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Hii frends i have small request to u all.u can give ur review about my story gud or bad i don’t mind.but pls don’t use any bad words for me.and thanx again to u all to appreciate me.lets begin the story.
Karan : what, is it ur plan?do u think it will work.
Lakshya : yes
Karan : ok,than start the plan.
Firstly they both get sandeeps whole details and than they went to his apartment.karan disgues as a woman and bump into sandeep near the the lift.and start arguing with him.to stop him to get in his apartment
Karan : cant u see.
Sandeep : i m sorry.
Karan : i know u intentionaly did it u cheap man.

Sandeep : its not my fault.
Karan start shounting help help and gather people their and said
Karan : this man is misbehaving with me
People start shouting at sandeep and start beating him.
here lakshya fixed cameras and mike in his apartment to get information about him.and after completing his work lakshya sign him and both left the place.
@evng @sandeep apartment
Ragini enter his apartment and start shounting.listening her voice sandeep came out.after seeing her a devilish smirk came on his face.
Sandeep : oh ragini! prey himself came in hunter’s cave.now i’ll complete my work which i cant complete because of ur idiot family.but today is no one is their to save u my sweetheart. u r just like a rose and i m thirshty for ur essence.because of u i killed ur mom and dad.if u didn’t had opposed me that day.than ur parents would be alive now.

He start coming toward her and she start getting backward he pinned her to the wall and he was about to touch her when a hand came inbetween and punch him hardly.and asuasl a tuff fight start between our hero and villion. In between the fight sandeep took out his gun and about to shoot lakshya when police enterd in apartment with karan and arrest sandeep.than lakshya and karan saw the video to police.
After that they reopened the case of ragini’s parents death.and after some hearings with the help of proofs and ragini’s statement they get arrested sandeep.and prove that ragini is not mentaly sick at all.
After some day
@lakshya’s home
Lakshya’s home was decorated beautifuly.and we hear a voice.kanya ko bulaiye( pls ask bride to come).yes it is raglak marriage.they get married with whole retuals.
@raglak room
Ragini is standing near the window and recalling her moments with her family and lakshya.her thought get disturbed by sound of footstep.lakshya came inside the room and bolt the door.and goes toward ragini.ragini move toward him.she says
Ragini : lakshya i want sometime to start our merried life whole heartedly.
Lakshya : ok.you take ur time ragini, i can understand u.
Than he took the pillow and was going to sleep on sofa.when ragini hold his hand and says
Ragini : lakshya u never ask me anything u love me unconditionaly.today i said u to keep distance from me and u agree with i also without saying a word.but now i cant able to live without u for a second also.

After that she hug him and keep her lips on his and their start a passionat kiss.while kissing her lakshya took her to the bed and off the light.and they conssumate their marriage.
After some year
A little girl was watching marriage album of raglak when a women enter in her room and said
Women : ragya what r u doing.come first u have to go for ur singing classes.
Ragya : mom i am just seeing your marriage album u know what papa is looking more handsome to u.
Ragini (hold her ear): u papa ki chamchi.always appreaciting ur papa.
Ragya : mom pls leave my ear.its hurting
Their enter our lakshya
Lakshya : what is going on their ragini leave her ear. Ragya go for ur classes ur frends had came.
Ragini leave her ear and Ragya leave the room.
Lakshya : what is this in ur hand.is it our wedding album

Ragini : yes
Lakshya came toward her and said i am thinking to recreate our wedding ni8 and wink @her.she start blushing and lakshya kiss her on her forehead and said thanq to coming in my life and giving me the worlds best gift our princess to me.

This is the story of unconditional love of our love birds raglak.
Hope u like it.and thanx for ur support and appreciation.

Credit to: diksha

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