unconditional love – swaragini – episode 2


Thanx alot for ur warm responce.without more blabbring here we go with next episode

Next mrng
@ a dark room
A girl is crying bitterly.she is sitting lonely in a corner of room.her eyes are shading tears nonstop.we just can see her eyes in a deem light.
Girl : god y did u do this to me.what sin i have done? I didn’t hurt anyone maybe i had hurt someone unknowingly but my parents never hurt anyone.they never thought bad about anyone whethere they did bad with them also.how can he do this he was our family frend he is elder than me.i respected him.but what he did with me.he tried to m..molest me. how can he do this?how can he even think about me like that?how can he? My family saved me but i didnt able to help them.he killed them.she again start crying.he kill my dad.actually all this happened because of me.i cant even kill my self.because i have to give him the punishment of his sins.
@ camp
Lakshya wake up and did her usual work.than he go to ngo and met with patient.his day was hactic after a hactic day.
he went to a cafe. He order a cafe and suddenly he thought about the girl.whom he met at garden last day.just her thougt make him forget his tension.he thought i even dont ask her name her no.pls god make me meet with her again.and his thought disturb by waiter.he gave him cafe.than he hear a voice.the same voice and he saw in direction of voice and he is ri8.she is the same girl.he listen their convo.
Girl to her friend : hey have u seen ki & ka promo.its a bit diffrent na.
Frend : ya but it isn’t look awkward Arjun kapoor is a boy and he is wearing heels.they can do anything for promotion of their films.
Girl : what wrong wearing in heels yr its needed gut to wear heels in front of all without thinking of critism.and i didn’t find it wrong.if girls wear boyish cloth than she become cool and morden and if boy do this for some reason.we make fun of it.we talk about equality and we ownself thing that wearing girls thing make a boy down.is it ri8.
Frnd : ok my mother i understood ur point now i have to go by.
Girl : ok by
After her frend left.lakshya went to her table.he is amused to know her thinking.
Lakshya : hii
Girl : hii
Lakshya : do u remember we met yesterday at park?
Girl : yes, and sorry again for last day.
Lakshya : ok, but on one condition.u have to accept my frendship.what say.
Girl : ok so frends
They shook hands
Lakshya : so may i know the name of my beautiful frend.
Girl : myself ragini mehra.
Lakshya : nice name and me lakshya sharma.
Ragini : nice to meet u but sorry i have to go i have some work.
Lakshya : its ok.
Day passes they became gud frend.they both started fell for each other.but they didnt express feeling for each other. last day of camp he call ragini and invite her to a restra.
He pick up her from her home she is really looking beautiful in a simple yet elegant black long gown.and lakshya in pink shirt black blezer and blue denim.they had their dinnr. After dinnr.
Lakshya : may i dance with my beautiful frend.
Ragini : yes
Than they both dances on kabhi jo badal barse.romanticaly.
While dancing.
Lakshya : i’ll miss u
Ragini : y, are u going somewhere.
Lakshya : yes i m going back to my home delhi.i came here for a medical camp.
Ragini : when
Lakshya : tommarow
Ragini : what and she stop dancing and ask him and u r telling me this now.
Lakshya : i m sorry.
Ragini : ok never mind because i m also coming delhi.in next 2,3 days.
Lakshya : really
In exciment he hug her.and after some second release the hug and said
Lakshya : i’ll be waiting for u.whenever u reach pls call me.ok
Ragini : ok now its late we should go back to our places.
He drop her to her home.
now lakshya return to his home.he was missing ragini badly.
Lakshya to karan : hii karan pls send file of that pateint in my cabin about which i had talk to u in camp.
Karan : ok i’ll.
After some hour a nurse came in his cabin and give him the file.he was shock to see the pic of the patient.

So guys tell me hows it.hope i didn’t bore u.and i know last epi is not that much gud but i’ll try to make my furthr episode gud.thanx for ur warm responce

Credit to: diksha

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