guards. (He calls them and asks them to break the door and they succeed. DP and AP are shocked to see him lying unconscious. AP runs to him.)
AP: (caresses his hairs) Sanskar! sanskar! Get up. (crying) DP! He is unconscious. (sees blood on carpet and panics) DP! He has cut his wrist. See how much blood is lost. We will have to call the doctor immediately.
DP: (Worried) he needs to be shifted in hospital. You do something to stop bleeding. (To body guards) after bandage, take him to my car. I will be there at gate. (Goes out in hurry. AP is crying. She wonders what to do. She goes running and gets first aid box. She does a lose bandage with shaking hands and brings him down with the help of body guards. After some time, they are in hospital. Senior doctor gives his case to Swara Gagodia. She is a doctor doing practice. At first, she resists but after he insists she takes the case and goes to DP.
AP: (crying) doctor! Please save my son. Do something. I have done his bandage.
Swara: (shocked but composes herself) have patience. I will check him. (she checks his pulse and heart beat) his pulse is very slow. Much blood is lost. He needs blood.
DP: I will give blood.
Swara: (shouts) nurse! Take him to blood donating department and get the blood immediately! It’s an emergency case. (DP goes with nurse and AP is crying. Swara feels guilty) aunty! Please have patience. I will not let anything happen to your son. Ok?
AP: really! Nothing would happen to Sanskar?
swara: (tries to smile) yeah!

AP: he is my only hope. He is my world. If anything happens to him, I will not be able to live.
swara: aunty! Please don’t lose hope. It is your hope that kept your son alive. If you will lose hope, how would you control his father? You have to be strong.
AP: thank you for your kind consideration. I hope I get a daughter like you (touches her cheeks) God Bless you!
Swara: it is our duty! Don’t lose courage. I will go now but I will be back after 10-15 minutes.
AP: yeah! (She goes and AP starts crying again. DP comes and holds her)
DP: I gave blood. Now, he will be fine.
AP: (hugging position) this not his first time DP! Why he does such things that give pain to us. Does he not know how much we love him?
DP: I asked him several times but he never told me.
AP: is it matter of some girl? Maybe he is involved with someone. If this is so, I have no objection on his choice. Nothing is more important than my son.
DP: oh AP! I asked him several times but he denied. There is some other problem.
AP: then I am unable to understand his problem. Please DP! Do something. We must know what is going on in his mind.
DP: I will try! (They see Sanskar getting consciousness. Swara was listening to their entire conversation. She comes.)
Swara: what happened? Did the patient gained consciousness?
DP: he is getting consciousness,

Swara: he will be weak this time. He needs rest. You please go out. I will give him injection. (Goes to bring injection and DP and AP come out. After some time, she comes with Ragini. She often comes to help her sister. They both go to Sanskar and Ragini is shocked.)
Ragini: swara! This is the same guy, is he mad?
Swara: shut up! Just do what I say.
Sanskar: (opens his eyes and looks at Swara as if he was waiting for her. He smiles) good morning doctor!
Swara: this much happened and you are thinking to wish me good morning? What is all this? Are you mad?
Sanskar: only for you!
Swara: shut up you freak! Don’t open your mouth else I will break it and that too in one go.
Sanskar: this is ridiculous!
Swara: yes! (Trying to go out but he tries to stop her. His hand falls on her dupatta and it falls from her shoulder. She is enraged and turns. She slaps him so hard that it gets darkness in front of his eyes for some time. Just when, he is able to see, he sees her gone. He gets teary eyed. Just then DP enters with AP and he wipes his tears. DP notices it.
So tell me guys, how is it. I hope you all like it. I know this is very long one but very much stuff was stuck in my mind. What do you think why is sanskar doing all this and what relation swara shares with him? Ok, enough. I know you will be tired. Next part will be posted soon.

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