unconditional love – swaragini – episode 1


Hii frends this my second ff after raglak love infinity.thanx a lot for your appreciation for last ff.and i m really happy for ur warm responce and i m hounored for it.i hope u like this ff also.so lets begin the story.
Story start in a hospital where a person is talking on phone.he was wearing a light blue shirt with black denims.
Person : mom pls pack my stuff i have to go for a health camp with my colegues tonight.
Mom : ok i’ll pack ur stuff.
Person : u know mom u r worlds best mom.
Mom : oh stop buttering me.and tc of urself.
Person : ok by
He disonnect the phone.and enter in his cabin.than he took some files and go toward a office.
Person : gud mrng dr.singh
Dr. Singh : yes dr. How may i help u.
Person : actually i want the list of dr.s And interns who r going with me for the health camp.
Dr.singh : u r going with a team of 4 dr.s And 6 interns and u can get their details from reception.
Person : thanx,i’ll get the details from the reception.
Dr.singh : one more thing dr.lakshya after camp u have to meet a pateint. It is a critcal case.she is in dipression and she had tried to kill herself actually some people tried to molest her and kill her family also.u can take her details from dr.karan.
Lakshya : ok.
(Lakshya (namish taneja)is a psycatrist.a cheerful, lovable, fun loving yet a mature person.who respect all.either they are his seniour and juniour.)
He goes to the recieption and get the details.than he go toward a ward and check the patient

In evng he went to his home and took his stuff and than he move for med. camp with his coleague and interns.he is incharge of the medical camp.

Next mrng @ngo
Lukshya with interns and dr.
Lakshya : i had tell u who will assist whom so u all go for your work.and dr karan pls come with me i have to discuss something with u and u all can go for work thanq.
(Dr.karan (kunwar amar of d3) is a fun loving, joyful,naughty yet responsible person who also respect all.they both are gud frends.)
Dr.karan : yes lakshya tell me what u wanna discuss.
Lakshya : wo actually i wanna see the file of that patient who had tried to suicide.
Karan : ok boss. Ur wish my command.i’ll give u that file now u focus here ok.

In evng @ garden
Lakshya went their for relaxation.he hear sound of gigling. their he shows a girl playing with some children.she is blind folded.lakshya is trying to see her face but he is unable because her back side is toward him.he unknowingly move toward her.when suddenly she move toward him and they collide with each other.they both fall on ground the girl is in top of him.and he is just admiring her beauty her simplicity.he came back to senses because of children sounds.than girl took over her blindfold and stand.after standing she start her sorry speach.
Girl : i m really sorry actually i m blindfolded. I am really really sorry this is all falt of these children.they insisted me.she was talking nonstop with diffrent kind of reaction on het face.
Lakshya (with a sweet smile on his face) : it’s ok
And she goes from their with children.

Lakshya pov
What happened with me noramally i got angry on nonstop talking but y not with her.she is so beautiful.she is innocent.i like her simplicity. Hey what happening with u lakshya.what r u saying.and u r talking with urself.
He wash away his thought he went to his camp and sleep.

I hope i didn’t bore u it’ll be 3 to 5 short hope u like it and sorry for typing mistakes and again thanx for ur warm responce for my last ff.

Credit to: diksha

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