unconditional love – swaragini – episode 3

I am really sorry for making u all wait. Pls forgive me.frankly speaking i was little bit confuse about some incident thats y i m late. Actually i want to make my every episode worth for reading.now no more blabering.

lets begin our story

Lakshya was sock to saw ragini pic their he was about to read further info when karan enter in his cabin and said
Karan : lakshya seniour dr give that dipression case to me pls handover the file to me.
Lakshya : karan i’ll handle this case.u just relax.
Karan : no yr actually its a police case so they appoint me for this case so only i have to handle it.
Lakshya unwantedly give the file to him.and karan leave the cabin.he was just confused after seeing her pic in file.so he start searching about her.he dial her no. Also serval times but the no. Shows invalid.he tried his level best day passes.but he cant able to find anything.

After 1 month
Lakshya was sitting in his room and thinking about her when his phone rings it is an unknown no. He attend the call and he was amused to listen her voice after one month
Ragini : hii lakshya.
Lakshya : ragini is it u? Where were u from last one month? U know i m searching u?
Ragini : lakshya can we meet tommorow.
Lakshya : yes ragini. I also wanna meet u.
Ragini : than pls come to xyz place.at 5:00 pm
Lakshya : ok, ragini y u r sounding low are u alri8?
Ragini : yes i m fine ok by meet u tommorow.
She hung up the call and start crying.here lakshya was tense he was thinking y her voice is trembling and she was sounding like she was crying.is she alri8?

Next day
@xyz place near a hill @ 5 pm
Lakshya was waiting for her.ragini came their after five minute than she saw lakshya.
Ragini : lakshya
Lakshya moved toward her.he was their standing with a bright smile.when she saw him.she just run toward him and hug him tightly.he was confused by her action but he also need that hug.he also hug her back.than he feel smthng wet on his shirt near his shoulder.he saw her crying he cup her face and wipe her tears.and ask her
Lakshya : what happened to my beautiful frend y she is crying like this.is anything bothering u.
Ragini : no its justy happiness which flew out as tears.we met after a long time thats y
Lakshya : ok

They talk for a while than.they bid by to each other.he went from their.here ragini was just going to jump from the hill.when someone hold her and pull her away from the hill.he was non other than lakshya who came back to ask her about the file and dipression but he is hell sock to saw her doing suicide.he was just about to slept her but he cant.how he can hurt his love his life.because he love her.he just hold her tightly and shake her and ask her actually almost shout at her

Lakshya : how dare u,how dare u to do this even how dare u to think about it.u even didnt think about me.how i’ll be able to live without u
Ragini while crying : y is it matter to u.whom i m for u.
Laksya : whom u r for me. U r my life for me u idiot girl.
Ragini : y i m this much important for u lakshya.
Lakshya : because i love u, i love u ragini
Hearing this she just hug him and start crying.(zarurat h song play in bg)
Ragini : i love u too lakshya but
Lakhya : but what ragini.tell me what is bothering u pls tell me
Lakshya : now pls tell me.
Ragini : u know when we meet.1 week before i have a family.a happy family but a devil enter in our life.his name was sandeep he destroy everything.one day while we r at home he suddenly come at my home and try to molest me.but my father came their and my father call the police.and start beating him.but he, he took over his gun and shoot my mom and dad.after that police came and arrest him.at that time i m broken from inside completly and tried to suicide but my frends came and save me and said that i have to be alive for my parents sake to give the punshiment of his deed to him.for the sake of taking justice for my family. after that day.i mad my self strong i didnt cry again and than file the case against him.but he used my suicide attempt against me and said in cort that i m in dipression and i have mental sickness because of which i m alleging him.he is innocent.and than court order to check my mental state.for that i came here but…
Lakshya : but what ragini
Ragini : but dr gave the false report and said that i m mentaly unstable.and court release him.and after coming out he threatened me that he will complete his work and if someone came inbetween he will kill him. Lakshya u stay away from me otherwise he will kill u.
Lakshya : he cant be able to harm us.tell me the name of that dr.who gave the false report.
Ragini : his name is dr. Karan
Listening this he was shattered.he is not able to belive that karan his bestii can do this.than he took ragini to his home and tell his mom everything and his mom support them

Next day in hospital
@karan cabin
Lakshya angrily enter in his cabin.and ask him the reason of the false report
Lakshya : karan how can u destroy anyones life.
Karan : whom life i had destroyed yr.
Lakshya : ragini
Karan : i didnt do anything
Lakshya : tell me the truth y u gave false raport
Karan : i didnt do anything.and if i have than y r u bothered for that
Listening this Lakshya start beating him.
Lakshya : because i love her she is my life damit now tell me the blo*dy reason karan.y u did this.
Karan : u wanna now reason.so i’ll tell u because he threaten me if i didnt give the false report he will kill my mom.
Lakshya : what
After a while
Lakshya : karan i have a plane to destroy him but i need ur help. Will u help me.
Karan : yes may be because of that god will forgive for my sins
Lakshya tell him the plane.which is muted

So tell me guys hows it.i hope it is worth for reading.sorry and thanx again, sorry for make u wait and thanx for ur worm responce.

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